Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference


Wow this week has been great.  General conference over here is different. On Saturday, we go to the Stake Center at 5pm-7pm to watch the Saturday morning session. Then Sunday the men go and watch priesthood at 9-11; we watch the 2nd session of Saturday 1-3; then Sunday morning session 5-7. So I didn’t get to hear the last session. This is weird. I really loved the talks!! It was a really good experience to hear conference on my mission. One- you are listening for you and your questions. 2nd you are listening for your investigators. 3rd it’s just a great experience. I have never realized how much they talk about "our purpose" To invite others to come unto Christ...baptism...receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and ...Endure to the End. It was awesome! I loved it. All the talks were amazing. I loved Elder Holland’s!!!! So much if you guys didn’t not watch that one. It was amazing. Also the person after him... I loved all the talks and Pres. Monson's stories he shares. He is such an amazing prophet.

Well this week with investigators, we taught F this week about tithing it went okay. He is very strict with his money. So we thought we would talk about it now, so it’s not a surprise later on. He thinks it’s weird. But he said he will do it, if he has to, when he becomes a member. He really wants a testimony. He keeps telling me he wants a testimony like me. From the heart. We talked about baptism, and brought up some dates. Maybe some dates that feel special to him. On July 30 is his year mark that he first talked to the missionaries and received a Book of Mormon. So we’ll see.  He says he might have a heart attack if it’s that close!! Haha, but he is doing so well. He went to the priesthood session. We didn’t get to talk to him much before he left.  He really liked the Prophet. Later today we are going to go teach him and see what he felt. I told him to remember how he feels when he hears the Prophet speak. He is reading the Book of Mormon. He still finds it hard to pray. He wants it to come from the heart. Not just words.

J, has been on a cruise all week. We are hopefully seeing him today. He said he would find his testimony on his cruise. So hopefully he will let us know. If so then he will get baptized on Saturday. We'll see. Praying for him and F to get a strong testimony. They are both strong guys and want to get the right answer.

Oh my gosh, I fell off my bike, into the road. Haha, it was so embarrassing. I almost died. It’s a busy street.  I fell right into the road on my bike. I'm okay but I am bruised everywhere. It was a miracle a car was not there when I fell. Cars honked at me :( it was so sad but I know it was a miracle I didn’t get more hurt. I am very GRATIFUL!!!

I love you all!! I love this gospel!!
Love you-
Sister Rylee Nelson
A Scone Frank made for Rylee

Rylee eating the Scone

Popcorn Tree in Solihull

Funny Street Signs in Solihull

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