Monday, April 30, 2012

Zone Conference


Hello family :) first I want to tell. Dad I'm glad you had a good birthday. I hope you got my note? Mom I got the package and the letters. I got a lot of letter this week. It was awesome!! Thank you for everything.
This week was awesome with Zone Conference. It was just what I needed. It was my first one. Pres. Ogden is awesome! I’m very sad that he is leaving. It was his last Zone Conference ever!!!! It was really sad. What they talked about what just what I needed to hear. About Christ like attributes, how great is our calling, etc. The departing testimonies were so hard. The spirit was there so strong. A lot of the people that are leaving are the elders and Sisters that I know. It’s going to be hard. But they are excited and nervous to go home. I will miss them all. But all of their testimonies were amazing. I cried a lot especially when Sis. Ogden bore her testimony.

F- is doing good we went and saw him on Tuesday and watched Finding Faith in Christ. It was good. We did a lot of service this week and with Zone conference we were really busy trying to get everything in with seeing less actives and everything. Well on Saturday we both felt like we should go see F. We hadn't planned that we were going to go see him but we followed the impression. It was a good thing that we did. Because later we found out that he was planning on Tuesday that he wasn't going to come to church this week. He has been having doubts. But he doesn't know what the doubts are really. He feels like everything is going too fast and that he was 60 percent last week. He BELIEVES he keeps saying, but then he'll be like what if this isn't for me. It’s crazy to see how Satan works. But on the flip side to see how much Heavenly Father cares for his children. He put in our mind that we should go see F. We told Him this is how much our Father in Heaven loves you, he sent us to come talk to you. To help you feel His love for you. We talked with him for a while, like we always do on the doorstep. He told us that he was going to come to church. Because of us coming to his house. It was a sign. So he came and wore a white shirt and tie. Also, I told him about the picture of Christ knocking at the door. But there is no knob for him to open it. He really liked the picture.  It helped him realize that he needs to open that door. He can’t walk in without you doing the work.
J- He is doing good. We taught him earlier this week. He was really quiet like always not saying much but on Sunday he started talking way more than he has ever done before. We found out that one of the ward missionaries took him, F and A to dinner this week. So I think with that, J feels included and more welcome. So he is doing a lot better. We both Sister Louis and I could see his desire to learn more is growing and to change. It’s awesome to see.
Mothers day is coming up I am so excited! hahah I made a calendar and I am counting down the day’s hahah :)
Rylee at Zone Conference

Rylee with Elders at Zone conference

Rylee helping at a party 

England is having a very wet Spring, more then normal, ha ha

The pictures are with some of the Elders that are leaving, and my ZL, AP, and E. Pavan and also at a Birthday Party that we helped at. And one with my new scarf in Lovely England!! It’s so SUNNY, AND BEAUTIFUL, all the time...hahaha It never rains!!!.....not! ahhah the rain is so weird here! It rain sideways, and the wind blows from every direction. Umbrella's break  A LOT! HAHAH :)

love you all!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring in Solihull

Hello family!

This week has been pretty good. Sister Louis and I are doing well. She is super funny. To hear some of the experiences she has been through is amazing. She is such an example, being here on her mission. We are still trying to find our grove with teaching together. I still feel like I could get so much better at teaching but I know I am doing my best. My district leader tells me just to say what comes into my mind. That’s what I do! :) I'm good at that and testifying! :) :) hahah so I guess I am doing ok. Sis Louis and I are good at teaching the doctrine simply but spiritually.

We had a sad experience with Jess this week. Her mother came to the lesson this last week. We met at the church. Well, her mom doesn't want Jess to meet with us anymore. She wants her to focus more on Uni since she is leaving in Sept. So she asked us to stop seeing her. It was really hard. But I bore my testimony at the end of the lesson about how this gospel is a blessing not a burden. How having it during Uni has blessed me with studying and finding friends etc. I could tell that her mom could feel something. Jess has such a desire to learn more and says that she will continue to read the scriptures and pray. I really hope that happens! I miss you already. She was awesome! But she is using her agency.

