Thursday, August 9, 2012

6 Months - WOW!!

 6 Months - WOW

Wow!! time is going so fast!! So yes, I did have transfers!!! I got moved and a new companion. I moved all the way to the other side of the mission, to Nottingham. I am on a bike again.... :(.  In Nottingham, all of the investigators and less actives are at least 4 miles away from our flat. So it’s  A LOT of biking.  Today the Zone Leaders came and gave me a new bike a member gave them, which is a girl’s bike. It works a lot better than the other bike.  It has been a crazy few days. I was SUPER SAD! When I heard about the transfer, I felt like I was moving from Wales when I just got there. I know the members are in good hands. I just hope I can go back to Wales before my mission is over. I don’t feel like I am done there.

So this last week we had some awesome experiences. We continued to have some amazing experiences with B. He came to church. He really enjoyed it. He is moving along quit well. I am very excited about him. He bore his testimony on Sunday at church. It was amazing.

Oh my gosh!!!! GUESS WHAT?!! So on Sunday we were at church and SISTER ROMNEY was there. It was so nice to meet her. She is so sweet. It was really interesting to hear what she had to say about the election. They are in Wales to do a documentary about her family. They are from Wales. Well she is. It will be on this August 14, or 16 or something. Watch it, That’s where I lived in Wales. It’s so pretty there!!

We did some service for this family, who are so sweet!! I am starting to be a pro at taking off wall paper!! :)
I am super tired of my first day back on the bike. We have biked A LOT today. l love you. Thank you for the emails and all of the stuff you wrote.

Here are a couple pictures, my district and my new companion. Sis. Brooks. she is awesome!! She is from Manchester. I love her so much. We have been really good friends since I first came 
out. She was in Solihull the first few weeks when I first came out. 

I love you all!!

Rylee' district in Wales
Sister Nelson and her new companion Sister Brooks

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