Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finally she is HOME!!!

                                                         Rylee's Homecoming talk

I am so grateful to be home and have been able to serve the Lord. To be able to see miracles and have experiences that have challenged me and helped me to grow in the gospel and grow as a daughter of God. It has been the best choice I have ever made. A choice in the beginning I was extremely nervous. But something I realized is I had a testimony of this church, it was a baby one. This gospel is amazing.
One of the big lessons I learned is. “This is His work and not mine” He loves us all so much. He will put people in our path we can touch. He knows what’s best for each one of us. That’s why he has made a plan, if we follow we will be able to live with him again.  In Moses 1:39 its says “For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” His work and his glory come when he sees us happy. When we follow the spirit, follow the council he gives us. He wants us all to return to live with him. To experience the never ending happiness and Joy He does. As it says in Doctrine & Covenants 18:10 “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” I have experienced this on my mission. To see through His eyes. The love He has. He knows us all individually. He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, our pain, and our struggles. Most importantly He is patient with us. As we turn to Him, He will lead and guide us and help us get and stay on the path that returns to live with him. In 1 Nephi 14:7 it says “For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other-either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts….” This is a marvelous work. The work is hastening, and it is amazing to be apart of it.
“You have to have full Faith and trust in God” I had amazing examples on my mission. Being able to serve in England and the MTC in Preston. We were able to visit all the church historical sites and to hear amazing stories of the missionaries that first served there. Heber C Kimball, Orson Hyde, Willard Richards, Pres. Joseph Fielding to name a few. To see the faith and courage they had to share the gospel. The Faith that they had to leave their families to proclaim the gospel. An amazing experience I had while on the tour was our MTC President’s wife is President Hinckley’s daughter. When we were outside of his first flat. She read the exact letter we all know so well. From her Great grandfather which said “Dear Gordon, I have your recent letter. I only have one suggestion: Forget yourself and go to work.” The spirit was so strong as she shared many more stories of her father and the hard work he did on his mission. She was a great example to me of love, faith and strength. And this quote stayed with me my whole mission. And continues to live on to help more missionaries work hard and stay “with an eye single to the glory of God.”
Many times on my mission. Heavenly Father reminded me to trust in Him. To follow the spiritual promptings I received. In Preach My Gospel it says, “The doctrines and principles will strengthen your faith that the Lord is preparing people to receive you and the resorted gospel. He will lead you to them or He will lead them to you.” This happened many times. One that stands out to me was when I was in Nottingham and my companion and I were having a hard time. All of the people, who were investigating the church at that time, decided they needed a break, or they weren’t interested anymore. We had been finding straight for a week and a half and nothing was happening. I was a little down and the Zone leaders came to help us find in the area.  We were talking to people on the street and I said a little prayer we would find someone who was searching for something.  The next person we talked to was E. She is from China, and just arrived in Nottingham 2 days before we met her. She told us later on she saw something in our eyes and felt good when we were speaking with her. She wanted to find out what it was, and if there was a God. They are taught in China it’s only them. There is no after life. There is no hope for the future. We met with her and on our first visit she said she wanted to go to church because that’s what you do, right? She said she watched it on video’s people would go to church to be closer to God.  She exercised her faith, pressed forward with reading the scriptures. Having her family and friends ask her questions of why she was meeting with us. She would say, “They don’t understand how it makes you feel. I just let them say what they want. But I know the truth” She decided to get baptized on her birthday because it is a special day. That day I could feel how proud and happy Heavenly Father was. How by taking little steps of faith or even leaps of faith you will be blessed and it will make your faith grow stronger.  
