Monday, May 28, 2012

President and Sister Ogden are leaving

A Great Week!!!

Hi Family!!  This week has been really good. Of course have some ups and downs. Our 3 new investigators have all dropped us. It’s so sad because they just say it’s not for them. I know that Satan is working really hard on them. Because this gospel is for everyone. It’s REALLY sad and kind of makes your day down. But you have to do all you can to find more people, to teach. NO EFFORT IS WASTED! I totally believe that!!

We have had some good lessons. With some new investigators, and did a lot of finding this week. We only saw F once this week. It turned out okay. We had a member there and it’s really hard because F really knows what he should do, he believes
 in it. So it’s really hard to find out what he needs; or how to help him recognize the spirit. But I think we are getting closer with him he is reading almost every day. It’s the best feeling when you go to his home and he is in the back garden reading the Book  of Mormon. :) It just brings a smile to my face!! I love his desire, and its growing!!

Thursday we had Jay Jensen over here. He is the President of the 70. It was amazing. The talk and the discussions we had was just what I needed to hear. To help some of our investigators we have. He showed us a good way to use the scriptures and to understand them. To find the pronoun and put the noun in it...when you are teaching to help the investigators...and me understand better :) so good!! And also he encouraged us to SING in the lessons. Which is awesome he said that because Sis. Matapo and I set this as a goal at the beginning of the week. So we had inspiration :) hahah it was so good.  Later that night they had a fireside for investigators/less Actives/recent converts. A and F went. F loved it, and A bore his TESTIMONY!!! :) First time ever!! :) So proud of him.

I am going to Miss President and Sister Ogden SOOOO much!!! They are so sweet and they have such a sweet spirit. They are both amazing. They have so much LOVE for us missionaries. They really are like our parents out here. Sad to see them go soon.

We had a good lesson with a new investigator (A) he is awesome!! He wants to get baptized!! But he needs to talk to President first. He is amazing. He loves the Bible, and knows it so well. We will see how it goes.

This weather in England is SO HOT!!! AND HUMID!!! Of course I forgot to buy sunscreen... :) hahaha so my arms were fried!! Like a lobster :) love it, love how people call me ginger here. hahaha :) so fun! :) jk But I love it being warm but it’s totally different being in it all
day, and on a BIKE with a backpack. ew!!! So hot! but I love it while it’s here, I don’t know how long it is going to last.

Love you all. Thank you Heidi Rollins :) :) for the letter! Awesome experience that you had with missionary work! :) I loved the story!
:) Love letters!! :) They really do make my day so much better!!!!!! :) (hint...hint :) hahaha

LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) congrats Trac!!

Rylee and Sister Matapo

Rylee and Sister Matapo out tracting

Rylee riding her bike
Rylee in front of the Bull fighting ring

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