Monday, August 27, 2012

Robin Hood

A crazy week

I had kind-of a crazy week. On Tuesday we were biking to the church, which is about 3 1/2 miles away. We were biking and it started to sprinkle. I told Sister Brooks "oh I love love biking in the rain :)" next thing I starts to pour down rain. Fully!!! Like I was SOAKING WET!! My skirt was stuck to my legs as I was biking. Haha we pulled into the church car park and the elders had just arrived. They took pictures of us. I was so wet. But it was fun. Good memories!! :)

We had our zone meeting on Wednesday. We talked a lot about keeping the rod in the water. The fishers that fish all day have a better chance of getting more fish. Rather than the fishers who only spend 2 hrs in the water. So this made me kind of take a step back and look at what I was doing. Then the Elder said something that triggered something in me, he tries to see everyone in white when he walks down the street. To see them as, they have already accepted it. I sometimes look at people and say oh they won’t talk to me, or oh I don’t want them to talk bad about me after I leave. But the thought of what the Elder said came into my head. Give them all the chance. Picture them as already accepting it. They all ready have before, YOU ARE JUST REMINDING THEM!  So after that day I felt so good!! I felt like I was the best missionary that I could be. I didn't want to pass anyone without talking to them on the street. It was the best day ever :) the best I have ever done probably. We also did splits, so everyone was on their own, but we could still see each other. I was on the High Street. Sometimes I get nervous about talking to people with my companion; whoever it is because you never know what they want to say. Sometimes you think “what would they have said, did I just answer that weird. “But when you are on your own you say whatever the Lord puts into your mouth. You see that you actually CAN do it! :) The best feeling ever! :) Friday was a really good day.

On Sunday, I gave a talk! :) First off you will be proud, because I was so proud of myself! :)  I talked for 15 minutes! :) Ahhhhh so freaking good! I talked about effective study. It went really well. I gave my experiences, and some of the suggestions that are in Preach My Gospel. I really have come to love this book. It really is for every member of the church. Not just for missionaries. It helps you grow in the gospel. To Study new things, to gain a stronger relationship with Heavenly Father. Also, it helps us with our purpose we all take when we are baptized. To share what we know with everyone. To build up the Lords kingdom here on Earth. It was a really good sacrament meeting. I really enjoyed it.

Earlier today we went to Nottingham, We saw Robin Hood the statue. It was really cool!! :) We have had a great day. We are going to have Zone conference on Wednesday, and going to London on Thursday. So a pretty busy week :)
I love you all!
Rylee and Robin Hood

Sister Brooks, Sister Nelson and Robin Hood

Rylee in a funny hat

Monday, August 20, 2012

Humid Week


We have had a good week. We have awesome people we are teaching. We had an awesome lesson with C this week. We talked about FAITH. She was describing her faith like a tree, a bush that has stopped growing. It was so perfect we continued talking with her and then we shared Alma 32 with her. It is one of my favorites to share because miracles like this happen when someone is talking about their faith. They compare it to a seed or a tree or something that grows. She really enjoyed it. The lesson went really well. She has a lot of why questions. We put all the questions aside and asked how she feels in the lessons when we come over, and when she reads. She said “I feel this calm feeling, kind of peaceful." :) it was a great moment.

We had another really good lesson with E. He is from Nigeria, he is awesome he works really hard. He is getting his PHD in Chemical Engineering. He works a lot on his project. We live right by the University so we go and teach him at the lake. The University is beautiful!  We had a lesson with him where we just answered questions. He is really awesome. He loves to learn more. He loves the Bible so it’s fun talking with him because he can just pull out a verse of scripture out of nowhere. He came to church as well. He is doing really well.

We had a fun Saturday.  We have this amazing family in our ward. The girls really love to come out and do missionary work with us. So we went on splits. It was perfect. We accomplished a lot. I did some GQing by myself which was my first time. So it was good. It made me realize I can do it. :) So this made the day way better!! :) The girls are awesome. The ward is so great I love it here!! Just not loving the humidity!!!! hahaha
Today we are going to a castle!! MY FRIST ONE!! :) I am really excited!! Then we have 2 FHE's tonight.

