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Transfers - Good-bye Sister Rose

TRANSFERS – Good bye Sister Rose
Hello, family!! So this week has been crazy, busy, and sad! But good at the same time. So this week was good. It was Sister Rose’s last week which I didn’t like at ALL!!! I hated it actually!! She is amazing and we finished strong for her last few days!

Sister Rose and I haven't seen many miracles in Solihull but we prayed we would be able to see the miracles this week. It was amazing to see all the miracles. We met a lot of really cool people. We were in the right place at the right time...kind of thing. It was awesome! We met this guy named M. He has met with the missionaries before, when he was in London and moved.  He feels like he has a good relationship with God.  He feels like now, he would understand more of the gospel and what the missionaries have to teach him. (It’s a really good story, I just put it in a short sentence). Then after Sister training we were on our bikes and I got really hot and had to take off my scarf. Anyway, it felt like someone was screaming to me to take it off. I took it off right in front of this house and Sister Rose and I kept looking at this house. We felt the need to go and talk to the people inside the house. So we did, it was amazing this lady was awesome!! She said her son is in Texas and his neighbors are Mormon. She wants to learn more. She asked her Priest what are Mormons and the priest didn’t know how to answer. So we are going to try and see her again this week. No return appointment but she wants us to come by this week.

Jess!!! :) She is doing really good. We read 2 Nephi 31, about baptism. She really wants to get baptized and we invited her to. She said "my heart just jumped!! I’ve been waiting. I really want to!" Her parents aren't really supportive about her learning more. We prayed about a date. So her baptism is May 12. Please pray her parents will soften their hearts!! She is amazing!!

J, he got home from his cruise and we talked with him. He wants to wait a while to get baptized. He has a problem with the word of wisdom. He doesn't want to say he will never drink...EVER again. He wants to get baptized but he doesn’t want that desire anymore. So I felt the need to tell him about a Priesthood blessing. A Priesthood holder could come and give him a blessing to help him with the word of wisdom. To not have the desire. He really wants this.

F- he is doing awesome! We talked to him this week about to Keeping the Sabbath day Holy. He said he will keep it. He asked if he could do some gardening. He loves his garden. It was really funny! He was like "so does that mean I can’t garden...Not even mow my lawn...?" hahah it was really funny! Before Sister Rose said her goodbyes on Tuesday she asked him some of the baptism questions. Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true? That Joseph Smith is a true prophet? That this church is true? He said YES to all of them. But....He wants to have this certain feeling. He wants to have it come from the heart. He wants to be able to cry when he talks about it. Because then he will feel like it is coming from somewhere special. We shared with him, Sis. Rose bore her testimony on Sunday and she didn’t cry. Some people don’t cry, and that is fine. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don’t. But he kind of didn’t listen and just changed the subject. But he is praying about a date. We gave him some baptism calendars and he is going to pick a day.

I received letters!!! this week. :) :) Thank you Heidi Rollins :) I loved the letter and pictures and today at transfer I will meet Elder Church. Thanks for the enouncement NaKya!! :) It looks so pretty!!! :) I can’t wait to see pictures! I know  you are going to look beautiful!! So excited for you! Mom, thank you for the letter! I love letters! They make my day. Every time I get a letter the Elders are like “like them now, because in about 3 months they are going to stop and you will not get that many letters" :( it made me so sad! People!! Keep writing me haha :) and Grandma I got your letter yesterday when I dropped off Sis. Rose. Thank you!
My new companion, her name is Sister Louis. She is from India. She seems really sweet. I didn’t get a chance to talk with her at the training. But what people tell me she is nice. She has never ridden a bike before. And has been in a car her whole mission so far. She has only been out 6 transfers. They were the group before mine...So I am a little NERVOUS!! But I know that we are going to do great. All we can do is our best and to keep improving! Please keep us and our
investigators in your prayers.
Love you!! :)

Sister Rose and Sister Nelson on the Train

District in Solihull

The 2 sister missionaries in the middle, Sister Rose and Sister Hedemark are leaving to go home!

Sister Missionary POWER!!

Spring time in Solihull, England

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