Monday, July 30, 2012

Swansea Beaach

I feel like it is going so fast

Wow I can’t believe that today is the last day of July. CRAZY! 

Monday we were still sick but we had a district p-day and wanted to go to Swansea beach. We thought it would be good to go out in the sun. The sun has been out for 1 week. It has been beautiful.

On Tuesday we both weren't feeling to hot and so Sister Filichia had a good idea to stay in to sleep off the sickness and go out to work the next day. Well Sister Laborero wanted to clean the tub. The drain is terrible. So she took it apart, she got tired of cleaning it so she took a shower.  She was going to go back to clean the drain after she got out of the shower. We were sleeping and we heard this noise. Because the drain was not back together, the water went through the ceiling. The water was coming from every corner of the house from the upper floor. It sounded like a rainstorm down in our kitchen!! ha ha. We called Elder skiles He told us because we have 2 flats to move all of our stuff to the Troedyrhiw flat. So we had to pack ALL of our stuff to move it to the other flat. It was a busy day!

On Wednesday we get a phone call from our Zone Leaders. They needed our car; theirs was going to be in the shop. So they took our car and we walked all day. It was really hot and humid. We don't live in our area, now that we are in Troedyrhiw. So we had to walk to our area, which is like 10 miles away. Both of my companions have been in a car their whole mission, they really haven't walked that much. I was used to it. MY shoes were broken in and it was fine.  I was really grateful that I walked a lot in my other area.

Thursday was a good day. We had a call from this man named B. He read a pamphlet (the Restoration) with the Moroni 10:4-5 Promise!! :) He said he just wants to do what is right. Follow the example that Jesus has set for us. The spirit was so strong. I love doing this every day. I also love when people don't know what the Holy Ghost is. When we try to explain it to them; it makes sense. It makes sense; to everyone here on this earth RIGHT NOW. Because when we talk with them and it sounds like they have heard it before. It’s because they have. WE all have. Sister Filichia was telling us about this in our companionship study.  She told us in the scriptures, every time it says remember. WE need to remember because we all have heard this before. Heavenly Father just wants us to come home. To do our very best while we are here on this earth.

Friday we met with D our investigator. He is doing really well. He came to Church yesterday and he was wearing a white shirt and tie. It looked so good!  Sunday was pretty good. Sister Laborero got sick.  After a week of taking care of us she got it.

Remember, I will be writing on Wednesday next week, it is transfers. :( :( So sad.  Love you all!! Thank you for the letter! :) :) :) Happy sister!! And Daughter!  Also, sorry for no letters being written. The Zone Leader doesn’t go get the mail at the office. So I haven't gotten any mail really from the office. So sorry if I haven't written you back. Layton and G &G thank you for the letters will write soon. Busy weeks coming up!

At Swansea Beach

Sister Filichia and Sister Nelson enjoying the SUN!!

The District at Swansea Beach

Monday, July 23, 2012

Being sick - Yuck!!

This week has been awesome!!
I have loved every minute. We went on exchange on Tuesday-Thursday. So Sister Filichia and Sister Carson switched for 48 hours. It was fun. I stayed here in Merthyr. We were able to see some of the people Sister Carson worked with when she was here. She showed us some of the potentials they didn't write in the area book. So it was good. We saw this man, who just that day looked at his Book of Mormon. It has been almost 6 months since they gave him it. He was thinking about the church. It was on his mind all day and then we showed up. He thought it was a sign. We had some other good lessons with the exchange. As well but I want to get on with the rest of my week :) haha

Thursday night I started feeling ill. Ugh!!! Not good at all!! My companions are so sweet and just sent me up to my room to sleep while they planned for the next day. Friday we had a busy day. I still wasn't feeling good at all. I think I had a temperature. But I didn’t want to tell anyone. With 2 other companions you feel bad having everyone stay in because you feel poorly. So we went out after planning. We had really good lessons. We saw S. He is doing really well. He said his prayer and he thinks the Book of Mormon is TRUE!! He is doing really well! We saw D. It was a good lesson. We talked about baptism. It was a great lesson. We invited him to K baptism. He is really excited to come!

Saturday. We went to go see K. She told us she knows that the church is true; Well later that night we saw S at her Harry Potter Birthday party It was sooooo good!! Came home got ready for K baptism. It HAPPENED! She was so happy when we got to the church. She was smiles from ear to ear. She looked so happy. The Baptism service was AMAZING!! To be a part of it was awesome as well. She looked so happy. I asked her after how she felt after. "I feel peaceful, and just happy. It’s kind of a weird feeling definitely good! " :) Sister Filichia sang, it was beautiful!. It was so good!! She looked so happy!

 It was a great week. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon. The work is going well. I can’t believe the transfer is coming to an end soon like 2 in a half weeks left...crazy!! I don’t want it to end.

Love you all. I hope you have a great week.
The Baptism

Sister Filichia and Sister Carson doing the exchange

Shannon's Harry Potter's b-day party!

Rylee being sick after a long, fun week!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain, Rain go away.....

Rain, Rain go away… Come again another day!!!!

We had a pretty good week this week. Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much. We don’t have enough time to go out and find new people every day with both areas. We have these awesome people just come up to us and are so interested. We have 2 new investigators this week. It’s so nice being in a 3-some, because we can go into males homes and not have talk to them on the doorstep its super nice. And we can have a male come with us to teach a male. On Friday we received a sad phone call from J and J. They want to go to their Auntie's church. Which is still good. But it’s still sad. When we went over to talk with them. They told us. She cried really hard after we left. Then when she was telling her Auntie about the lesson we taught she cried again. She doesn't know what it is. But we had a good lesson about the Spirit. How the Spirit testifies of truth. This is why they heard us knocking on their neighbor’s door last week. We had another great lesson with S. He is a progressing investigator in the area of Heads of the Valley. He quit smoking, cold. He has the desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He is growing each time we see him.

