Monday, December 3, 2012

It's My Birthday!!

Birthday Week!!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. My birthday was awesome!! I really enjoyed it. Sister Matapo made it a good day as well. I opened my package. Mom I loved it all! Thank you so much! I cried when I opened up the calendar. I was not expecting that. Thank you SO much!! It was so sweet

This week has been really good. E is doing so well. He passed his interview!! :) Yay!! He is not sure if he is right now he isn't so his baptism will be on Saturday. So excited!!!  We had a really good lesson with Sis. E. She reads the scriptures before we get there. She is making progress. She finds it really difficult to understand the Chinese Book of Mormon so (a member) came. It was really good. Sis. E asks really good questions. Things that I don’t really know myself or how to explain them. It’s crazy to see how much I have grown...but then again how much I still need to know. I guess we are all learning.

We had a really good exchange!!! I loved it!!!! :) Working with Sister C was so fun! She is from Utah and we had a good time together. We work really well together. I hope I get to serve with her before she goes home. She goes home in April. Sister S from Belgium is her companion. She is so sweet. She talks like she is American. She is so sweet. She is a new missionary. This is her first transfer. She is SO GOOD!! She is fearless, and very bold. Many things I am still trying to work on.

We saw a lot of Less Actives this week. They are all so great! I love them all!! 4 of them came to church on Sunday. It was awesome! It is the Christmas spirit that is bringing everyone back. I love it!! The small chapel was FULL!

The English tradition is usually Christmas decorations 12 days before and 12 days after Christmas. But a family here, the Beardsmores put the decorations up early!!! :) I love it!! Now it does feel like Christmas.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! Love you all!!

Rylee's 22nd Birthday

Rylee's Birthday cake

Splits with the girls

Looking like Christmas in Nottingham

The streets of  Nottingham

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