Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good-Bye Solihull - Hello Beacon Heights and Heads of the Valley Wales

So this week has been really good. Definitely hard. But I will start it off with the beginning. So I had my first England Breakfast, F cooked for us. It was really good. Filling but very tasty!! I really enjoyed it. He loved every minute of it. The lesson went really well. We had an awesome lesson with J!! The sprit was definitely there. He felt it, He made a list of questions he had as he was reading the Book of Mormon. It was awesome!! He is searching for something and he thinks he has found it. The whole time we were teaching him he just said he wants to be happy and find Joy and Happiness in this life. So it was an awesome lesson. At the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized he said yes.  We set him with a baptism date of 21 July.

On Saturday we had our summer activity in Solihull. A "pig roast" it was awesome and an auction to raise money for the youth to go to EFY. It was awesome. It was a lot of fun. F’s daughter and son came. There were lots of investigators supported the youth, and less actives as well. We raised £1,200. AMAZING!! We gave the rest that we didn't need to a hospital right next to the church. It was amazing. It was a well good time. Monday night we got the phone call.  We get them around 10 pm. Your heart is beating when you get the call. I heard sister Nelson you’re going to.... Wales. ha-ha :) in a three-some. I was really excited because I was gonna be with some awesome girls. But I was really sad to leave Solihull. Leaving my ward. It is like my home ward. I love them all. And there are amazing people we were teaching. We really have started to pick up Solihull ward. We have some really good investigators. I am so sad I will miss them. Hopefully the new President will let me come back to Solihull to see J's baptism. Cause on Tuesday we had a well good lesson with him. He is my investigator. We started teaching him and he is doing so well. It’s amazing to see how the Lord does prepare people, and puts them in your path. J has definitely been prepared. Later that day we just went around and said good byes. It was sad!

Yesterday was transfers. The switch of the Three-some is complicated. But I'm with Sister Labararo, (from London) and Sister Felicia (from Arizona) It is awesome. We are having a good time. I feel very overwhelmed right now though. Because they both have been in the area and we are covering both and I have to learn all they know and this three-some will only last for 6 weeks. And then we will move again. Because only One new sister is coming in. It is just a lot to take in but I'm not stressing. I just feel overwhelmed and I don’t know what to do with all these new people and everything. But I’m just going to do my best and yeah. Oh my gosh!! packing is insane!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try and throw away some things even though I don’t want to! :( but my suitcases are so small next to other missionaries. But I will need to shorten my load. ha-ha too many books, and skirts, scarf’s.

We are having a good time. I love it here. It rains and I have gotten used to the brumby ancient, and now the welsh ancient. SOOO different!! ha-ha it’s cool though. I just need to get used to it.

I love you all. Thank you for all the prayers and everything that you do for me. :) I love you so much!

(please write me and let Layt know and everyone!!! :) please!!!!! :) let Haylee know I got her letter and Caitlin, THANK YOU!!
Rylee with her new companions in Wales Sister Labararo and Sister Filichia

Rylee saying good-bye to ward members in Solihull

Rylee saying good-bye to ward members in Solihull

Rylee and some of her investigators - She is going to miss them!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Love my Packages

wow!!!! big week!! 

So this week has been one that has been really eventful, some in a bad way. So I will start off with the beginning and tell you in order of how it went :)

We had some good lessons with F and D. F We set a baptism date for August 18. We both felt really good about that date. He is continuing to pray about it. Hopefully soon he will get the answer that he wants, Our new investigator J, we had a really good lesson with him. We watched, Finding Faith in Christ. It was good. Definitely could feel the spirit. He is doing amazing. He brought a plastic bag. We didn't know what it was at the time but he pulled out the Book of Mormon and his glasses. That doesn't happen often when they want to bring their own copy and are into the lesson. It was the best feeling to see his desire grow. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is now on Chapter 4. Hopefully there will be some progress with him. He is really cool. We got home and put our bikes up. This man that we have never seen before was watching us. We have never seen him before. But we didn't think anything of it. We woke up, did our thing went outside and our bikes were gone....yeah!!! So STUPID!! I am still upset about it because I was planning on selling the bike to get some money back! :( :( But I guess now I can’t. Well that same day we were going on exchange. I went to Banbury, and it’s a car area. So they came to pick us up.  Sister Baker doesn't have an European license...So I drove!!! AHHHH!!  It was scary at the beginning, One because it was a different car then I am used to; Second...on the other side of the car! ha-ha But it went well. The exchange was really good. The lessons in Banbury were really good. They have some awesome investigators and we had some cool experiences. Sister Baker is going home soon. She is from America. We had a lot of fun. On Sunday church was awesome.  Later that night we went to a member’s home for dinner and after dinner one of the members took us to the Police Station to report our bikes. We have a CRIME NUMBER!!!   It was funny.  It was our first time ever in a police station. They said they will keep an eye out for them. Also in church, The bishop announced about our bikes, so right now we have members letting us use their bikes. It is really nice of them. But it still is a bitter sweet. I paid so much for my bike. I feel ripped off but I guess that is normal. 2 other areas this week their bikes also got stolen. So.... It’s not to fun.

