Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Farewell Talk/Party

I had my farewell last weekend. I was asked to speak on "How to live to have the spirit in my life." I talked about PRAYER and how it's such a blessing in our life. To be able to communicate to our Heavenly Father for all that we are blessed with. SCRIPTURE are so amazing to be able to have them in our life. Read the words of the Lord and the prophets. SERVICE "When we are in the service of our fellow beings we are in the service of our god" (Mosiah 2:17) I love the gift of service, because I could be an answer to someone's prayer. I have had amazing stories, which have impacted my life.

It was such a good weekend. With family and friends. I'm so grateful for the Bucks who drove all the way from Gilbert, Arizona. Thank you Kim and Skylar for the beautiful musical number. It was so beautiful. I am grateful for my extended family that traveled from Idaho, St. George, and around Utah. Thank you to my friends that also came and supported me. So many of you have made such an impact in my life. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for coming and sharing my special day.

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