Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond's Jubilee

Yet another week

Hello family!!  This week has been pretty good. We went to visit a less active lady. She never answers but I felt like we should go see her. She answered!! We went in and talked to her for a bit. She served a mission about 4 years ago and now she is less active! :( So sad to see how Satan works. But she wants to come to church again. She just doesn't feel involved in the church. After her we went to see F. The lesson went really well. We talked with him and he said that he LOVES Jesus! :) That is a big deal. .

We went to see J. We wanted to see what his intentions are. He still is acting really weird. I think he just likes sister missionaries to come over. We talked about investigators at district mtg. All the elders said they would drop him, if he was their investigator. So it’s our area, I think we will if he is not keeping commitments.

We went and saw A. The lesson a few weeks ago went so well. But a member at church last week gave him a list of different translations in the Bible. Like corrections and stuff. He went back to his church he used to go. Came to the lesson with a list of scriptures. So he and this member just did Bible bashing the whole time!! The spirit definitely was not there!! We watched the Prophet of the Restoration. After that they did it again. I really hate Bible bashing! On Sunday A came to church. In gospel principles, the lesson was going well and then he starts....and it turned into Bible bashing again. It was not good, because J and F were there. I didn't want him to convince them of these weird things he was saying. But it turned out! :) F said "the prophets on the earth today are the same kind of prophets that were around in the olden days. They teach us of revelations and warn us of truths." it was awesome; he bore his testimony basically about the prophet. Then J said "they are teaching us truths”. It was really good!! He is still acting weird but it was awesome to see what they are thinking.

Love you all. This gospel is true. I love reading the Book of Mormon every day. It is a story! Not just words.
Love you! :)

Rylee being funny

Rylee on the bus

Rylee's cute smile

Rylee enjoying the Diamond's Jubilee

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