Monday, March 12, 2012

One Month


Wow crazy how time flies. Some days it feels like it has gone so FAST, and some days it feels like it has just dragged on haha. But it has been really good. I am getting pro on the bike. We haven't been riding to much this week. Just off and on. The wind is the death of me! Really though haha oh stop, pull down my skirt, 2 sec. later the wind blows again, oh hello, haha. The weather has been really good except for the wind some days are really cold and just windy, but the last 2 days has been really sunny. The spring is coming!! The flowers are coming out. So pretty I'll try and take a picture this week. Please send the letters and stuff to the mission home address.
Okay, for my week. Our week is so busy!! We are teaching like crazy! We rarely have time to find. Unless we are walking to another appointment and we GQ on our way there, it’s crazy!! Tuesday we did a lot of service. Helped sister L. paint her house, went to another house and washed her windows, and shared a spiritual thought and then we went and taught J. We watched half of the Restoration of Joseph Smith movie. I shared a cool experience I had earlier in the day with my personal study. I have been praying really hard to understand the scriptures and I read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smiths testimony and I understood it so well. The scriptures are starting to be so fun for me to read. I understand them so well. I love it! It is such a blessing to me. Wednesday, was District meeting and then we taught A, she is really cute. She really wants to come to church after we left her. Thursday we went and taught P. I think I talked about her in the last email. She is semi-blind. We read the scriptures with her and the spirit was so strong. She is thinking that she will try and come soon to the church. She has to think about it. That night we went to a home to teach J. It was the best lesson EVER!! He opened up so much. More than he ever has. I told him about my cool experience with reading and understanding the Book of Mormon. The lesson went really well. After that walking home, I was on a spiritual high passing out cards. Met this girl K, gave her a Book of Mormon and made a return appointment to come teach her. It was my first one I did. It was really cool. I have had 2 more over the week. The gospel has brought me so much peace, love and hope. I love sharing that with people. So they can feel it also.

Today we are going to practice Football (soccer) with the rest of the district. We are going to practice before district football in a few weeks. This week is already full with appointments and stuff. Oh I forgot! I am seeing all these Miracles and blessing that are happening to me.  Sister Rose’s first baptism is going through the temple on the 24th we are going to the London temple!! I am so excited!!!  I am so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my companion sister Rose. We are so much alike it’s crazy. We have been telling each other about our families it’s been great!!!

Love you all!!!

Landon Happy birthday!!!!

Rylee demonstrating how to mail letters to her, ha ha

Rylee's first area  - study area

Rylee knocking on doors!!!

Rylee's birthday card to her brother

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