J is doing well he received a Priesthood blessing to help him. He is doing well. He prayed this last week and said "the seed has been planted and now it is starting to grow" so that is awesome. The desire is building; He is a very hard person to read sometimes. haha but I think he is doing well.

F is doing really well. We asked him the Baptism questions again. Because he still believes that he is 45 percent. But we showed him that he is so much higher. He believes in almost everything. He is being obedient and is following the commandments. It amazing to see his desire and the growth that he has had as we have taught him from 25 percent. He came to church in a white shirt and tie!!!! :) It was so good. He even said yesterday to Sister Louis that he does believe that he is 60 percent. He is doing so well! It’s awesome!

I love this ward!!! So much! I am going to miss them whenever I move. They are all amazing. There are amazing families here. They are so strong in the church. Other missionaries tell me the Solihull ward is the strongest ward in this area. So Love it!! :) I am so lucky to start here. They are all so great, and make me feel so comfortable. Help us with the work when they can. I love it!

I know this church is true and I love sharing the gospel to everyone on the street and tracting. Even if they don’t except it or open the door. They can see us, and see our example and the thought will come into their mind. "Who are they? What is that badge." so I love that!! :) This gospel is so amazing to know that we have all these tools to read from and to learn about Heavenly Fathers love for all of us. He knows us by name; he knows our wants and our desires. He knows what we need grow and be a better person; even if it brings us hard times. It helps us in the long run! :) I have a testimony of this. I love you all. I am so grateful you are my family!! Can’t wait to see you and to hear from you again next week. Thank you for the prayers as well. I can feel daily all the prayers in my life. To bring my spirits up! :)

Love you!!
Love Sister Rylee Nelson
Beautiful Solihull in the Spring!!

Rylee mailing letters - She loves it when people write her back!!!

Sister Louis dressed Rylee up in her India scarf

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Week

A New Week!!
Hello family!!

 So this week has been crazy. Full of ups and downs. It was so sad to see Sister Rose leave me!!!! :( It is not very nice of President Ogden to give me an amazing trainer and then take her away from me! I Miss her so much!! The day Sister Turnbow and I left our trainers, was very sad. We drove away from the Mission Office and we were both crying, and it felt weird that they weren't with us. I've gotten used to always having Sister Rose by me. 24/7. It will probably be weird when I get home. Sister Turnbow and I drove away and I had an appointment in Solihull. So we drove to the appointment. We were both a little nervous because we never taught with each other at the MTC, and our trainers are gone. But the lesson was AMAZING!! Her name is S. She is golden. Asked the right questions. The spirit was there, testifying to her of the truthfulness of the message. It was awesome to teach together. Sister Turnbow is an amazing missionary. She really makes me love being a missionary. Wednesday was transfers. So I probably told that to you last week...sorry!! It was really good though. Sister Louis is my new companion. She has been out 6 months. She is a great missionary she loves the people in her other areas. We taught Jess this week. It was awesome. We taught her the restoration. It went really well. Mia who is an YSA has gone out of her way to help Jess. They used to be friends in school. But Mia invited her to church and they were going to get ready together. Saturday we went and gave her a church tour. She really wanted to see inside the church before she came. It was so good. She felt the spirit. When we went into the chapel, and sat. She said "I feel like I’ve been here before, I feel comfortable, and peaceful" it was awesome! She is super excited to come to church. Later that night she texted us and said that her mom doesn't want her to come to church. Jess respects her parents so much so she just said ok. But she doesn't know what to do. She really wants to come and she wants them to support her. Her parents think it’s a "phase" and that she will grow out of it. But Jess says no, I really want to get baptized and start living the commandments. She is so amazing. I’m so grateful that her desire is still growing. I hope her family starts to support her decision in coming to church. Please pray for her. F- He believes in the church. He is doing really well. He believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the church is true. He just needs that feeling. He wants this certain feeling. He is getting all these signs and I think he can see that. But he wants it to come from his heart. Hopefully  Sis. Louis and I will continue to teach him and he will get that feeling that he wants. He is reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning; also reading the Gospel Principles book. He loves reading and learning more.

