Monday, January 28, 2013

Classical Evening at the Chapel

A Fun Week

Hey guys. Thanks for your emails. They make my week. Thank you mom and dad for the pictures. I loved them.

We have had a busy week since I wrote you on Wednesday. We Went to Birmingham because my companion was singing in a classical evening at the chapel down there. It was like an open house where members could invite their friends and not feel pushed to come into the building. It was amazing. There was so much talent there. The piano players were amazing as well. We stayed the night with the some sisters in Birmingham. It was fun

On Saturday we had some awesome lessons. This is what I love about missionary work. We taught R and J. We taught them both the Plan of Salvation lessons. R was first. His lesson went so well. The spirit was there. He really sees the importance of Jesus Christ and why it is important to follow His example to be baptized. He wants to live with God and wants to help his family learn about the gospel..he said. It was a great lesson.

Then 10 minutes later we had a lesson with J. We taught the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was really teaching the lesson. We taught the same lesson less than 20 minutes apart and they were completely different. Each person needs different things in the moment. We as missionaries really are His messengers. We are the tools to help others come unto Him. Not only others but help strengthen our testimonies every day.

I am so glad that E is doing so well. She loves this gospel, and is so happy that she got baptized.

I love you all..OH MY GOSH!! IN 2 WEEKS IS MY YEAR MARK......AHHHH :)

-Love Sister Nelson
Rylee and her companion and District Leader

Birmingham open house

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