I love you all!!! Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!  I hope you had a great day!! :) Love you!!

And Thank you Beth for the package, and Holly and mom, and Grandma and Grandpa for the letter. Also, Haylee thank you for the email :) I haven't gotten the letter yet but I hope I do this week. Love you!!

Beautiful Country in England

Rylee Driving - SCARY!!!

Rylee opening a package - she loves packages!!

Rylee and Sister Matapo, looking cute in their summer dress, haha!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

4 Months - Visit for Sister Rose

Hello family!!
Oh my gosh!!! I saw Sister Rose and her family. On Monday we were just about to leave our flat to go to a member’s house for dinner. I saw Sister Rose start running from this car. It was so good to see her!! :) I miss her a lot. It was really nice to meet her family. The dinner appointment fell through so they took us to Subway. It was really nice to see them all. She stopped by a lot of member’s homes and to F, J and A. It was really good because when we went to go sing for F on Tuesday he was telling us about Sister Rose coming. He started to get teary. He really misses her and he was saying “I think I want to become a member!" it was an awesome feeling. He really thinks it’s something he wants. I think with Sister Rose coming to see him, rekindled something inside. This made him want to become a member. We had a fun Jubilee Party at a members home she invited non members so we were invited. It was really good because they talked about the church so maybe something will happen with that. We are teaching one of their neighbors all ready so that would be awesome to have another one.

We have had some good lessons this week. We have met some people that seem interested to learn more about the gospel. We met this lady S who seemed interested. And also, we met J. We had a lesson with J it was a really good lesson. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It went really well. It was probably one of the better lessons I have done. I know that the spirit directed the whole lesson. So it was awesome to be a part of it. Sunday was invitational Sunday. Where people are invited to come to the church. We had 2 new investigators there; we think we will be able to teach them! :) This would be amazing!!! Also, F and his whole family came! :) This is a big deal. His daughter and her whole family. They really enjoyed it!! F was really impressed how much they enjoyed it... I definitely felt the spirit all day at church! After church there was a munch and mingle with food. And you just go around and talk with people. Investigators and fellowship them and talk with them! :) So it was an awesome!!! Awesome day!!

Love you all!! I can’t believe there are only 2 in a half weeks left of this transfer!!!! I really hope I stay here one more, and don’t switch comps!! Seriously!! hahahah I love it but I want to stay with a
companion for more than one transfer. That would be nice! :) haha

Love you!

Ps. thank you Bryndy! I got your letter. The ZL lost the letter and I just got the letter! :) Thank you, I will write you back today. Also, thank you Petersen Family!! Kim, Shane, Sarah, Joshua, Lizzy and Bella!! I love your letters! They make my day!! I'm so excited to meet the bunnies when I come home. :) Love you

Sister Rose and her family came to visit

Sister Nelson

Sister Matapo & Sister Nelson

Rylee's famous "NO BAKE" cookies!! Yummy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond's Jubilee

Yet another week

Hello family!!  This week has been pretty good. We went to visit a less active lady. She never answers but I felt like we should go see her. She answered!! We went in and talked to her for a bit. She served a mission about 4 years ago and now she is less active! :( So sad to see how Satan works. But she wants to come to church again. She just doesn't feel involved in the church. After her we went to see F. The lesson went really well. We talked with him and he said that he LOVES Jesus! :) That is a big deal. .

We went to see J. We wanted to see what his intentions are. He still is acting really weird. I think he just likes sister missionaries to come over. We talked about investigators at district mtg. All the elders said they would drop him, if he was their investigator. So it’s our area, I think we will if he is not keeping commitments.

We went and saw A. The lesson a few weeks ago went so well. But a member at church last week gave him a list of different translations in the Bible. Like corrections and stuff. He went back to his church he used to go. Came to the lesson with a list of scriptures. So he and this member just did Bible bashing the whole time!! The spirit definitely was not there!! We watched the Prophet of the Restoration. After that they did it again. I really hate Bible bashing! On Sunday A came to church. In gospel principles, the lesson was going well and then he starts....and it turned into Bible bashing again. It was not good, because J and F were there. I didn't want him to convince them of these weird things he was saying. But it turned out! :) F said "the prophets on the earth today are the same kind of prophets that were around in the olden days. They teach us of revelations and warn us of truths." it was awesome; he bore his testimony basically about the prophet. Then J said "they are teaching us truths”. It was really good!! He is still acting weird but it was awesome to see what they are thinking.

Love you all. This gospel is true. I love reading the Book of Mormon every day. It is a story! Not just words.
Love you! :)

Rylee being funny

Rylee on the bus

Rylee's cute smile

Rylee enjoying the Diamond's Jubilee