Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transfers!! New but Old companion


So today was transfers and I have another companion....yep I have had her before....Sister Maptapo! Crazy!! She has this transfer left. So we will be working hard this transfer. She is kind of sad because the area she left was closed.

So this week has been kind of crazy!! Lots of up and downs for sure. We have not seen C this week. She never answered her phone or the door when we stopped by. So hopefully we will make some progress with her. But I am kind of nervous because she doesn't know that Sister Brooks is gone. So I'm hoping that will go by ok.

We had a really good lesson with E. We are teaching him the Commandments right now. He came to church and stayed for all of church.  (Clocks went back) So he was a little late. But he enjoyed priesthood. We went to a member’s home later that night and he asked a lot of questions!! So he told me that on Wednesday he is going to have a lot of questions for us.... He is getting close, and is doing well.

We were unable to see E this week. She has this huge project for school that got changed. It is stressing her out so she had to cancel. But hopefully we will see her this week and she will come to church.

It has been a good week, but a hard week at the same time. But it’s not getting my hopes down. I am excited for this next transfer! Hopefully we will see some MIRACLES!!! :) Yeah!

Love you all!! Mom I got your package today!! and a letter from Haylee!! :) So excited!! Thank you!!!!! :) love you
Rylee's new Companion

Ryless at Transfers - connecting with some friends

Rylee at transfer saying good-bye to some friends and old companions - a hard day!

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