Monday, November 5, 2012

HUMP Day This WEEK!!

Oh My Gosh……HUMP DAY this WEEK!!!!

It’s crazy to think a year ago this week I was getting my call. So crazy. I feel like since I received my call time has just flashed by.  I haven't opened my “HUMP DAY” package yet, because I know it will make the day so much better...but it is staring me in the face!!!  :)

This week has been really good. We have seen a lot of people.  We basically went to everyone we are teaching to have Sister Matapo introduce herself; so they feel comfortable with us. It was a really good week. We had some good lessons with S. We watched Finding Faith in Christ. She really liked it. My relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer has grown this week. I love reading the scriptures and talking with my companion after our appointments.

E was really good this week as well. I was really nervous he wouldn't let us see him since Sis. Brooks left. But he did!!!  He is praying about a date. Praying about December 1st. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED WITH HIM!! So exciting! :) Then we saw him on Saturday as well. We were sitting with him in the cafe and he wanted to order us tea or coffee. We told him that we don’t drink it. Then we told him some more. He told us to teach him the Word of Wisdom. He went down stairs and bought red bush tea and herbal tea. He is going to keep it. :) He is doing so well. He really is so prepared!! I can see Lords hand in the work :)

We saw sister E, and we are going to take a member with us this week. She read the Chinese Book of Mormon and didn't really understand it. So we are going to find a Mandarin speaker to come help. C has had a few off weeks. L is doing well. She has read 2 Nephi 30 - 3 Nephi 20. In like one week. It’s crazy. It makes her so happy!! I love to see how the gospel can bring so much peace and joy into someone’s life. When they give it a chance.

I love this gospel and to be able to share it with people of the street. Also, to hear others and their relationship with the Savior.
I love you all!!!
Rylee and Sister Matapo at Halloween

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