Thursday, May 17, 2012

Add on to Transfer Day


Transfers were good yesterday. I was able to see some of my MTC friends which was awesome! I was able to see Sister Lewis.  She is in Whales; It is a 4 and a half hour drive there. It was really fun to go to transfers it was awesome. It was President and Sister Ogden, last one, or maybe one more left. So it is really sad. I will miss them soooo much!! I love the scripture that President Ogden reads this scripture every transfer its in Doctrine and Covenants. I can’t remember which section it is, but it talks about being on a mission. When you are in the service of God, your family will be blessed. That always gives me the boost to stay focused and work hard.

Sister Matapo is really cool. She grew up in the Preston Area, in England. She is from Zimbabwe. She is 2 wks away from her year mark. So she is going home in December-ish. She is a hard worker!! I love it. We went and taught a lesson today. It went pretty well. I was our first one. It was with P.  It went well I think. I know if I keep doing my best, I will keep improving. I need to stop comparing myself to other missionaries. Ha-ha it’s really hard for me to not do. But I have to keep telling myself that they have been out on their mission longer than me. Hopefully I will be as good as they are when I am out a year or more.

It was really cool today I was reading the Book of Mormon. I was in 2 Nephi 27 where it compares it to Isaiah 29 in the Bible. It was really cool to see how in the Bible it talks about the Book of Mormon. And about Joseph Smith. That he is an un educated man, to be able to translate the book. It was really cool to keep reading and remember that some of the book is still sealed. That Heavenly Father will let us know when He wants to reveal his time. So that was cool.

I love you all. I'll email you next Monday!! :) love you!

Rylee and her new companion

Rylee and Sister Lewis

Rylee and Sister Turnbow

Hello & Good-by on Transfer day

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