Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transfers!! New but Old companion


So today was transfers and I have another companion....yep I have had her before....Sister Maptapo! Crazy!! She has this transfer left. So we will be working hard this transfer. She is kind of sad because the area she left was closed.

So this week has been kind of crazy!! Lots of up and downs for sure. We have not seen C this week. She never answered her phone or the door when we stopped by. So hopefully we will make some progress with her. But I am kind of nervous because she doesn't know that Sister Brooks is gone. So I'm hoping that will go by ok.

We had a really good lesson with E. We are teaching him the Commandments right now. He came to church and stayed for all of church.  (Clocks went back) So he was a little late. But he enjoyed priesthood. We went to a member’s home later that night and he asked a lot of questions!! So he told me that on Wednesday he is going to have a lot of questions for us.... He is getting close, and is doing well.

We were unable to see E this week. She has this huge project for school that got changed. It is stressing her out so she had to cancel. But hopefully we will see her this week and she will come to church.

It has been a good week, but a hard week at the same time. But it’s not getting my hopes down. I am excited for this next transfer! Hopefully we will see some MIRACLES!!! :) Yeah!

Love you all!! Mom I got your package today!! and a letter from Haylee!! :) So excited!! Thank you!!!!! :) love you
Rylee's new Companion

Ryless at Transfers - connecting with some friends

Rylee at transfer saying good-bye to some friends and old companions - a hard day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Package!

Transfers are next week
Hello family!! Sounds like you have had a great week. To answer your question: Transfers are next week. Thank you for the package, you are so cute!!  In England they don’t really celebrate Halloween. So it was fun to have some of the candy. Some people celebrate it, but not that many.

So this week has been good. It has had a few ups and downs. But there is nothing I can’t handle. We had Sister Baker and sister Giles come and work with us on Monday and Tuesday, it was good. I was able to work with both of them. I learned something of myself and also about missionary work. So it was a good learning experience for me.

 We saw L. She is doing really well. She has been reading the scriptures DAILY! So that is awesome!! So excited for her. I asked her what has brought it on...and she said she just feels a lot better when she reads the scriptures. It is so true! I love it! 

We had a really good lesson with E. She loves praying. We are going to have a lesson with her this week with an Elder who speaks Chinese. So this will be good. So hopefully she can understand a little bit better than before. She is so sweet!! I love her.

Sometimes I think we go through life and are stressed with crazy things of the world. We think about what we have to get done before the end of the day or week. We have too many things on our plate. I love this quote "Life isn't a race it’s a Journey" I think it is so true. It is like what Pres. Uchtdorf said. We need to enjoy every moment.  I love this work. Even when I have some bad days, or run into some tricky situations. I need to enjoy it. It's not who gets to the end of the race first. But it’s what you learn through the journey.

I love you guys so much!!! 
Rylee having fun with her Halloween Package

Beautiful Nottingham

Streets of Nottingham

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Great Week

A Great Week!!

Hello family,
This week has been really good. I have told you about Ms. C before she was not very receptive. She came to church again this week. and liked it a lot better. It was testimony meeting and she really enjoyed it; and  had an amazing experience. We taught her last week, we could really see Satan working so hard on her; afterward, she accepted a date for baptism. She is doing really well. She said she will pray and read the scriptures daily.

Mr. E, is doing well. I don’t know if I told you about him last week. We have taught him since I have been here but he kind of fell off the face of the earth, but he called us. We went to go see him. I bore my testimony, and he opened up more than he ever has. He came to a baptism in Notts 1. So we took him to it. He really liked it. He felt the spirit. It was really strong.

Ms. E is doing well. We went and saw her. She has been praying every day/night. She loves it. She feels so peaceful and calm when she does. We invited her to be baptized but she wants to learn more still. She is so excited to learn more about Jesus Christ. I am excited to teach her. She is so lovely!!

I can’t believe this week is going so fast. Transfers are coming up soon! :)
Love you all!!

