Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Survived another Transfer - Staying in Nottingham

Another Transfer – Staying with my Companion and in Nottingham, WAHOO

OH my gosh!! Can I tell you how happy I am right now! :) SOOOOOOOooo Happy! :)  This week has been amazing!  I have loved it!

So last week. We had a great p-day we went to the Nottingham chapel and we had a massive snowball fight with the whole zone. It was SO much fun. The snow here is perfect for making snowballs and a snowman! :) My first one... I remember. It was so much fun.

E’s baptism was AMAZING!  The spirit was so strong. She was so happy. She wanted to wake up and have it white everywhere (snow) and it was. She said “God does answer prayers!" It was really cute. She was so happy that she chose to get baptized on her birthday. She said it is the best present. My companion and I did a special musical number of "I am a child of God" and "I believe in Christ". It was really pretty! I was so happy for her. The spirit was so strong. I could feel how happy Heavenly Father is for his children. How he does know what is best for us. He wants us to be happy. We just have to trust in him. Even when things get hard. He is just perfecting us. It was a great day!!! It also was the biggest snow storm Nottingham has seen. Not much snow, but super icy!!! We are on buses now because President doesn't want us to get hurt. I am totally fine with it. I fall just walking I am not the most balanced person in my wellies!

Our district Leader is getting transferred. It is so SAD!!  He has been here the whole time I have been in Nottingham. He has saved me so much. Now he is leaving. This transfer has been so much fun. I have loved it. So we had coordination yesterday, and we spent the time in Long Eaton. (This is in our area, just where the elders are) We went and saw some people together. Saw this lovely lady, she is so cute; she loves missionaries and feeds us so much! I was so full.  She loves Americans. She has an American flag on her wall. So we all got a picture with it.
I love you guys so much!!  
-Love Sister Nelson
Wellies: Rain boots
Beautiful baptism day!!

Hanging with the missionaries

Nottingham district

Rylee making a snow angel in a skirt!!

Building her first snowman with the missionaries!!

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