Monday, June 18, 2012

Love my Packages

wow!!!! big week!! 

So this week has been one that has been really eventful, some in a bad way. So I will start off with the beginning and tell you in order of how it went :)

We had some good lessons with F and D. F We set a baptism date for August 18. We both felt really good about that date. He is continuing to pray about it. Hopefully soon he will get the answer that he wants, Our new investigator J, we had a really good lesson with him. We watched, Finding Faith in Christ. It was good. Definitely could feel the spirit. He is doing amazing. He brought a plastic bag. We didn't know what it was at the time but he pulled out the Book of Mormon and his glasses. That doesn't happen often when they want to bring their own copy and are into the lesson. It was the best feeling to see his desire grow. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is now on Chapter 4. Hopefully there will be some progress with him. He is really cool. We got home and put our bikes up. This man that we have never seen before was watching us. We have never seen him before. But we didn't think anything of it. We woke up, did our thing went outside and our bikes were gone....yeah!!! So STUPID!! I am still upset about it because I was planning on selling the bike to get some money back! :( :( But I guess now I can’t. Well that same day we were going on exchange. I went to Banbury, and it’s a car area. So they came to pick us up.  Sister Baker doesn't have an European license...So I drove!!! AHHHH!!  It was scary at the beginning, One because it was a different car then I am used to; Second...on the other side of the car! ha-ha But it went well. The exchange was really good. The lessons in Banbury were really good. They have some awesome investigators and we had some cool experiences. Sister Baker is going home soon. She is from America. We had a lot of fun. On Sunday church was awesome.  Later that night we went to a member’s home for dinner and after dinner one of the members took us to the Police Station to report our bikes. We have a CRIME NUMBER!!!   It was funny.  It was our first time ever in a police station. They said they will keep an eye out for them. Also in church, The bishop announced about our bikes, so right now we have members letting us use their bikes. It is really nice of them. But it still is a bitter sweet. I paid so much for my bike. I feel ripped off but I guess that is normal. 2 other areas this week their bikes also got stolen. So.... It’s not to fun.

I love you all!!! Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!  I hope you had a great day!! :) Love you!!

And Thank you Beth for the package, and Holly and mom, and Grandma and Grandpa for the letter. Also, Haylee thank you for the email :) I haven't gotten the letter yet but I hope I do this week. Love you!!

Beautiful Country in England

Rylee Driving - SCARY!!!

Rylee opening a package - she loves packages!!

Rylee and Sister Matapo, looking cute in their summer dress, haha!!

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