Monday, November 26, 2012

P-day in Nottingham

Another week

Hello family, this week has been really good. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the emails. Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving holiday. I was thinking about you guys on that day. Sounds like it was eventful!! J 

Sorry this email will be a little short because we had zone p-day and we are running late.

 We had a good week. We had an awesome lesson with E. We set the program so it is set in stone. As we were about to leave he told us some surprising news, he thinks he has a new Scotland, what a surprise. He doesn't know when he would be starting. But it could be soon. So we had to tell him we can go to Scotland to baptize him. Hopefully things will work out; I think they will because he really wants to get baptized here. So fingers crossed!!

With the Holiday season and Christmas coming. people are getting busy. There was a man who told us we could come back and visit him in January. So basically after Christmas. Sis Matapo said this is how the holidays usually are. So it is going to be a little tricky to figure out appointments.  We stopped by a lot of the less actives this week. Our investigators are busy, things are coming up with the holidays. Final projects and things as well.

We had a good lesson with a lady the elders are working with. She is so sweet. It was a really good time, and they both came to church and stayed for the WHOLE time!! :) In all 3 classes.

It is getting cold, foggy, and frosty, and it has rained all week!! So not that many pictures sorry. But I didn't want to get my camera all wet.

I love you all!! Thank you for the emails!! They make my day when I come and have 3 emails. or more :)

love you

Sunset in Nottingham

Rylee riding the bus to Zone P-day

Sister Nelson and Sister Matapo on the Bus

Nottingham Zone P-day

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