Monday, June 11, 2012

4 Months - Visit for Sister Rose

Hello family!!
Oh my gosh!!! I saw Sister Rose and her family. On Monday we were just about to leave our flat to go to a member’s house for dinner. I saw Sister Rose start running from this car. It was so good to see her!! :) I miss her a lot. It was really nice to meet her family. The dinner appointment fell through so they took us to Subway. It was really nice to see them all. She stopped by a lot of member’s homes and to F, J and A. It was really good because when we went to go sing for F on Tuesday he was telling us about Sister Rose coming. He started to get teary. He really misses her and he was saying “I think I want to become a member!" it was an awesome feeling. He really thinks it’s something he wants. I think with Sister Rose coming to see him, rekindled something inside. This made him want to become a member. We had a fun Jubilee Party at a members home she invited non members so we were invited. It was really good because they talked about the church so maybe something will happen with that. We are teaching one of their neighbors all ready so that would be awesome to have another one.

We have had some good lessons this week. We have met some people that seem interested to learn more about the gospel. We met this lady S who seemed interested. And also, we met J. We had a lesson with J it was a really good lesson. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It went really well. It was probably one of the better lessons I have done. I know that the spirit directed the whole lesson. So it was awesome to be a part of it. Sunday was invitational Sunday. Where people are invited to come to the church. We had 2 new investigators there; we think we will be able to teach them! :) This would be amazing!!! Also, F and his whole family came! :) This is a big deal. His daughter and her whole family. They really enjoyed it!! F was really impressed how much they enjoyed it... I definitely felt the spirit all day at church! After church there was a munch and mingle with food. And you just go around and talk with people. Investigators and fellowship them and talk with them! :) So it was an awesome!!! Awesome day!!

Love you all!! I can’t believe there are only 2 in a half weeks left of this transfer!!!! I really hope I stay here one more, and don’t switch comps!! Seriously!! hahahah I love it but I want to stay with a
companion for more than one transfer. That would be nice! :) haha

Love you!

Ps. thank you Bryndy! I got your letter. The ZL lost the letter and I just got the letter! :) Thank you, I will write you back today. Also, thank you Petersen Family!! Kim, Shane, Sarah, Joshua, Lizzy and Bella!! I love your letters! They make my day!! I'm so excited to meet the bunnies when I come home. :) Love you

Sister Rose and her family came to visit

Sister Nelson

Sister Matapo & Sister Nelson

Rylee's famous "NO BAKE" cookies!! Yummy!

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  1. Just wanted to say a huge thank for letting me share your mission as well as Robyn's. I look forward to your blog entries almost as much as her letters and emails! :-) I know you can't see this just yet - maybe your Mum will pass it on for me. :-)