Monday, January 28, 2013

Classical Evening at the Chapel

A Fun Week

Hey guys. Thanks for your emails. They make my week. Thank you mom and dad for the pictures. I loved them.

We have had a busy week since I wrote you on Wednesday. We Went to Birmingham because my companion was singing in a classical evening at the chapel down there. It was like an open house where members could invite their friends and not feel pushed to come into the building. It was amazing. There was so much talent there. The piano players were amazing as well. We stayed the night with the some sisters in Birmingham. It was fun

On Saturday we had some awesome lessons. This is what I love about missionary work. We taught R and J. We taught them both the Plan of Salvation lessons. R was first. His lesson went so well. The spirit was there. He really sees the importance of Jesus Christ and why it is important to follow His example to be baptized. He wants to live with God and wants to help his family learn about the gospel..he said. It was a great lesson.

Then 10 minutes later we had a lesson with J. We taught the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was really teaching the lesson. We taught the same lesson less than 20 minutes apart and they were completely different. Each person needs different things in the moment. We as missionaries really are His messengers. We are the tools to help others come unto Him. Not only others but help strengthen our testimonies every day.

I am so glad that E is doing so well. She loves this gospel, and is so happy that she got baptized.

I love you all..OH MY GOSH!! IN 2 WEEKS IS MY YEAR MARK......AHHHH :)

-Love Sister Nelson
Rylee and her companion and District Leader

Birmingham open house

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Survived another Transfer - Staying in Nottingham

Another Transfer – Staying with my Companion and in Nottingham, WAHOO

OH my gosh!! Can I tell you how happy I am right now! :) SOOOOOOOooo Happy! :)  This week has been amazing!  I have loved it!

So last week. We had a great p-day we went to the Nottingham chapel and we had a massive snowball fight with the whole zone. It was SO much fun. The snow here is perfect for making snowballs and a snowman! :) My first one... I remember. It was so much fun.

E’s baptism was AMAZING!  The spirit was so strong. She was so happy. She wanted to wake up and have it white everywhere (snow) and it was. She said “God does answer prayers!" It was really cute. She was so happy that she chose to get baptized on her birthday. She said it is the best present. My companion and I did a special musical number of "I am a child of God" and "I believe in Christ". It was really pretty! I was so happy for her. The spirit was so strong. I could feel how happy Heavenly Father is for his children. How he does know what is best for us. He wants us to be happy. We just have to trust in him. Even when things get hard. He is just perfecting us. It was a great day!!! It also was the biggest snow storm Nottingham has seen. Not much snow, but super icy!!! We are on buses now because President doesn't want us to get hurt. I am totally fine with it. I fall just walking I am not the most balanced person in my wellies!

Our district Leader is getting transferred. It is so SAD!!  He has been here the whole time I have been in Nottingham. He has saved me so much. Now he is leaving. This transfer has been so much fun. I have loved it. So we had coordination yesterday, and we spent the time in Long Eaton. (This is in our area, just where the elders are) We went and saw some people together. Saw this lovely lady, she is so cute; she loves missionaries and feeds us so much! I was so full.  She loves Americans. She has an American flag on her wall. So we all got a picture with it.
I love you guys so much!!  
-Love Sister Nelson
Wellies: Rain boots
Beautiful baptism day!!

Hanging with the missionaries

Nottingham district

Rylee making a snow angel in a skirt!!

Building her first snowman with the missionaries!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

11 Months

11 months!!!!  Crazy how time is flying!!

This week has been really good. E is doing really well. She is hopefully getting baptized on Friday. We had a little miscommunication with the ward yesterday. The ward was trying to change the date to a different date; so now she is praying for the 18th or the 26th. I am so sad!! I hope she gets baptized on Friday, because next week is transfers. I am hoping and praying I stay here one more transfer at least. Things are going really well!!!!!! :) We have E getting baptized and her housemate is coming to the lessons more often and is living the word of wisdom. He is doing really well. And then yesterday we had another miracle. We found a new guy; he is also from china. He really wants to learn more about Christ. We had a really good lesson with him. I feel like miracles are happening right now in Nottingham. I hope I stay.

