Monday, May 28, 2012

President and Sister Ogden are leaving

A Great Week!!!

Hi Family!!  This week has been really good. Of course have some ups and downs. Our 3 new investigators have all dropped us. It’s so sad because they just say it’s not for them. I know that Satan is working really hard on them. Because this gospel is for everyone. It’s REALLY sad and kind of makes your day down. But you have to do all you can to find more people, to teach. NO EFFORT IS WASTED! I totally believe that!!

We have had some good lessons. With some new investigators, and did a lot of finding this week. We only saw F once this week. It turned out okay. We had a member there and it’s really hard because F really knows what he should do, he believes
 in it. So it’s really hard to find out what he needs; or how to help him recognize the spirit. But I think we are getting closer with him he is reading almost every day. It’s the best feeling when you go to his home and he is in the back garden reading the Book  of Mormon. :) It just brings a smile to my face!! I love his desire, and its growing!!

Thursday we had Jay Jensen over here. He is the President of the 70. It was amazing. The talk and the discussions we had was just what I needed to hear. To help some of our investigators we have. He showed us a good way to use the scriptures and to understand them. To find the pronoun and put the noun in it...when you are teaching to help the investigators...and me understand better :) so good!! And also he encouraged us to SING in the lessons. Which is awesome he said that because Sis. Matapo and I set this as a goal at the beginning of the week. So we had inspiration :) hahah it was so good.  Later that night they had a fireside for investigators/less Actives/recent converts. A and F went. F loved it, and A bore his TESTIMONY!!! :) First time ever!! :) So proud of him.

I am going to Miss President and Sister Ogden SOOOO much!!! They are so sweet and they have such a sweet spirit. They are both amazing. They have so much LOVE for us missionaries. They really are like our parents out here. Sad to see them go soon.

We had a good lesson with a new investigator (A) he is awesome!! He wants to get baptized!! But he needs to talk to President first. He is amazing. He loves the Bible, and knows it so well. We will see how it goes.

This weather in England is SO HOT!!! AND HUMID!!! Of course I forgot to buy sunscreen... :) hahaha so my arms were fried!! Like a lobster :) love it, love how people call me ginger here. hahaha :) so fun! :) jk But I love it being warm but it’s totally different being in it all
day, and on a BIKE with a backpack. ew!!! So hot! but I love it while it’s here, I don’t know how long it is going to last.

Love you all. Thank you Heidi Rollins :) :) for the letter! Awesome experience that you had with missionary work! :) I loved the story!
:) Love letters!! :) They really do make my day so much better!!!!!! :) (hint...hint :) hahaha

LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) congrats Trac!!

Rylee and Sister Matapo

Rylee and Sister Matapo out tracting

Rylee riding her bike
Rylee in front of the Bull fighting ring

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love My Mission!!

I love my mission!!

