Thursday, September 20, 2012

Staying in Nottingham

I’m staying in Nottingham

Hello family!! It was so nice to come in on this wonderful day. Not having to go to transfers. I have gone to every transfer meeting since I have been out. So it is nice to have a relaxing P-day! :)  Not to many moves this transfer. Only 2 or 3 groups of sisters are moving out of the 10.

We have had a weird week. We had Sister's training, which was awesome!! It took a lot of our week. It was nice to see everyone and to have President and Sister Rasmussen there to talk with us. Help us with any questions or concerns we have. We talked about what a great role we play in missionary work. How not to compare ourselves to other missionaries in the work. To always do our best. Etc. It was really good. We had a testimony mtg the first night. I cried. Then the next day we had a testimony mtg.... I cried. I have come to know this is who I am :)  I have to embrace it, love it, and be it! :)

We haven't had much success. I was praying super hard we would be about to have some miracles. I listened to the spirit. We were able to go into this Less Active ladies home that hasn't let us in since I have been here. Then we stopped by C. Who we haven't seen for like 3 weeks. She just came to my mind and we were able to talk with her and she still wants to learn more about the gospel! :) Yay!!

We had Stake conference. It was really good. Took some really good notes. One of the sayings that I really liked was
"Gods ability to love us is beyond our Choice. With everything else we have Agency."  I loved it, it was really good.

We had some really good lessons. We taught this man P who has been seeing Jehovah Witnesses for 2 years, and has been going to their church. But he feels like something is missing!  He is definitely searching! :) He ran into Elders after zone p-day and asked for a Book of Mormon, which that just doesn't happen. So it was really cool.

That was pretty much our week. We are staying together in Nottingham. It will be fun.
MTC Buddies happy to see each other again

Sister training meeting

Nottingham Zone Leadersa
Love you all!!

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