Another experience I had was amazing. The first time that I served in Wales was a year ago almost exactly from when I went back to the same area. I got transferred after a month there. After I left the first time. This girl G kept coming into my head. I didn’t know why but I knew it was a prompting. She was a girl we taught once and never answered when we stopped by. For some reason she always would pop in my mind. I would call the sisters that were serving in that area, and try to explain where she lived. She never was in when they called by. But when I received the call I was going back to area. I was so excited to go find her again. When we called on her door. She remembered us coming by before. She let us in. She told us in the first visit. She had been praying a lot lately for guidance really trying to change her life around. I know it wasn’t a coincidence that I remembered. I know the Lord was doing his work.  She is so amazing. She changed everything after our first lesson. She has health problems, but she wasn’t going to let this get her down. She changed the music she listened to, started writing happier poems. As she accepted the principles and worked toward her baptism. We gave her a baptismal calendar and she looked all of the commandments up on and and started living them. The only thing standing in her way was her fear of water. She knew it was the right choice and she needed to make it. Because she had seen the blessings that have already come since she started living the commandments.  On her baptism she almost dunked herself before the prayer was said. She did such a great job. Her words after the baptism were, “I know I can do anything. If I have the Lord on my side he wont ever lead me astray. I know I can conquer my fears. This is a great day!”  
The joy that comes from the gospel is great. To be able to pray about everything. One of my favorite things to teach is to not take what I’m saying as the truth but to find it out for yourself. That’s when the gospel will continue to bless your life when you live the gospel, and make the gospel who you are.
As Elder M. Russell Ballard said “True conversion comes through the power of the Spirit. When the Spirit touches the heart, hearts are changed. When individuals…feel the Spirit working with them, or when they see the evidence of the Lord’s love and mercy in their lives, they are edified and strengthened spiritually and their faith in Him increases. These experiences with the spirit follow naturally when a person is willing to experiment upon the word. This is how we come to FEEL the gospel is true.” The change of ones self, once they have accepted God and continue to use the Atonement.  I have been able to see and feel the amazing blessing of the Atonement, especially on my mission. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much. He understands we make mistakes. We’re not perfect. The things we go through are to test us. To help us see what we are made of. To help perfect us. He wants to be able to ease our burdens and make them lighter.  In Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 it reads, “And whoso receiveth you, there will I be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.” That scripture has helped me so much on my mission. I have felt Him on my right and on my left. I have felt his angles round about me to bear me up. To help me press forward. We might feel all alone. But were not. He is always there.  Our savior loves us. He knows exactly how we feel.  A poem that another missionary shared with me really helped me to feel the Love of the savior. “She could fall down and hurt herself even if I am walking right there beside her. That doesn’t mean that I allowed it to happen, but she knows that with a fathers unconditional love, that I will pick her up and I will carry her. I’ll try to heal her, I’ll cry when she cries and I’ll rejoice when she is well.  In all the moments of my life, God has been there beside us. The truth of Gods love is not that He allows bad things to happen, its His promise that He’ll be there with us when they do.” I know that this is true because I have experiences it. God loves us so much. We are His children. He continues to bless our lives every single day. As we continue to share the light of the gospel we will be able to see miracles, and see the Lords hand in the work. We all have been set aside for this time where there is so much light of the gospel here surrounding us. The Lord says “speak freely to all; yea, preach, exhort, declare the truth, even with a loud voice, with a sound of rejoicing, crying-hosanna, hosanna, blessed be the name of the Lord God! Pray always, and I will pour out my spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing-yeah, even more than if you should obtain reassures of earth and corruptibleness to the extent thereof. Behold cant thou read this without rejoicing and lifting up thy heart for gladness? Or canst thou run about longer as a blind guide? Or canst thou be humble and meek, and conduct thyself wisely before me? Yea, come unto me thy savior. Amen.” I have been able to see lives change. Testimonies strengthened.  And the love of the Savior for all. It’s our part as members of the church to share that joy and peace that we have found.
Bare testimony, Christ-atonement, prophet JS, Prophet today, scriptures, missionary work, my family, everyone supporting me. 2 timothy 4:17, 6, 7,8,18