On Sunday, I gave a talk. They asked me Friday, to talk about my favorite talk at conference. It was really hard to choose my favorite. It was also very hard to write a long one without the computer, and the talk in front of me. I did my very best and that is all I can ask for. The bishop asked for 10 minutes and that’s what I did. Hopefully as time goes on I will get better at talks and be able to talk longer. I feel better at giving talks but I just want them to be longer, like a missionary. 

I love being a missionary. It’s a really great experience; to learn and grow. To experience different things. To share the gospel with all your brothers and sisters. To build your testimony, as well as help others gain one. To realize we are here on earth to learn and grow. To be tested and gain the understanding while we are here in mortality. We aren't here to see how much money we get. We are here for a reason and we will be judged with how we use our time here on earth. This makes me refocus. Sister Louis and I always say. Let’s use our time wisely because we will never get this day back! I love this because while I am here on a mission. These experiences with these people only happen once in a lifetime. So I am grateful for this opportunity to help others grow closer to the Lord.

I received letters this week. Grandma, Katelyn Daynes, Mom Thank you so much!!! They make my day!!! :) I love them I am going to write everyone back hopefully today!!! If not next week. I love you all!! Keep up the good work and don’t forget to read the scriptures!! I love them! :) Reading them every morning!!!

Love you!!! SO MUCH!  Mother’s day is coming!!!!!!!!!!! So excited. Love you all hope you have a great week. Thank you for everything you do for me and the examples that you are. 

Loves!!!! :)

Sister Nelson with the beautiful Tulips

Sister Louis and Sister Nelson

Sister Nelson and Sister Louis

Sister Nelson being her cute self!!!

What beautiful smiles!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Transfers - Good-bye Sister Rose

TRANSFERS – Good bye Sister Rose
Hello, family!! So this week has been crazy, busy, and sad! But good at the same time. So this week was good. It was Sister Rose’s last week which I didn’t like at ALL!!! I hated it actually!! She is amazing and we finished strong for her last few days!

Sister Rose and I haven't seen many miracles in Solihull but we prayed we would be able to see the miracles this week. It was amazing to see all the miracles. We met a lot of really cool people. We were in the right place at the right time...kind of thing. It was awesome! We met this guy named M. He has met with the missionaries before, when he was in London and moved.  He feels like he has a good relationship with God.  He feels like now, he would understand more of the gospel and what the missionaries have to teach him. (It’s a really good story, I just put it in a short sentence). Then after Sister training we were on our bikes and I got really hot and had to take off my scarf. Anyway, it felt like someone was screaming to me to take it off. I took it off right in front of this house and Sister Rose and I kept looking at this house. We felt the need to go and talk to the people inside the house. So we did, it was amazing this lady was awesome!! She said her son is in Texas and his neighbors are Mormon. She wants to learn more. She asked her Priest what are Mormons and the priest didn’t know how to answer. So we are going to try and see her again this week. No return appointment but she wants us to come by this week.

Jess!!! :) She is doing really good. We read 2 Nephi 31, about baptism. She really wants to get baptized and we invited her to. She said "my heart just jumped!! I’ve been waiting. I really want to!" Her parents aren't really supportive about her learning more. We prayed about a date. So her baptism is May 12. Please pray her parents will soften their hearts!! She is amazing!!

J, he got home from his cruise and we talked with him. He wants to wait a while to get baptized. He has a problem with the word of wisdom. He doesn't want to say he will never drink...EVER again. He wants to get baptized but he doesn’t want that desire anymore. So I felt the need to tell him about a Priesthood blessing. A Priesthood holder could come and give him a blessing to help him with the word of wisdom. To not have the desire. He really wants this.

F- he is doing awesome! We talked to him this week about to Keeping the Sabbath day Holy. He said he will keep it. He asked if he could do some gardening. He loves his garden. It was really funny! He was like "so does that mean I can’t garden...Not even mow my lawn...?" hahah it was really funny! Before Sister Rose said her goodbyes on Tuesday she asked him some of the baptism questions. Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true? That Joseph Smith is a true prophet? That this church is true? He said YES to all of them. But....He wants to have this certain feeling. He wants to have it come from the heart. He wants to be able to cry when he talks about it. Because then he will feel like it is coming from somewhere special. We shared with him, Sis. Rose bore her testimony on Sunday and she didn’t cry. Some people don’t cry, and that is fine. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don’t. But he kind of didn’t listen and just changed the subject. But he is praying about a date. We gave him some baptism calendars and he is going to pick a day.

