Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Months - CRAZY

5 MONTHS today – CRAZY--
Hello family! So this week has been so good. It has been super busy and well lush. On Tuesday we met with our new Mission President. He is awesome!! I love him. They are from Idaho and feel very overwhelmed, but they are doing well.

We had a fun week.  The District Leader and his companion came and worked with us in our area. It was really good. We went tracting and GQing. I am in a new area and new people. I felt like I wanted to see how much I have grown. I am 5 months out, I have learned a lot and I will continue to grow. The next day on Thursday we went to district meeting, we had President Interviews. On Friday we had the most amazing experience. We quit weekly planning early because we had a lesson with L an investigator. But she Flogged (wasn't there), so we were going to go home and finish planning. But Sister Laborero said we should go to an inactive member just down the street. So we went and knocked on his door. Not hard at all just like a normal knock. Well this lady next to his home, opened the door and asked if we knocked on her door. We said no, "but this message we share is for everyone." So we started talking to her and said if you have any time for us to maybe come by and share a little bit more about it. She said oh I have like 30 minutes if you guys can come in now!? LET’S JUST SAY WE WERE EXTATIC!!! :) So happy!

Yesterday I had quit an experience. I spoke...3 times!! In 3 Different Sacrament meetings. It was a really good experience. I talked on Matt 11:28-30. This is the scripture I was given to talk on. It is such a good scripture. So much can come from it. I talked about how this is the Lords invitation to us. "To come unto him", He will make our burdens light if we trust in Him and follow his example and Christ-like attributes. I felt my talks went well.  Later that night I had a really cool experience.  I bought a memory stick, so I can put my videos on the stick and send it home for Christmas. I thought I put it away but I didn't. I started looking around the whole house and couldn't find it. I was super sad because I couldn't find it. So I prayed and asked for help to find it. I finished my prayer and I thought to look in the bin (garbage) so I asked my great friend Sister Filichia to help me look in the bin. We opened it up I thought it was kind of weird to be looking in the bin. But I did it anyway. It was the only thing I could think of. We opened one of the bags. We barely got in the bag and it is just sitting on the top of the rubbish!!! :) AHHHH!! :) So excited!! I was so happy! I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer. Even those little stupid things that seem pointless. He does care and he will help you if you listen, and follow the promptings that come into your head.

 I love you all hope everything is going good with everyone, Hope you all have a great week!

Rylee and Sister Laborero

Rylee and Sister Filichia

Sister Laborero, Sister Filichia and Sister Nelson

Rylee finding the Memory stick in the Bin!!

Rylee, and her companions with the New Mission President and his wife

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