I know this church is true. I know Heavenly Father is a our loving Father in Heaven. Who loves us so much and wants us to return to live with Him again. He has made a plan, so perfect if we follow it we will be able to return to live with Him again. To live in complete Joy. I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Who was chosen to show us the way to live. If we follow His example we will stay on the straight and narrow that leads us to our Father. He loves us so much, He performed the Atonement. The Atonement is real. He knows how we feel, when we feel like no one else does. He will never leave us, He will be "on the right and on the left" always with us. Another way He shows His love, He has chosen a prophet to be His spokesman here on earth. To give us guidance. I know Joseph Smith was a 14 year old boy who prayed and wanted to join the correct church. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Him. Told him to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth.  With the same principles and ordinances that Christ taught when He was on the earth.  We have a living prophet Thomas S. Monson who continues to lead and guide us. As the world continues to change.  I know prayer is real. When we pray, God is listening. He wants to hear from us. It's our way we can communicate with Him. Someone said, "ask God don't ask Google" that is so true. If you really want to know. Pray to Him. He will answer. It might not be in our timeframe. But he will answer us. He knows the beginning to the end and what will help us grow and stretch ourselves.  I am so grateful for the scriptures we have to read from. It is one of the ways Heavenly Father can speak to us!

The night before at Trunky Night/ Reflection Night

Monday, August 5, 2013

An Amazing Last week!

An Amazing Last Week!!
This is so weird; this is my last email ever on my mission as Sister Nelson. I hope to serve one with my husband one day. Don't get me wrong :) I woke up this morning a little bit before the alarm went off and I got a little anxious. Who knew coming home seeing your loving family I would be nervous and anxious :) I am excited though.

Oh my gosh guys this week has been pretty cool. We had the most amazing miracle EVER!! :) But to start the week off we had so many DA's. We had 2 days of double DA's SOOO FULLLL!!!! One of the recent converts invited us over for lunch. It was great. Her mum has never let missionaries in her house before. So this was a big step. We had a great time with her and were able to talk about the gospel. She is so sweet. It’s just the beginning of her journey. Her daughter has decided to go on a mission. So I think it will be good for her mum to know what she will be doing and she will be protected. The next day we had a Double DA. We had an English breakfast and I tried black pudding. I was glad I got to try it before I came home. It was interesting. It actually didn't taste too bad, just the color....BLACK  eew!!! It had a lot of seasoning to it. But I couldn't get over knowing it is blood....eew.

Here is the craziest day. MIRACLE!! So we had district mtg. My last one! Then we saw a few people. Went and saw S. When we got there he was really happy. He always does this thing where he finds something new to talk about or to ask questions. But he himself doesn't believe in it. So, today the topic was reincarnation, random. We started talking about it. Then we asked him if he believes in it. He said "No" then we talked about baptism. He wants to get baptized. He is just beating around the bush. "I wanted to get baptized before Sis. Nelson left. But now I can't." We asked him, do you know this church is true? "Yes" then what are you waiting for. After 16 Months of investigating, he's received answers to his prayers; he's had it confirmed to him. Then Sis. Laborero said get baptized on Monday. He said "no, I don't like Monday's, I only like Thursdays. He looked at me, and the date came into my head. I said well S, guess what, its Thursday today. Your favorite day...His face just smiled. He knows he wouldn't get baptized if he didn't do it now. He said earlier he was going to stop seeing the missionaries after we left because he already knows everything. Sister Laborero put her hand out and said "S grab my hand we can go to the church right now and you can get baptized." his face was glowing. Then he grabbed her hand. I couldn't believe this was happening. He was an eternal investigator had 2 baptismal dates and now...he is doing it. I knew it was happening when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver dollar and put it in my hand and said. “I never take this out of my pocket. It’s my good luck" he placed it in my hand and he was smiling from ear to ear. He went and got changed as Sis. Laborero called President, Bishop, and some other people. This is just what he wanted, very small and quiet. So we got him to the church. The elders filled up the font and we went to dinner while it was waiting so it wouldn't stress him out. At dinner we bought him food and he tried all new things. He said I feel very confident right now. :) He was so excited. The baptism went great. On the way home he said "one down, 2 to go. Confirmation and the temple." here is a man in EVERY lesson he will talk about temple marriage and exaltation. It was great. I was so happy for him.

The rest of the week was pretty good. Saw some investigators and Recent converts. I will miss them all so much!! But I will definitely write them and stay in contact with them. On Sunday a few members bore their testimonies and made me cry and then the Bishop stood up and was cheeky and said. "Before there is no more time for Sister Nelson to bare her testimony; we would like her to come up, seeing that it is her last Sunday in this ward and on her mission...." no pressure. I was going to go up anyway. But then I was put on the spot. I am still not good when I am on the spot. I had a lot of things I wanted to say but forgot in the moment. But it was good. :) Earlier in the week we took Gemma to get a dress. She hasn't worn a dress since she was 4 so it was a big deal. After her baptism she said if I can conquer my fear of water and get baptized. Nothing will stop me. We went over early to her house on Sunday to do her make-up because she was going to give her testimony for the first time. She did amazing she wrote a poem. It was weird that it’s going so fast. Your last week of the mission....just flies by!!! And now it is Monday! And I go to the mission home tomorrow. AHHHHH! :) I got my flight plans. I will be tired, but I think the adrenaline will keep me going and I have fun people I am going home with.

