Tuesday, March 27, 2012

London Temple

                                                    London Temple
Hello Family,
This week has been pretty good. At mission football today, Sister Rose and Sister T are on exchanges so tonight and tomorrow I have Sister T with me here in Solihull. She is really nice! :) I'm excited!! Mission football was really fun. It was fun to meet a lot of other missionaries and have fun. The football, I still suffer at! :) ha ha but I did my best :)

This week we saw J just a few times. We were really busy and He was really busy. We saw him and talked about his concerns. I asked some really good questions, we got the root of his concern. They are called Heaven Sent
Questions. It went really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon. He left for a cruise yesterday, and we gave him a scripture list for him to read while he is gone. He said he would read from the list. I really hope so.

F is just awesome!! I invited him to be baptized. He said he will when he gets a testimony like me and Sister Rose; one from the heart. He is doing really well still reading the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles. He was sticking up for the church when he was talking with his sister. He basically taught her the whole restoration perfectly! it was awesome!  Then at church, there was an awesome experience. He told a story in priesthood about how he stood up for the church at a pub. When he got in the car he said. "I felt good about it because I stood up for something I think...I believe in”. He is stills says he is a 25 percent believer. Someone finally pointed out to him he is more than 25 percent believing and he agreed. So I think he is closer to baptism than he thinks.

J. She had a really hard week. We went over to talk with her to see how she was doing and basically let her know we are here. That Christ is here for her if she needs anything. He knows how she feels. Everything, she just needs to pray. She really
is such a sweet girl and has such a sweet spirit.

Saturday was the Temple. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!  I loved it. It was awesome to see the London Temple. To see the family Sister Rose helped and 2 others go through for the first time. It was awesome!  The London Temple grounds are known for their beauty. It was gorgeous!!

Thanks love you all!!!!!

London Temple

Rylee riding the train on here way, with her companion, to the London Temple

First Mission Football team

Girl Power - Mission Football team

Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Week

                                                      Happy St Patrick’s Week!
                                                                  Letter from Rylee
Happy St Patrick's Day!!!
Hello family!! 
Tuesday was fun! We had a “work over” with the Zone leaders. It was really fun! My Zone leaders are E. Merrell and E. Walton. It was a lot of fun to get out and tract with them. They were so excited to go out into Solihull and pass out cards. Just to see how they teach was really good. We went to Cropthorn Rd. we split up so E. Walton went with Sister Rose. E. Merrell and I went together on the other side. Just as long as we could see each other. It was my first time tracting!! I loved it!! :) To share the Restoration right at the door and give a Book of Mormon out. I love it, and you can make it fun! After tracting, the Zone leaders drove us to a members home for a 25 MMM (minute member message) it went really well, she is such a sweet lady. She is so sweet and is giving us referrals to go see. It was awesome!! Wednesday went to district meeting. It was good, except there was not mail!! :( So sad I was looking forward to that.  We saw A, she is doing well. She loves our lessons when we come teach her. She says she feels the spirit so strong and learns so much when we come. She is still trying to work her schedule out to come to conference, hopefully. Friday was a great day. We went and taught J. She is 18 years old; we read the introduction with her. It went really well. She asked a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. She wants to learn more. Seems really interested!! I invited her to pray at the end. She said ok! She prayed using the pamphlet I gave her. The prayer was amazing she did such a great job. She finished and said, “Wow I’m getting emotional....that’s weird”. We asked is it a good weird or bad. We explained it is the spirit. She said she wants to fill the spirit more. It was such a powerful lesson. The spirit was SO strong!! Later that night we went and taught F. He is so funny! He is still 75 % atheist he says but he really is less. He was reading out of gospel principles. By himself. He thought we were just put here on earth. It makes more since that Jesus Christ created the earth and galaxies. He liked that. He basically is teaching himself. He watched "The Lamb of God" movie twice after we left. J. is doing well.. He wants to know more about the gospel and make it a good decision not just an emotional one. But he is doing well.

Last night was good after GQing  I re-read my letters in my binder!! It was such a good night. Made me feel loved and all the words of wisdom helped. I just want to do my best!!! I really do! I love this gospel and I want to keep learning and teaching the gospel so others can find the peace, and love I have felt with knowing we have a loving Heavenly Father.  Even in those times, of hard things we go through, He knows the beginning to the end. Everything is happening for a reason. To put you in a certain place at a certain time.
I love you all.

Rylee Showing her bike skills!