I received letters!!! this week. :) :) Thank you Heidi Rollins :) I loved the letter and pictures and today at transfer I will meet Elder Church. Thanks for the enouncement NaKya!! :) It looks so pretty!!! :) I can’t wait to see pictures! I know  you are going to look beautiful!! So excited for you! Mom, thank you for the letter! I love letters! They make my day. Every time I get a letter the Elders are like “like them now, because in about 3 months they are going to stop and you will not get that many letters" :( it made me so sad! People!! Keep writing me haha :) and Grandma I got your letter yesterday when I dropped off Sis. Rose. Thank you!
My new companion, her name is Sister Louis. She is from India. She seems really sweet. I didn’t get a chance to talk with her at the training. But what people tell me she is nice. She has never ridden a bike before. And has been in a car her whole mission so far. She has only been out 6 transfers. They were the group before mine...So I am a little NERVOUS!! But I know that we are going to do great. All we can do is our best and to keep improving! Please keep us and our
investigators in your prayers.
Love you!! :)

Sister Rose and Sister Nelson on the Train

District in Solihull

The 2 sister missionaries in the middle, Sister Rose and Sister Hedemark are leaving to go home!

Sister Missionary POWER!!

Spring time in Solihull, England

Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference


Wow this week has been great.  General conference over here is different. On Saturday, we go to the Stake Center at 5pm-7pm to watch the Saturday morning session. Then Sunday the men go and watch priesthood at 9-11; we watch the 2nd session of Saturday 1-3; then Sunday morning session 5-7. So I didn’t get to hear the last session. This is weird. I really loved the talks!! It was a really good experience to hear conference on my mission. One- you are listening for you and your questions. 2nd you are listening for your investigators. 3rd it’s just a great experience. I have never realized how much they talk about "our purpose" To invite others to come unto Christ...baptism...receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and ...Endure to the End. It was awesome! I loved it. All the talks were amazing. I loved Elder Holland’s!!!! So much if you guys didn’t not watch that one. It was amazing. Also the person after him... I loved all the talks and Pres. Monson's stories he shares. He is such an amazing prophet.

Well this week with investigators, we taught F this week about tithing it went okay. He is very strict with his money. So we thought we would talk about it now, so it’s not a surprise later on. He thinks it’s weird. But he said he will do it, if he has to, when he becomes a member. He really wants a testimony. He keeps telling me he wants a testimony like me. From the heart. We talked about baptism, and brought up some dates. Maybe some dates that feel special to him. On July 30 is his year mark that he first talked to the missionaries and received a Book of Mormon. So we’ll see.  He says he might have a heart attack if it’s that close!! Haha, but he is doing so well. He went to the priesthood session. We didn’t get to talk to him much before he left.  He really liked the Prophet. Later today we are going to go teach him and see what he felt. I told him to remember how he feels when he hears the Prophet speak. He is reading the Book of Mormon. He still finds it hard to pray. He wants it to come from the heart. Not just words.

J, has been on a cruise all week. We are hopefully seeing him today. He said he would find his testimony on his cruise. So hopefully he will let us know. If so then he will get baptized on Saturday. We'll see. Praying for him and F to get a strong testimony. They are both strong guys and want to get the right answer.

Oh my gosh, I fell off my bike, into the road. Haha, it was so embarrassing. I almost died. It’s a busy street.  I fell right into the road on my bike. I'm okay but I am bruised everywhere. It was a miracle a car was not there when I fell. Cars honked at me :( it was so sad but I know it was a miracle I didn’t get more hurt. I am very GRATIFUL!!!

I love you all!! I love this gospel!!
Love you-
Sister Rylee Nelson
A Scone Frank made for Rylee

Rylee eating the Scone

Popcorn Tree in Solihull

Funny Street Signs in Solihull