Monday, August 13, 2012

Nottingham again - on a Bike again!!

Hello Family

Well this week has been good. Oh my gosh!! Nottingham is so HOT!!  I am used to Wales and it raining every day. It is super nice. Not that I am complaining. But riding a bike, you get super hot!!  We have had some really good lessons with some people here. S is so cute. She loved to hear about the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching that lesson. It is one of my most favorites. Because it just clicks with people. It does, it makes sense. It gives to people a sense of belonging. That there is a place that we go after this life. That we did chose this Plan. It amazing!! I love when at the end of the lesson and you ask about what they think about the plan. (Well I always do, because I like to hear what they think) Most of them just say “that makes sense" I love it!!

We are teaching some really cool people. It is really hard being in a new area. Because I feel like I just got to Wales. But I know that I need to give Nottingham a chance. I feel like no matter where I get sent I will miss the area that I just left. Because you immerse yourself into that area. But I know that I will love this area as well.

We went to church yesterday. Sister Brooks has been here for 6 basically as long as I have been on my mission. hahah weird. So the ward just loves her to death. I was asked to introduce myself in the ward which was good.  This ward is cool, it has a lot of work that we can do. We share the ward with elders. So there is Nott’s 4A (elders), and Nott’s 4B (that’s us) It’s kind of weird sharing it with other missionaries.

I love you all. Thank you for everything that you guys do for me. I love the emails. You guys are the best family.  I love you guys so much!! I hope you have a great week.

"OBEDIENCE is the price
 FAITH is the power
 PRAYER is the source
 LOVE is the motive
 THE SPIRIT is the key
 CHRIST is the reason
 JOY AND ETERNAL LIFE is the reward"
      -James E. Faust
 I love that quote!! Have a great day!!

On the bike AGAIN!!!

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