Hey this week has been good. We saw F this Monday, He missed church a lot. And he did sleep in. He wasn't lying. But he didn't want to come late to church. So I was happy that he missed it. On Wednesday we had transfers. It always makes for a busy day. With getting to know each other and we have coordination that night. So it’s always WAY busy! We have seen a lot of Less Actives this week. Maybe not a lot, but different ones we haven't seen in a while. So it was good. They are all interested. Love the gospel. Love us coming over and sharing a spiritual thought and talking with them, reading the scriptures. But they won’t really do anything about it. They won’t put in the effort to come to church. Like re-arranging their schedules. But it will come with time.  By reading the scriptures they will feel the love of Heavenly Father for them, and they will want to come to church. D is one of our new investigators; I think I told you about her. The lesson went well. She was asking some hard questions. Kind of jumping all over the place. I was very grateful for Sis. Matapo. She is so smart and she just answered the questions. Sometimes I feel useless because I don’t know the answers. Just testifying. Maybe that is my special gift. hahah I don’t know. But I know as I study the scriptures and the gospel.  I too, will have the knowledge she has. She is an awesome companion. I LOVE her so much!! We get along so well, we laugh, we work hard!! She is helping me so much! I am so excited for this transfer. On Saturday, we got 2 new investigators. Last Sunday at the church, during the break from Sunday school, to Sacrament. She called and moved into the area. She wants the Book of Mormon. So I called her and we went over to see her. She is awesome. She was taught by the missionaries in the Leed's Mission. She was supposed to get baptized in the October. But some things happened.  She really wants to get baptized. Through the whole lesson she kept saying how she really wants to get baptized. I know that she was prepared by the Lord! It's awesome (her name is S, please pray for her) and A he is from Iran. He is Christian. He is funny....and very interesting. :) hahah but he has a lot of knowledge of the Bible and wants to learn more about Joseph Smith. Later that night we were trying to find someone to come with us and F to a baptism, in Harbourne. (Sis. Turnbows baptism!! :) So HAPPY! ) We found Sis. Lallyete who the ward mission leader's wife; she is awesome!! The baptism was so good.  It was awesome! The spirit was there so strong. F was talking to Mel (the lady getting baptized) she was grateful the water was warm. We walked into the chapel and F said “the water better be warm when I get baptized!!" ahhhhh I was so excited...then he was like...well I mean if. :) haha He felt the spirit so strong!! At church yesterday F really loved it. All the talks were basically for him. In gospel principles it was talking about FAITH. I asked him how he liked the lesson today. He said. "I need to step up my game. I need to nurture the seed that has been planted!" it was awesome to hear. We have always told him that. But, sometimes you just need the right moment for it to actually set in and be like OH YEAH! So that was good. He really wants to do better. He is going to drink Redbush tea this week instead of tea. He is thinking about paying tithing for 3 months. J didn't come. He is not really keeping any commitments. It’s kind of sad, but he is using his agency. I don’t think that we are going to see him this week.

I love you all!! This gospel is amazing. It has been awesome to read the Book of Mormon. To understand the plan that Heavenly Father has for us. That the Book of Mormon does answer ALL of our questions. I am so grateful to have it in my life. It has blessed me so much. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me. I know that He is always there for me, and knows how I feel. I need to be more like Him each day.
Sis. Matapo and me this morning before we left the flat.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Add on to Transfer Day


Transfers were good yesterday. I was able to see some of my MTC friends which was awesome! I was able to see Sister Lewis.  She is in Whales; It is a 4 and a half hour drive there. It was really fun to go to transfers it was awesome. It was President and Sister Ogden, last one, or maybe one more left. So it is really sad. I will miss them soooo much!! I love the scripture that President Ogden reads this scripture every transfer its in Doctrine and Covenants. I can’t remember which section it is, but it talks about being on a mission. When you are in the service of God, your family will be blessed. That always gives me the boost to stay focused and work hard.

Sister Matapo is really cool. She grew up in the Preston Area, in England. She is from Zimbabwe. She is 2 wks away from her year mark. So she is going home in December-ish. She is a hard worker!! I love it. We went and taught a lesson today. It went pretty well. I was our first one. It was with P.  It went well I think. I know if I keep doing my best, I will keep improving. I need to stop comparing myself to other missionaries. Ha-ha it’s really hard for me to not do. But I have to keep telling myself that they have been out on their mission longer than me. Hopefully I will be as good as they are when I am out a year or more.

It was really cool today I was reading the Book of Mormon. I was in 2 Nephi 27 where it compares it to Isaiah 29 in the Bible. It was really cool to see how in the Bible it talks about the Book of Mormon. And about Joseph Smith. That he is an un educated man, to be able to translate the book. It was really cool to keep reading and remember that some of the book is still sealed. That Heavenly Father will let us know when He wants to reveal his time. So that was cool.

I love you all. I'll email you next Monday!! :) love you!

Rylee and her new companion

Rylee and Sister Lewis

Rylee and Sister Turnbow

Hello & Good-by on Transfer day

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Transfers!! Again!!

Transfers!!  AGAIN!!
Hello family :)

 It was so nice to talk with you on Sunday! Sorry I told you the wrong time. I was surprised that you all were up and ready! :) It made me happy. It was really fun to talk to you and hear some stories about home. Yeah I don't have an accent. I'm still working on that. We practice the Brumby accent here. It’s really fun. I don’t remember if I showed you.

So we are having transfers today. Sis. Louis is getting transferred to Coventry. And I am getting another Companion. Sister Matapo. She grew up I think in London, but she is from Zimbabwe...ha-ha however you spell that. Transfers.....are hard. But I know it is for the best and a reason. I love Sis. Louis and I will miss her but I know that I will love Sis. Matapo as well. I love being on a mission, to work will all different people and to see how they work. To make more and more friends that will last a lifetime. Love it!

