Monday, April 30, 2012

Zone Conference


Hello family :) first I want to tell. Dad I'm glad you had a good birthday. I hope you got my note? Mom I got the package and the letters. I got a lot of letter this week. It was awesome!! Thank you for everything.
This week was awesome with Zone Conference. It was just what I needed. It was my first one. Pres. Ogden is awesome! I’m very sad that he is leaving. It was his last Zone Conference ever!!!! It was really sad. What they talked about what just what I needed to hear. About Christ like attributes, how great is our calling, etc. The departing testimonies were so hard. The spirit was there so strong. A lot of the people that are leaving are the elders and Sisters that I know. It’s going to be hard. But they are excited and nervous to go home. I will miss them all. But all of their testimonies were amazing. I cried a lot especially when Sis. Ogden bore her testimony.

F- is doing good we went and saw him on Tuesday and watched Finding Faith in Christ. It was good. We did a lot of service this week and with Zone conference we were really busy trying to get everything in with seeing less actives and everything. Well on Saturday we both felt like we should go see F. We hadn't planned that we were going to go see him but we followed the impression. It was a good thing that we did. Because later we found out that he was planning on Tuesday that he wasn't going to come to church this week. He has been having doubts. But he doesn't know what the doubts are really. He feels like everything is going too fast and that he was 60 percent last week. He BELIEVES he keeps saying, but then he'll be like what if this isn't for me. It’s crazy to see how Satan works. But on the flip side to see how much Heavenly Father cares for his children. He put in our mind that we should go see F. We told Him this is how much our Father in Heaven loves you, he sent us to come talk to you. To help you feel His love for you. We talked with him for a while, like we always do on the doorstep. He told us that he was going to come to church. Because of us coming to his house. It was a sign. So he came and wore a white shirt and tie. Also, I told him about the picture of Christ knocking at the door. But there is no knob for him to open it. He really liked the picture.  It helped him realize that he needs to open that door. He can’t walk in without you doing the work.
J- He is doing good. We taught him earlier this week. He was really quiet like always not saying much but on Sunday he started talking way more than he has ever done before. We found out that one of the ward missionaries took him, F and A to dinner this week. So I think with that, J feels included and more welcome. So he is doing a lot better. We both Sister Louis and I could see his desire to learn more is growing and to change. It’s awesome to see.
Mothers day is coming up I am so excited! hahah I made a calendar and I am counting down the day’s hahah :)
Rylee at Zone Conference

Rylee with Elders at Zone conference

Rylee helping at a party 

England is having a very wet Spring, more then normal, ha ha

The pictures are with some of the Elders that are leaving, and my ZL, AP, and E. Pavan and also at a Birthday Party that we helped at. And one with my new scarf in Lovely England!! It’s so SUNNY, AND BEAUTIFUL, all the time...hahaha It never rains!!!.....not! ahhah the rain is so weird here! It rain sideways, and the wind blows from every direction. Umbrella's break  A LOT! HAHAH :)

love you all!!!

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