Thank you for my email this week. I am excited to see you soon!! :)

love you
-Love Sister Nelson

The Miracle Baptism!!

Gemma and the girls

Saying good-bye

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Last week - - weird!!!

My Last FULL week weird!!!
OH my gosh so this week has been crazy!! And I am getting excited to come home. I have learned a lot on my mission. About my Savior and my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for personal revelation we can receive. I know Heavenly Father can perform miracles and the veil can be very thin sometimes and I am very grateful for this.

We had a good week this week. We went and had 2 exchanges, and zone conference. It was weird to have zone conference; it was my last one...EVER!! We had a Stake President come and talk with us. He did an amazing job. I really loved it. He asked a lot of questions. Not for us to answer but for us personally think about and answer for ourselves. It was really nice. He taught us about a parable. We did our departing testimonies. It was kind of surreal. Your first zone conference you see these missionaries get up and bare these amazing testimonies, and they say it goes fast but you know it doesn't. So I had no idea what to say. You don't really think about it. Then after we took pictures with some of the other missionaries.

I am very grateful for the Atonement in my life. I know I make mistakes all the time, everyday. But something I have learned on my mission is, the Lord loves us. He wants us to do our best He knows we will make mistakes and fall. But we just have to get back up and keep walking. We all have weaknesses. But we are all different; someone might not have the same weakness as another. But throughout our life we have to work on them and continue to press forward. I know Heavenly Father has helped me a lot. There is a poem I was going to share with you. But I forgot it at home. It is about a father and a daughter. (Kind of like the footprint poem) They are walking along and her dad helps her not to get hurt, leads her in the right direction. Then she falls. She gets a big scrap and is mad that her father didn't tell her to watch her step. But her dad picked her up and said, but I will always be there to pick you up and dust you off. Something to that extent. This has helped me a lot. Heavenly Father lets us make mistakes. So we can learn and continue to progress. I am grateful for my Savior and for all He has done for me. This gospel is a blessing and I am so grateful for the time I have been able to serve a mission and teach others about the love their Father in Heaven has for them. To be able to see the change in someone is indescribable. I love it.

I am grateful for the companions that I have had and for the things I have learned from them. They all have made an impression in my life.

I love you all!! Last week weird!!! I feel like it’s kind of a dream.... WEIRD!!  Next week I will see you in 2 days after I email. Now don't think you are off the hook for next week :) I still love emails :) 


My Last Zone Conference

My last Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Flying By!!!

Time is Flying by!!!
This week has been pretty good. We had an exchange in Swindon it was pretty fun. Found some cool people. Had some miracles!! Met this really funny man D he was talking to us at the doorstep for 15 min. then his wife came and looked at us kind of mean, and he pushed her away and said "don't worry honey, they're not Mormons" then we just looked at him and smiled and said. Actually we are. That's our nickname because we read the Book of Mormon He just laughed and continued to talk with us. He is really cool and they have a return appointment with him. :)

We had a picnic with G and R and N at this really pretty park with a castle. It was fun we are going to do it again. It’s weird. Everyone continues to remind me on a daily basis how long I have left its funny. I will miss everyone here, especially all the people we visit. We were able to help R write his talk.  He spoke on Sunday and did a great job. He wrote most of it himself. :) He did really well. He had a lot of compliments.

We worked a lot in Abergavenny. It is gorgeous. It is the furthest our area goes. We found some good people, had a dad was upset us out for talking to his daughter. Who is 19, and accused us of stalking her when we made an appointment!

But S the lady who was a media referral, we tried to see her but she went into the hospital because she had an eye infection. But her mum was really sweet. We stopped by a lady in Beacon Heights who we taught last year. The elders asked us to stop by, because she asked if we could. She has changed a lot it was really nice to see her. She is going through a rough time she just lost her father. But she knows she can always count on the missionaries for help. We are going to do some gardening for her as well. So yes mom!! I am going to be a pro by the time I get home :)

This week has been good. This next week will be busy. We have 2 exchanges and zone conference and Sister Laborero and I are both giving our departing testimonies!!!  Weird!!!! Time is flying by!!!
Smiley in the grass

Having a picnic

Rylee eating a  "ice lolly"

