Monday, July 23, 2012

Being sick - Yuck!!

This week has been awesome!!
I have loved every minute. We went on exchange on Tuesday-Thursday. So Sister Filichia and Sister Carson switched for 48 hours. It was fun. I stayed here in Merthyr. We were able to see some of the people Sister Carson worked with when she was here. She showed us some of the potentials they didn't write in the area book. So it was good. We saw this man, who just that day looked at his Book of Mormon. It has been almost 6 months since they gave him it. He was thinking about the church. It was on his mind all day and then we showed up. He thought it was a sign. We had some other good lessons with the exchange. As well but I want to get on with the rest of my week :) haha

Thursday night I started feeling ill. Ugh!!! Not good at all!! My companions are so sweet and just sent me up to my room to sleep while they planned for the next day. Friday we had a busy day. I still wasn't feeling good at all. I think I had a temperature. But I didn’t want to tell anyone. With 2 other companions you feel bad having everyone stay in because you feel poorly. So we went out after planning. We had really good lessons. We saw S. He is doing really well. He said his prayer and he thinks the Book of Mormon is TRUE!! He is doing really well! We saw D. It was a good lesson. We talked about baptism. It was a great lesson. We invited him to K baptism. He is really excited to come!

Saturday. We went to go see K. She told us she knows that the church is true; Well later that night we saw S at her Harry Potter Birthday party It was sooooo good!! Came home got ready for K baptism. It HAPPENED! She was so happy when we got to the church. She was smiles from ear to ear. She looked so happy. The Baptism service was AMAZING!! To be a part of it was awesome as well. She looked so happy. I asked her after how she felt after. "I feel peaceful, and just happy. It’s kind of a weird feeling definitely good! " :) Sister Filichia sang, it was beautiful!. It was so good!! She looked so happy!

 It was a great week. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon. The work is going well. I can’t believe the transfer is coming to an end soon like 2 in a half weeks left...crazy!! I don’t want it to end.

Love you all. I hope you have a great week.
The Baptism

Sister Filichia and Sister Carson doing the exchange

Shannon's Harry Potter's b-day party!

Rylee being sick after a long, fun week!!

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