Tuesday, March 27, 2012

London Temple

                                                    London Temple
Hello Family,
This week has been pretty good. At mission football today, Sister Rose and Sister T are on exchanges so tonight and tomorrow I have Sister T with me here in Solihull. She is really nice! :) I'm excited!! Mission football was really fun. It was fun to meet a lot of other missionaries and have fun. The football, I still suffer at! :) ha ha but I did my best :)

This week we saw J just a few times. We were really busy and He was really busy. We saw him and talked about his concerns. I asked some really good questions, we got the root of his concern. They are called Heaven Sent
Questions. It went really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon. He left for a cruise yesterday, and we gave him a scripture list for him to read while he is gone. He said he would read from the list. I really hope so.

F is just awesome!! I invited him to be baptized. He said he will when he gets a testimony like me and Sister Rose; one from the heart. He is doing really well still reading the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles. He was sticking up for the church when he was talking with his sister. He basically taught her the whole restoration perfectly! it was awesome!  Then at church, there was an awesome experience. He told a story in priesthood about how he stood up for the church at a pub. When he got in the car he said. "I felt good about it because I stood up for something I think...I believe in”. He is stills says he is a 25 percent believer. Someone finally pointed out to him he is more than 25 percent believing and he agreed. So I think he is closer to baptism than he thinks.

J. She had a really hard week. We went over to talk with her to see how she was doing and basically let her know we are here. That Christ is here for her if she needs anything. He knows how she feels. Everything, she just needs to pray. She really
is such a sweet girl and has such a sweet spirit.

Saturday was the Temple. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!  I loved it. It was awesome to see the London Temple. To see the family Sister Rose helped and 2 others go through for the first time. It was awesome!  The London Temple grounds are known for their beauty. It was gorgeous!!

Thanks love you all!!!!!

London Temple

Rylee riding the train on here way, with her companion, to the London Temple

First Mission Football team

Girl Power - Mission Football team

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