Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Transfers!! Again!!

Transfers!!  AGAIN!!
Hello family :)

 It was so nice to talk with you on Sunday! Sorry I told you the wrong time. I was surprised that you all were up and ready! :) It made me happy. It was really fun to talk to you and hear some stories about home. Yeah I don't have an accent. I'm still working on that. We practice the Brumby accent here. It’s really fun. I don’t remember if I showed you.

So we are having transfers today. Sis. Louis is getting transferred to Coventry. And I am getting another Companion. Sister Matapo. She grew up I think in London, but she is from Zimbabwe...ha-ha however you spell that. Transfers.....are hard. But I know it is for the best and a reason. I love Sis. Louis and I will miss her but I know that I will love Sis. Matapo as well. I love being on a mission, to work will all different people and to see how they work. To make more and more friends that will last a lifetime. Love it!

Saw F yesterday. He really missed church. He was sad he didn't go. He did wake up late and just felt weird coming late. So hopefully he continues to read, pray and come to church. He is reading the BM almost every day if he remembers. He is doing awesome. Just can’t really push him to be baptized. He needs to make the decision for himself.

J is doing ok. We saw him walk into a Reform church yesterday. So don’t know really what’s up with him. But we have some new investigators. One of their names is Dorothy .She is so sweet. I remember I told you about her. She is so cute. So please keep them in your prayers. I will talk to you next week, on Monday. I love you all so much. Thank you everyone who write me letters. It makes my day when I get one!! :)

I hope all of you mothers had a great Mother's day. You have all made an impact in my life. I hope you had a great day, and your families spoiled you! :)
Love you!!!

This gospel is amazing; KEEP READING THE BOOK OF MORMON.....EVERYDAY. I know that it will make a difference in your day, and life.

Love, Sister Nelson

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