 I love pictures!! :)
 Love you lots!!!!
Rylee found "The Old Mill" in Nottingham!! HOME

On splits with some of the girls from Nottingham Ward (It looks like a New Era picture ha ha)

Rylee found her first Castle in Nottingham - she is loving it!!


Beautiful missionary too!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nottingham again - on a Bike again!!

Hello Family

Well this week has been good. Oh my gosh!! Nottingham is so HOT!!  I am used to Wales and it raining every day. It is super nice. Not that I am complaining. But riding a bike, you get super hot!!  We have had some really good lessons with some people here. S is so cute. She loved to hear about the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching that lesson. It is one of my most favorites. Because it just clicks with people. It does, it makes sense. It gives to people a sense of belonging. That there is a place that we go after this life. That we did chose this Plan. It amazing!! I love when at the end of the lesson and you ask about what they think about the plan. (Well I always do, because I like to hear what they think) Most of them just say “that makes sense" I love it!!

We are teaching some really cool people. It is really hard being in a new area. Because I feel like I just got to Wales. But I know that I need to give Nottingham a chance. I feel like no matter where I get sent I will miss the area that I just left. Because you immerse yourself into that area. But I know that I will love this area as well.

We went to church yesterday. Sister Brooks has been here for 6 basically as long as I have been on my mission. hahah weird. So the ward just loves her to death. I was asked to introduce myself in the ward which was good.  This ward is cool, it has a lot of work that we can do. We share the ward with elders. So there is Nott’s 4A (elders), and Nott’s 4B (that’s us) It’s kind of weird sharing it with other missionaries.

I love you all. Thank you for everything that you guys do for me. I love the emails. You guys are the best family.  I love you guys so much!! I hope you have a great week.

"OBEDIENCE is the price
 FAITH is the power
 PRAYER is the source
 LOVE is the motive
 THE SPIRIT is the key
 CHRIST is the reason
 JOY AND ETERNAL LIFE is the reward"
      -James E. Faust
 I love that quote!! Have a great day!!

On the bike AGAIN!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

6 Months - WOW!!

 6 Months - WOW

Wow!! time is going so fast!! So yes, I did have transfers!!! I got moved and a new companion. I moved all the way to the other side of the mission, to Nottingham. I am on a bike again.... :(.  In Nottingham, all of the investigators and less actives are at least 4 miles away from our flat. So it’s  A LOT of biking.  Today the Zone Leaders came and gave me a new bike a member gave them, which is a girl’s bike. It works a lot better than the other bike.  It has been a crazy few days. I was SUPER SAD! When I heard about the transfer, I felt like I was moving from Wales when I just got there. I know the members are in good hands. I just hope I can go back to Wales before my mission is over. I don’t feel like I am done there.

So this last week we had some awesome experiences. We continued to have some amazing experiences with B. He came to church. He really enjoyed it. He is moving along quit well. I am very excited about him. He bore his testimony on Sunday at church. It was amazing.

Oh my gosh!!!! GUESS WHAT?!! So on Sunday we were at church and SISTER ROMNEY was there. It was so nice to meet her. She is so sweet. It was really interesting to hear what she had to say about the election. They are in Wales to do a documentary about her family. They are from Wales. Well she is. It will be on this August 14, or 16 or something. Watch it, That’s where I lived in Wales. It’s so pretty there!!

We did some service for this family, who are so sweet!! I am starting to be a pro at taking off wall paper!! :)
I am super tired of my first day back on the bike. We have biked A LOT today. l love you. Thank you for the emails and all of the stuff you wrote.

Here are a couple pictures, my district and my new companion. Sis. Brooks. she is awesome!! She is from Manchester. I love her so much. We have been really good friends since I first came 
out. She was in Solihull the first few weeks when I first came out. 

I love you all!!

Rylee' district in Wales
Sister Nelson and her new companion Sister Brooks