Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring in Solihull

Hello family!

This week has been pretty good. Sister Louis and I are doing well. She is super funny. To hear some of the experiences she has been through is amazing. She is such an example, being here on her mission. We are still trying to find our grove with teaching together. I still feel like I could get so much better at teaching but I know I am doing my best. My district leader tells me just to say what comes into my mind. That’s what I do! :) I'm good at that and testifying! :) :) hahah so I guess I am doing ok. Sis Louis and I are good at teaching the doctrine simply but spiritually.

We had a sad experience with Jess this week. Her mother came to the lesson this last week. We met at the church. Well, her mom doesn't want Jess to meet with us anymore. She wants her to focus more on Uni since she is leaving in Sept. So she asked us to stop seeing her. It was really hard. But I bore my testimony at the end of the lesson about how this gospel is a blessing not a burden. How having it during Uni has blessed me with studying and finding friends etc. I could tell that her mom could feel something. Jess has such a desire to learn more and says that she will continue to read the scriptures and pray. I really hope that happens! I miss you already. She was awesome! But she is using her agency.

J is doing well he received a Priesthood blessing to help him. He is doing well. He prayed this last week and said "the seed has been planted and now it is starting to grow" so that is awesome. The desire is building; He is a very hard person to read sometimes. haha but I think he is doing well.

F is doing really well. We asked him the Baptism questions again. Because he still believes that he is 45 percent. But we showed him that he is so much higher. He believes in almost everything. He is being obedient and is following the commandments. It amazing to see his desire and the growth that he has had as we have taught him from 25 percent. He came to church in a white shirt and tie!!!! :) It was so good. He even said yesterday to Sister Louis that he does believe that he is 60 percent. He is doing so well! It’s awesome!

I love this ward!!! So much! I am going to miss them whenever I move. They are all amazing. There are amazing families here. They are so strong in the church. Other missionaries tell me the Solihull ward is the strongest ward in this area. So Love it!! :) I am so lucky to start here. They are all so great, and make me feel so comfortable. Help us with the work when they can. I love it!

I know this church is true and I love sharing the gospel to everyone on the street and tracting. Even if they don’t except it or open the door. They can see us, and see our example and the thought will come into their mind. "Who are they? What is that badge." so I love that!! :) This gospel is so amazing to know that we have all these tools to read from and to learn about Heavenly Fathers love for all of us. He knows us by name; he knows our wants and our desires. He knows what we need grow and be a better person; even if it brings us hard times. It helps us in the long run! :) I have a testimony of this. I love you all. I am so grateful you are my family!! Can’t wait to see you and to hear from you again next week. Thank you for the prayers as well. I can feel daily all the prayers in my life. To bring my spirits up! :)

Love you!!
Love Sister Rylee Nelson
Beautiful Solihull in the Spring!!

Rylee mailing letters - She loves it when people write her back!!!

Sister Louis dressed Rylee up in her India scarf

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