We also had a really good lesson with this guy, He was busy all the time with work. But before he left to go back to Kenya we were meeting with him. He is also so prepared. He moved back to Kenya until September. Hopefully he will find the missionaries and go to church with. I love teaching people about the gospel and inviting them to pray about it. They will get an answer to their prayers. The Book of Mormon is ANOTHER TESTIMENT OF JESUS CHRIST. It doesn't add or take away from the Bible. It IS Gods dealings with the people in ancient America. Christ did appear to them. I know this to be true!! :)

We also are finding more people to teach and helping them progress. We have had some really good lessons this week. My companion and I teach really well together.  We have interviews and hopefully the baptism, So PRAY that I stay in Nottingham pleaseeeeee!!! Or else I won’t email you for a while)

Love you!!!

-Love Sister Nelson

First snow Fall!!!

waiting to teach

Rylee and her companion

Monday, January 7, 2013

Yummy Chinese Food!!

Hello 2013 – it’s going to be a great year!!!!

Hello this week has been eventful.  We had amazing lessons with E this week. We taught her the Word of Wisdom. I was kind of nervous about this because the last few times I have taught it, the investigator dropped; because they love their tea and they wouldn't give it up. So I was nervous. It went very well the spirit was so strong in the lesson. R, her housemate was there as well. (Sometimes he is there) They accepted the word of wisdom and see that it will bless their lives to, stay away from those things and to eat healthy and exercise. I never realized keeping the word of wisdom means you need to be healthy and exercise! J

We went to her house to cook Chinese, she taught us. It was delicious!! So yummy!!! Then we had a lesson with her. She is doing so well. She is so cute. She is so excited about her baptism. And President told her yesterday he will be able to tell her, who her bishop will be when she goes back to china!! :) How cool!! Things are really moving well in china!! :) So exciting!!

We have had some awesome lesson. Found some potential people this week. Hopefully we will start teaching them. They are all elect and so sweet. Fingers crossed!!

I love this gospel. I have so many things I want to read and study before I get home but there isn't enough time. I really have loved my study time. After a few months of nervous studying and trying to get all the lessons down. I have time to study for the investigators and for myself. It is helping me understand the gospel so much more! :) It is amazing!

That is so exciting about Nakelle!! :) You'll love it.  I got letters and packages. Tell everyone thank you, thank you and thank you, your letters are on the way. I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Love you!!

Love Sister Nelson
Nottingham 4th Ward missionaries

Learning how to cook Chinese food

YUMMY - Chinese food!!!
Cooking in the kitchen

Drinking it up!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

Hello family!
 It was so nice to read your emails. Thank you so much mom for ALL  the pictures! :) It really made me so happy.

Guys guess what!!!!! :) E has a baptism date!! :) We taught her the restoration. With cups (maybe Landon knows what that is) it was really good. She understood it really well. We asked her if she believes that "There could be a prophet on the earth today?" she said " there is!!! :)" She is so cute. She has amazing faith. When we invited her to baptism on the 19th. She said oh I prayed about 18th. Can I get baptized then?!! :) Of course you can :) we were so excited!! She came to church as well. And we watched the Restoration DVD. The short 20 minute film. It was so good. She came out of the class and was like “I understood it. We talked about it on Thursday! :) She was so excited!! :)"

New Years is so funny! It is super big here. A lot of people were drinking and doing other stuff. We were supposed to go in early because it wasn't safe for us. So we came in. Sister Lewis heard the fireworks for 30 minutes. This has been like a ghost town. NO ONE IS OUT!! No one is out on the streets it is so weird!!  :)

This week should be really good we are going to find new investigators hopefully and make Chinese food with E and have a great week. I hope you guys do as well! :) love you!! :)
Enjoying the holiday's

Rylee and Sister Lewis

Singing with the missionaries