Monday, July 15, 2013


WOW, It is going fast

So this week was good but sad at the same time. To put it out there first S didn't get baptized...
 At the beginning of the week we went to a Caerphilly Castle. It was beautiful. Well, I have seen some prettier ones but this one had a lot of history. There was a film about the castle, it was playing while we were walking through and it gave the history. It was really fun. We had some good lessons. We are teaching this sweet lady. She has been through a lot lately. She had a stroke and was in a coma for 9 months. She had to learn how to walk and talk again. So she is slow in speech, but she is so lovely. She has a very strong testimony. So we are trying to work on helping her to be baptized. She really wants to. So I will keep you updated on her. But she is awesome! We also saw C, who is an eternal investigator. He is doing well. He said he is going to get baptized this year. He has never said this before. But it was funny he was asking about S and wanted to know what his hold up is. They are very similar so it is funny! One day they both will get baptized they just need to take a leap of faith. They both have such amazing solid testimonies. We had a good lesson with G as well. He is an interesting character. But he is good; he is more of a spiritualist. But he is really good, he is funny. Hopefully we will have more to talk about him next week. 

We also did service this week. It was legend. We were able to get the whole district to come and do service for this amazing family. It is a young couple they have 4 kids (5) (2) and (9month old twins) We were able to get her whole back garden all done and it looked beautiful. I think after my mission I will love doing gardening because on my mission well, just in Brittan everyone has beautiful gardens. It is there prized possession. I love it!! :)

OH MY GOSH!!!  We had a miracle.!! :) Seriously. So we received a media referral: which is a referral from the computer, or temple square and they text you the details because they want video's or a mission visit. Sometimes they are solid sometimes they just flog you and give a fake address. I have only received 3 on my mission. And we received one last week. We were making cookies and took them over with the video's she wanted. Her husband answered. So we thought we would come back again and see if she would like to learn more. We came to the door and she was so happy to see us. She said she watched all the video's (Finding Faith in Christ, Restoration) She said they were amazing videos and really wants to learn more :) I am so excited to go see her this week.  OH MY GOSH!!  Another one! :) So we were trying to find this media referral last week and for some reason the map found a different address. So we went and knocked on it anyway. They lady answered was really sweet and she just reaffirmed the person didn't live there. We walked away from the door and I felt like I knew her. This week I asked if we could go and knock her door again. I don't know why but I feel like we should. We knocked and her daughter answered the door. She said she was atheist. But then we asked a question (I don't remember what it was) but she said yeah I want to learn more about Jesus. She is so elect. She is probably 19 yrs. old. She is so sweet. I am so excited!! I love when you have a spiritual prompting to do something and you act on it. It just reaffirms my testimony of the Holy Ghost and this work. I know when you act on spiritual promptings weather it feels stupid at the time (like bearing your testimony) calling someone who has been on your mind lately. You could answer someone's prayers. You are also showing Heavenly Father you will act on them. He will trust you with more things, to be the vessel He needs us to be to help those of his children.

Also....there is one more. It shocks me so much. Because we are so busy!! But yet we see miracles everyday almost. :) I love it!! Heavenly Father defiantly is blessing us, even though we feel so busy sometimes. We still find time to find elect people. We received a list of members who have moved in or out and we have to go stop by them and see if they still live there and if they are interested in visits. So we chose this one house that had 2 members that lived there. A man answered the door. He wasn't receptive really at the beginning but then he took it as a sign that he lives in a house that old members of the church used to live. They stopped by (we) maybe he should look into it. :) We are going to see him next week! :)

Fun week!! Busy week!! I love it! Love you, thanks for all that you do!!
Caerphilly Castle

Rylee and her companion

Rylee playing at the castle

Having fun

Exchanges for the week - Love Sister Missionaries

Exchanges - Cute Sister Missionaries

Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Great Week

I love being a Sister Missionary!!

Our week was fun and busy! We had 3 exchanges this week. They all came to us, well almost. But it was really good. It is a lot less stressful this way. We had a good lesson. So you might remember S who we taught last year. He has been investigating for 15 months. We set a baptismal date with him for this Thursday. He is doing well. He has the strongest testimony I have ever heard. He loves his study. Actually dad, the talk you gave me from Brad Wilcox about Grace, was perfect. I love it when you guys find things and send them to me. I use them all the time. The talk was perfect for Him. He set a date for this Thursday. Why Thursday, you might ask...well it’s his favorite day! :) And he is being baptized at 3:00 pm because he doesn't enjoy the evening. 