Saw F yesterday. He really missed church. He was sad he didn't go. He did wake up late and just felt weird coming late. So hopefully he continues to read, pray and come to church. He is reading the BM almost every day if he remembers. He is doing awesome. Just can’t really push him to be baptized. He needs to make the decision for himself.

J is doing ok. We saw him walk into a Reform church yesterday. So don’t know really what’s up with him. But we have some new investigators. One of their names is Dorothy .She is so sweet. I remember I told you about her. She is so cute. So please keep them in your prayers. I will talk to you next week, on Monday. I love you all so much. Thank you everyone who write me letters. It makes my day when I get one!! :)

I hope all of you mothers had a great Mother's day. You have all made an impact in my life. I hope you had a great day, and your families spoiled you! :)
Love you!!!

This gospel is amazing; KEEP READING THE BOOK OF MORMON.....EVERYDAY. I know that it will make a difference in your day, and life.

Love, Sister Nelson

Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Week in the Mission Field

Another Week

Hello Family, Landon I LOVE your car!!! :) It looks so pretty! :) In the pictures it looks like you are having some good weather. I'm jealous!! Ha ha its cold here! I guess this April was the coldest April it has been in the last 25 years. But its fine, I'm enjoying it, some day’s hahah :)
This week has been pretty good. We did some tracting on Tuesday and we went to Olton. We biked there! In the pouring rain...ALL DAY! :) You just have to smile and enjoy ha :) But we went by some potentials, passed out some Book of Mormon’s and had a pretty good day. We went by a referral a ward member gave to us she wasn't interested. But hopefully down the line she will come to church. Her family seems really sweet. Wednesday we had a good district mtg. We did area reports where you talk about an investigator and get feedback from the other missionaries in your district. We talked about F and his problem with tithing. It was really nice to hear other investigators and they’re also struggling with tithing as well. We went and saw F twice this week. With different members. It went really well. F is starting to let us talk a little bit more. He doesn't go off on as many tangents as he used to. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The principles. The first lesson we taught about FAITH. That’s all; it was a really good lesson. Sis. Arnold who came with us shared a cool analogy about faith. How it is like a light switch. Sometimes the light just comes on for people. Like something just clicks or makes sense. Others they have a light dimmer. They go to church, take lessons from the missionaries. Every time they do these things they turn the dimmer and the light slowly gets brighter. This is exactly what is happening for F. He believes but he still has his doubts, with something’s. But he BELIEVES!!! Is what he always says. He just has a problem with commitments. He is scared of them. He is praying about baptism this weekend. Hopefully he follows through.

J is doing well, we found out more of his concerns with Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. So now we can work on that. How he explains the church is that it is a club.  He is not a member yet. I don't really like how he explains it like that. Hopefully He will get the testimony that he needs to get baptized. Cause he does believe and has faith.

We saw some less Actives this week, A, was the first baptism in 2 yrs. it happened the Saturday before I got here to Solihull. He blessed the sacrament yesterday. He did so well. I felt like a proud Mother! haha :) the bishop kept looking at me and I had a smile from ear to ear. He also got a calling!! A ward missionary!! :) He is already doing that, so it’s awesome! But now he feels involved in the ward which is awesome! He has such a strong testimony. We found out this week that he got a Book of Mormon from the Elders about 20 years ago. So they planted that seed. He wasn't ready at that time. So I don’t ever get disappointed! If I never baptize anyone it’s okay. I know that I am doing my best and the people  I hand a card to, or smile, or talk to them at their door. They aren't interested, you never know down the line when they will remember and want to find out for themselves.

I love this gospel. I love being a missionary, and sharing what I believe. What makes me excited to be here, in England? Heavenly Father LOVES all of us so much and just wants us to return and live with him. This is just a short time here on earth. Our test, and we will continue to learn and grow, and be tested but that's why we are here. I actually read the For Strength of Youth booklet.  The NEW one. It was very good! I loved it!!

I CANT WAIT FOR MOTHERS DAY!!! I am counting down the days!!! I Can’t wait to see and talk to you in less then 7 days! :)
 Love you!!