Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello family!! So thank you for writing me. It has been a very busy few days. We are still trying to get the swing of things here. With working with the 2 areas. We don’t want one ward to think they have been shut. So, we are trying to work with both, I think it is probably way stressful for both of my companions more than me. They have people they want to see in their areas, and I'm still trying to learn the areas. But we are doing our best. We have some cool people here in BH/HOV. We as a companionship have had some really good lessons. We work really well together. It’s so nice. We are getting along so well. I drove in Wales. It was a little bit scarier than in Banbury because the streets are a little bit narrower. But it was still good. The roundabouts kill me though. They are everywhere. Not as many stop lights, but a lot of roundabouts. It’s good, though.  It’s fun to be in a car and wear some of the clothes that you haven't worn for a while. It has been fun.

Church was crazy; I went with Sister Filichia to HOV ward because she needed me to help with the Gospel Principles lesson. So Sister Laborero went to BH with a member to be her companion. The meetings overlap each other so we all 3 can’t go to the meetings.  Our Sunday’s are pretty full of things with 2 sacrament meetings for each of us and 2 areas. It’s crazy. I am trusting in the Lord. This is happening for a reason. I just got here. Yes this 3some covering 2 area's will happen for only 6 weeks and then a new sister will be coming in. Then back to normal with the sisters.

So, I forgot a really cool experience with L. She is so sweet. The lesson we had with her went so well. We got there and we were planning on doing the Restoration. It was our first lesson together. It went so well.  At the beginning she was shy but by the end of the lesson she was smiling from ear to ear. A scripture come into my mind. To read and it is exactly what they were thinking. I read Alma 32:28 about the seed. How it has been planted. She was like smiling from ear to ear. She said, “That’s how I feel like the seed has been planted. I want to continue to learn more!" It was awesome. We came out of the lesson and just were so excited. The lesson went so well. We were all so happy and so excited to be teaching with each other. 

We have some really cute families in the wards. So excited!!  We had some fun this week. I love you all!!
Rylee Saying good-bye to Sister Matapol 

Rylee and her wheels this week, haha - she said she feels like she is driving the car from the movie "When in Rome"

Girls will be girls!!

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