Monday, July 30, 2012

Swansea Beaach

I feel like it is going so fast

Wow I can’t believe that today is the last day of July. CRAZY! 

Monday we were still sick but we had a district p-day and wanted to go to Swansea beach. We thought it would be good to go out in the sun. The sun has been out for 1 week. It has been beautiful.

On Tuesday we both weren't feeling to hot and so Sister Filichia had a good idea to stay in to sleep off the sickness and go out to work the next day. Well Sister Laborero wanted to clean the tub. The drain is terrible. So she took it apart, she got tired of cleaning it so she took a shower.  She was going to go back to clean the drain after she got out of the shower. We were sleeping and we heard this noise. Because the drain was not back together, the water went through the ceiling. The water was coming from every corner of the house from the upper floor. It sounded like a rainstorm down in our kitchen!! ha ha. We called Elder skiles He told us because we have 2 flats to move all of our stuff to the Troedyrhiw flat. So we had to pack ALL of our stuff to move it to the other flat. It was a busy day!

On Wednesday we get a phone call from our Zone Leaders. They needed our car; theirs was going to be in the shop. So they took our car and we walked all day. It was really hot and humid. We don't live in our area, now that we are in Troedyrhiw. So we had to walk to our area, which is like 10 miles away. Both of my companions have been in a car their whole mission, they really haven't walked that much. I was used to it. MY shoes were broken in and it was fine.  I was really grateful that I walked a lot in my other area.

Thursday was a good day. We had a call from this man named B. He read a pamphlet (the Restoration) with the Moroni 10:4-5 Promise!! :) He said he just wants to do what is right. Follow the example that Jesus has set for us. The spirit was so strong. I love doing this every day. I also love when people don't know what the Holy Ghost is. When we try to explain it to them; it makes sense. It makes sense; to everyone here on this earth RIGHT NOW. Because when we talk with them and it sounds like they have heard it before. It’s because they have. WE all have. Sister Filichia was telling us about this in our companionship study.  She told us in the scriptures, every time it says remember. WE need to remember because we all have heard this before. Heavenly Father just wants us to come home. To do our very best while we are here on this earth.

Friday we met with D our investigator. He is doing really well. He came to Church yesterday and he was wearing a white shirt and tie. It looked so good!  Sunday was pretty good. Sister Laborero got sick.  After a week of taking care of us she got it.

Remember, I will be writing on Wednesday next week, it is transfers. :( :( So sad.  Love you all!! Thank you for the letter! :) :) :) Happy sister!! And Daughter!  Also, sorry for no letters being written. The Zone Leader doesn’t go get the mail at the office. So I haven't gotten any mail really from the office. So sorry if I haven't written you back. Layton and G &G thank you for the letters will write soon. Busy weeks coming up!

At Swansea Beach

Sister Filichia and Sister Nelson enjoying the SUN!!

The District at Swansea Beach

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