Monday, January 14, 2013

11 Months

11 months!!!!  Crazy how time is flying!!

This week has been really good. E is doing really well. She is hopefully getting baptized on Friday. We had a little miscommunication with the ward yesterday. The ward was trying to change the date to a different date; so now she is praying for the 18th or the 26th. I am so sad!! I hope she gets baptized on Friday, because next week is transfers. I am hoping and praying I stay here one more transfer at least. Things are going really well!!!!!! :) We have E getting baptized and her housemate is coming to the lessons more often and is living the word of wisdom. He is doing really well. And then yesterday we had another miracle. We found a new guy; he is also from china. He really wants to learn more about Christ. We had a really good lesson with him. I feel like miracles are happening right now in Nottingham. I hope I stay.

We also had a really good lesson with this guy, He was busy all the time with work. But before he left to go back to Kenya we were meeting with him. He is also so prepared. He moved back to Kenya until September. Hopefully he will find the missionaries and go to church with. I love teaching people about the gospel and inviting them to pray about it. They will get an answer to their prayers. The Book of Mormon is ANOTHER TESTIMENT OF JESUS CHRIST. It doesn't add or take away from the Bible. It IS Gods dealings with the people in ancient America. Christ did appear to them. I know this to be true!! :)

We also are finding more people to teach and helping them progress. We have had some really good lessons this week. My companion and I teach really well together.  We have interviews and hopefully the baptism, So PRAY that I stay in Nottingham pleaseeeeee!!! Or else I won’t email you for a while)

Love you!!!

-Love Sister Nelson

First snow Fall!!!

waiting to teach

Rylee and her companion

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