Great NEWS!!!.......K....IS GETTING....BAPTISED...THIS NEXT SATURDAY, JULY 2012! :) So excited. We have had a great week. She has told her mum. So things are going really well for her. She just has to tell her dad soon. She is getting excited!! It’s exciting to see her face light up when she talks about it. It’s getting closer.

It is so fun to meet, lots of new people. To be teaching every single day. This doesn't happen much. To have teaching appointments every single day, every hour of everyday. We are very blessed.  We are still working on our teaching technique together. It well takes a few weeks. But the past 2 days have been a lot better. I love my companions so much. They are like my Sisters! :)

Love you all!!

Beautiful Wales


Rylee in her shades!!

The 3 girls!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Months - CRAZY

5 MONTHS today – CRAZY--
Hello family! So this week has been so good. It has been super busy and well lush. On Tuesday we met with our new Mission President. He is awesome!! I love him. They are from Idaho and feel very overwhelmed, but they are doing well.

We had a fun week.  The District Leader and his companion came and worked with us in our area. It was really good. We went tracting and GQing. I am in a new area and new people. I felt like I wanted to see how much I have grown. I am 5 months out, I have learned a lot and I will continue to grow. The next day on Thursday we went to district meeting, we had President Interviews. On Friday we had the most amazing experience. We quit weekly planning early because we had a lesson with L an investigator. But she Flogged (wasn't there), so we were going to go home and finish planning. But Sister Laborero said we should go to an inactive member just down the street. So we went and knocked on his door. Not hard at all just like a normal knock. Well this lady next to his home, opened the door and asked if we knocked on her door. We said no, "but this message we share is for everyone." So we started talking to her and said if you have any time for us to maybe come by and share a little bit more about it. She said oh I have like 30 minutes if you guys can come in now!? LET’S JUST SAY WE WERE EXTATIC!!! :) So happy!

Yesterday I had quit an experience. I spoke...3 times!! In 3 Different Sacrament meetings. It was a really good experience. I talked on Matt 11:28-30. This is the scripture I was given to talk on. It is such a good scripture. So much can come from it. I talked about how this is the Lords invitation to us. "To come unto him", He will make our burdens light if we trust in Him and follow his example and Christ-like attributes. I felt my talks went well.  Later that night I had a really cool experience.  I bought a memory stick, so I can put my videos on the stick and send it home for Christmas. I thought I put it away but I didn't. I started looking around the whole house and couldn't find it. I was super sad because I couldn't find it. So I prayed and asked for help to find it. I finished my prayer and I thought to look in the bin (garbage) so I asked my great friend Sister Filichia to help me look in the bin. We opened it up I thought it was kind of weird to be looking in the bin. But I did it anyway. It was the only thing I could think of. We opened one of the bags. We barely got in the bag and it is just sitting on the top of the rubbish!!! :) AHHHH!! :) So excited!! I was so happy! I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer. Even those little stupid things that seem pointless. He does care and he will help you if you listen, and follow the promptings that come into your head.

 I love you all hope everything is going good with everyone, Hope you all have a great week!

Rylee and Sister Laborero

Rylee and Sister Filichia

Sister Laborero, Sister Filichia and Sister Nelson

Rylee finding the Memory stick in the Bin!!

Rylee, and her companions with the New Mission President and his wife

Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello family!! So thank you for writing me. It has been a very busy few days. We are still trying to get the swing of things here. With working with the 2 areas. We don’t want one ward to think they have been shut. So, we are trying to work with both, I think it is probably way stressful for both of my companions more than me. They have people they want to see in their areas, and I'm still trying to learn the areas. But we are doing our best. We have some cool people here in BH/HOV. We as a companionship have had some really good lessons. We work really well together. It’s so nice. We are getting along so well. I drove in Wales. It was a little bit scarier than in Banbury because the streets are a little bit narrower. But it was still good. The roundabouts kill me though. They are everywhere. Not as many stop lights, but a lot of roundabouts. It’s good, though.  It’s fun to be in a car and wear some of the clothes that you haven't worn for a while. It has been fun.

Church was crazy; I went with Sister Filichia to HOV ward because she needed me to help with the Gospel Principles lesson. So Sister Laborero went to BH with a member to be her companion. The meetings overlap each other so we all 3 can’t go to the meetings.  Our Sunday’s are pretty full of things with 2 sacrament meetings for each of us and 2 areas. It’s crazy. I am trusting in the Lord. This is happening for a reason. I just got here. Yes this 3some covering 2 area's will happen for only 6 weeks and then a new sister will be coming in. Then back to normal with the sisters.

So, I forgot a really cool experience with L. She is so sweet. The lesson we had with her went so well. We got there and we were planning on doing the Restoration. It was our first lesson together. It went so well.  At the beginning she was shy but by the end of the lesson she was smiling from ear to ear. A scripture come into my mind. To read and it is exactly what they were thinking. I read Alma 32:28 about the seed. How it has been planted. She was like smiling from ear to ear. She said, “That’s how I feel like the seed has been planted. I want to continue to learn more!" It was awesome. We came out of the lesson and just were so excited. The lesson went so well. We were all so happy and so excited to be teaching with each other. 

We have some really cute families in the wards. So excited!!  We had some fun this week. I love you all!!
Rylee Saying good-bye to Sister Matapol 

Rylee and her wheels this week, haha - she said she feels like she is driving the car from the movie "When in Rome"

Girls will be girls!!