Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is almost here!!

Christmas is coming fast…..
Hello family!! I am so excited to talk to you guys soon. So I talked to the family we are going to spend Christmas with yesterday and I think we are going to Skype with you. I am so excited!!

So Sister Lewis and I had a great week. We had a great lesson with E this week. She is doing so well. Sister Lewis lived in China for 7 years so she knows Chinese. We had a member from Notts 1 come as well. The lesson was so good. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She loved it. This is my favorite lesson to teach. She is praying about a date. She really see's the reason to get baptized!! :) :) She is afraid of water.  So we will have to help her with that.

We teach really well together. I love it! We know where each other is going with the lesson and it works great. I am so excited for this transfer.

 The weather has been crazy!! It has poured so much. I feel like I am getting sick. It has been fun though. I think I am killing Sister Lewis on the bike. She is a rock star though. She is doing so well.

We have our Christmas party on the 21st. then the 22nd we have our ward party. Then 24th I will email you guys and we will try to work out the Skype stuff and it’s a regular working day. Then CHRISTMAS!!! Then the 26th is Boxing Day. It is a big holiday here!!! It’s as big as Thanksgiving probably so that is our P-day.

I love you guys so much! So excited. I hope you have a great week! :) love you!!!!!!!-- 

Both Sisters soaked after riding their bikes in the rain!!

Rylee and Sister Lewis getting ready for Christmas

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