Eating and waiting for transportation

Eating Fish'n' Chips   YUMMY

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mission Football

So we had a surprise this week. We had mission football. The new president surprised us with it.
I know the news about the missionary age. So for the boys, a lot of the England the age is 18 for the boys so I was kind of used to it. But it is crazy all 18 year old can go. The 19 year old for the girls. It is so COOL!!! I am so excited! I agree, I think a lot of girls are going to be going out on missions. Which is a big deal? I think the world does need sisters. :) I think the number of sisters out in the field will grow. This is so awesome!

I loved conference. C came!!!!! :) It was her first time to church. It was kind of overwhelming but she liked some of it. She is doing really well. We have a baptism date with her for Oct 27. So we will see. She is going to do all she can to get the answers she wants in the next 4 weeks. :) I think she is really going to put in the effort! :)  

We had some miracles this week. We have a new investigator E. She is Chinese. She is so cute. We went to see her and she said to come in to hang. She had 5 friends there. So we taught all of them. It was great!!! :) She is so prepared!!  The Zone Leaders went and saw E so we could finish at the hospital on Sunday. We eventually made it to the church for conference.  E loved the church. She prayed the beginning and end of the prayer in English; and the middle of the prayer in Chinese. It was great. After her prayer, she was like "that was easy, I will do that every day" :) :) it was so cute!! She is awesome. She wants to learn about Jesus. We are going to see her today as well. So it should be good.

Sorry for the crazy email, I am so glad everyone is doing well. I love you all. And I will write a better email next week. Love you!!

Oh my favorite talk was Elder Holland. The talk he gave was kind of the same talk he gave at the MTC devotional we watched. I love it, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about it. I think I did but I love it.  "Do you love me.....then feed my sheep!"

Love you-sis. Nelson
Rylee having fun!!!

Rylee found a street sign named after one of our dear friends in Phoenix, AZ

Monday, October 1, 2012

General Conference

Yay! Conference is coming.

I'm excited to have conference this week. We are watching the General 
Relief Society on Saturday before we watch the first session.  Then we get to watch conference.  I am so excited to hear from the Prophet.

S is still doing well. She didn't come to church yesterday. One of their kids was ill. But hopefully she will be able to come next week. We had a good lesson with her this week about the Gospel. She needs to gain a testimony about the Savior and all that he has done for us. I think once she gains a witness she will get baptized.

I have great news; I heard the two guys we were teaching in Wales are getting baptized.  One did this past weekend; and the other one will be in a couple of weeks.  I am so grateful to see the work moving forward.  I wish I could be there to see them get baptized, but I am just happy to know they are making the choice to do it, YAY!!

We had zone meeting this week. It was really good. We had little workshops where we went to 4 different rooms and talked about the spirit, faith, planning and members. We have had some miracles with planning. We are going to start working using our time better. We have been working 50-50 with less actives and investigators. But it is now changing to 80-20 slowly.  By doing this we are using our time with people who are improving and wanting to change. We have been doing a lot of finding. We had a work over with the zone leaders, and we just did FINDING all day!!! It gets super draining when people are rude to you. But you do have to think about the eternal perspective and think about what they are missing. What you have in your life that helps you get through things. They don’t have that sense of comfort. We have a lot of potential we got this week.  I want to Lord to see that.       President Monson "On occasion we need to make a second effort-and a third effort, and a fourth effort, and as many degrees of effort as may be required to accomplish what we strive to achieve."  I love that quote. This transfer is being dedicated to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. We are ALL trying our best. Keep putting in the effort and you will accomplish all that you want to achieve.

I love this gospel and I love reading and learning so much more. I am now in 3 Nephi and I love it!!!! :)
I love you all. Thank you for everything that you do. For always being there for me and for all the prayers!
Love you
Nottingham District

Zone Leaders with Rylee

Every girl needs chocolate shoes - a gift from a member