G is doing amazing! She has a very strong testimony. She is teaching all her friends and her neighbors about the gospel. Before when we first met her she was so shy, wouldn't talk to anyone. She didn't like strangers. But now she can do anything. It has been amazing to see the change. I think because we found her in 3 weeks and then she was baptized you could see the massive changes so drastically. Usually the change is more of a stretched out period of time.

We had some good lessons while on exchange with the sisters. It is amazing, these sisters that are coming out, are so prepared and so ready to serve. I want to help the sisters in our ward prepare as much as I can. I am really looking forward to it.  So if they have any questions on teaching, missionary life or anything I can help them.

On Sunday S said he might want to push back his date another week. But with him, and this was in his words "if I don't get baptized on Thursday...I never will!" He wants to; he just needs to be more positive about the whole situation. I think he will soon. I have faith it will happen. There is a reason that Laborero and I are back together again, in this area. He already realized this and he said it was to help him. So he just needs to take leaps of faith and trust in the Lord.

I have been reading the General Conference Ensign we just got it.. It took a long time! But it has been great to read the talks I have been reading the ones from Young Women’s session. Wow! So good!! I sure so love Sister Dalton "No amount of peer pressure, No acceptance, No popularity is worth a compromise." How good is that I just love that!!

Love you all!! 

President and his wife and our Zone

Love teaching

Sister Exchange

Sister Exchange

Sister Exchange

Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazing Week

This week has been absolutely amazing!! I have loved it. We went to a really cute cottage thing Sister Laborero took me to. She is a love she is taking me to fun places and trying to make my last 6 weeks fun before I go home, :) which is really sweet of her.  We had 3 exchanges this week. It was really fun. We had the sisters come to our area so we could work in our area and get some of our investigators taught, since we are always gone from our area.  It worked out really well. We had some fun times singing and tracting and working with the girls. I loved it. It is stressful but not as much when they come to our area because we know what we are doing.

G got baptized. It was the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. Ok, so she is deathly afraid of water.  She has been practicing dunking her head in water to help her get over the fear. As the day closely approached she was getting more nervous, but she had some comforting words from her grandma. The beginning of the baptism went well, and then when it was her time to go to the font she got nervous. We previously had asked the ward mission leader to fill the font high because she is 5'8 and she can’t bend back far. But when she got into the font the water came up to her knee’s....we were nervous. She said “I can’t do this..." which got us nervous because we knew she could. She told us her fear wasn’t going to get the best of her. Before we knew it she was starting to sit in the font and plug her nose. I told her “ G he has to say the prayer first." so she waited in the font and Elder Nelson who baptized her and did a great job! :) She was so happy!! She came out and said "I feel so good!! :) " you could not wipe that smile off her face. She said “I conquered my fear, I can do anything!!" how cute is she! :) I am so happy for her. She did a great job!

The next day we went to Gloucester. A's baptism was great. She was so happy. Elder Chardon was supposed to come down to baptize her but president didn't give him permission. This was really sad. They both cried! But Elder Poulsen, Chardon's baby baptized her. She was so excited. She had family and friends there. She was jumping in the font. “I feel fresh and clean." she is so sweet. I am so excited with both of these lovely ladies getting baptized and making their way closer to our Savior it makes me so happy to be a part of it. They both have taught me so much. I think it is funny, I think on my mission I have learned a lot from my investigators and the faith they have. They all have taught me so much!

S is doing well also. He had his baptism interview this week and passed. He doesn't have a date yet. (This probably sounds weird but...That's S) He said”his baptism is like the 2nd coming everyone knows it will happen, just don't know when".  He has such a strong testimony it showed him he can get baptized. He really wants to as well. I think he is closer than he thinks he is. But everything is going well. :)

I love being a missionary, I love my Savior and all he has done for me and you, I love my investigators, I love my companions, and my friends and home and friends on the mission, and I love you!! Have a great day :)
Wonderful baptism day!

Another Beautiful baptism day!!  Loving it

Visiting the cottage

Yummy - Ice Cream

The Cottage

The BIG Hike - Oh my!!

Taking a rest on the big hike

Rylee and her amazing companion

Hiking and Hike - walking the walk!


Rylee Dying!!
Crab crawling down - ha ha
Jumping for Joy