Enjoying the Sites

The Primary kid dressed Rylee up for singing time

Rylee having Fun!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

One Month


Wow crazy how time flies. Some days it feels like it has gone so FAST, and some days it feels like it has just dragged on haha. But it has been really good. I am getting pro on the bike. We haven't been riding to much this week. Just off and on. The wind is the death of me! Really though haha oh stop, pull down my skirt, 2 sec. later the wind blows again, oh hello, haha. The weather has been really good except for the wind some days are really cold and just windy, but the last 2 days has been really sunny. The spring is coming!! The flowers are coming out. So pretty I'll try and take a picture this week. Please send the letters and stuff to the mission home address.
Okay, for my week. Our week is so busy!! We are teaching like crazy! We rarely have time to find. Unless we are walking to another appointment and we GQ on our way there, it’s crazy!! Tuesday we did a lot of service. Helped sister L. paint her house, went to another house and washed her windows, and shared a spiritual thought and then we went and taught J. We watched half of the Restoration of Joseph Smith movie. I shared a cool experience I had earlier in the day with my personal study. I have been praying really hard to understand the scriptures and I read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smiths testimony and I understood it so well. The scriptures are starting to be so fun for me to read. I understand them so well. I love it! It is such a blessing to me. Wednesday, was District meeting and then we taught A, she is really cute. She really wants to come to church after we left her. Thursday we went and taught P. I think I talked about her in the last email. She is semi-blind. We read the scriptures with her and the spirit was so strong. She is thinking that she will try and come soon to the church. She has to think about it. That night we went to a home to teach J. It was the best lesson EVER!! He opened up so much. More than he ever has. I told him about my cool experience with reading and understanding the Book of Mormon. The lesson went really well. After that walking home, I was on a spiritual high passing out cards. Met this girl K, gave her a Book of Mormon and made a return appointment to come teach her. It was my first one I did. It was really cool. I have had 2 more over the week. The gospel has brought me so much peace, love and hope. I love sharing that with people. So they can feel it also.

Today we are going to practice Football (soccer) with the rest of the district. We are going to practice before district football in a few weeks. This week is already full with appointments and stuff. Oh I forgot! I am seeing all these Miracles and blessing that are happening to me.  Sister Rose’s first baptism is going through the temple on the 24th we are going to the London temple!! I am so excited!!!  I am so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my companion sister Rose. We are so much alike it’s crazy. We have been telling each other about our families it’s been great!!!

Love you all!!!

Landon Happy birthday!!!!

Rylee demonstrating how to mail letters to her, ha ha

Rylee's first area  - study area

Rylee knocking on doors!!!

Rylee's birthday card to her brother

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My First Area

 My first week in my first area – Solihull
We are teaching this really cool guy. He was planning on getting baptized this next week but we pushed it back to 10th of March. Hopefully he will be ready. We taught him on Friday and asked him the baptism questions, just to see where he was at. He knows there’s a God and Jesus Christ. Not sure about Joseph Smith being a prophet or Thomas S. Monson. We are going to see him every day this week trying to prepare him for his interview.  We had stake conference this week and he said he would go to the Saturday night meeting, not Sunday. Well, he came to Saturday and LOVED it. We had a Quorum of the 70 there speaking and he answered all of his questions. It was amazing!! Both Sister Rose and I were so excited and blessed; He felt something.  He decided to come to the Sunday meeting 10 minutes before it started. The same thing happened, all the talks were on every concern he was having. The spirit was there so strong!!

There is another guy we are teaching and he is awesome as well!! He used to be an atheist but now he said he is about 25% thinking there is a Jesus Christ. "I mean someone had to create this earth" haha, he is really cute. He said, “I stood up for you Mormons the other day. People were saying you are a colt and mean people and you’re not! I went to church and they just took me in. I made a lot of new friends. It was really cool.” I feel like it is his time. He said he is going to bring his daughter and granddaughter to church this next week! Hopefully he does!! Please pray for him as well.

Riding in a skirt on a bike...let’s just say is very rude!! Haha. Especially when it is windy! Haha.  Let’s just say last night when we were biking to a home for FHE, we were going to teach at. The wind kept blowing and my skirt was just flying high haha. I had to stop like every 10 sec. to fix it; Poor Sister Rose. I'm going to get better!! I feel bad. But I am getting better at the bike and improving my skills haha. I can ride with one hand now! Haha :) Not that cool, I know but the first day...let’s just say it was not the best thing to do, the first day on the bike :) ha. We are teaching on the streets. I'm getting a little better at it. I’m still fresh at it but it’s getting a little more comfortable. This week will hopefully be good. I can’t wait to go to church this next week and meet people from the ward. Stake conference was really good. I met the Bishop on Friday. But I'm just not sure who is in Solihull or not. It was really fun to see some of my MTC friends at
Stake conference!! I miss them!

Here are some pictures so you can see what I have done today. and my AREA!! :) Some pics are of the flat, and others of my morning. We just walked around and took pictures right outside our flat. We live in the city, kind of the whole mall is underneath our flat!!I love you ALL!! Tell everyone Hi! And have a good week!! I can’t wait for more letters! :) LOVES.

My First Flat 

Touring Solihull

My Flat

Downtown Solihull

The Bike!!!

Rylee Being funny!!