Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

Hello family!
 It was so nice to read your emails. Thank you so much mom for ALL  the pictures! :) It really made me so happy.

Guys guess what!!!!! :) E has a baptism date!! :) We taught her the restoration. With cups (maybe Landon knows what that is) it was really good. She understood it really well. We asked her if she believes that "There could be a prophet on the earth today?" she said " there is!!! :)" She is so cute. She has amazing faith. When we invited her to baptism on the 19th. She said oh I prayed about 18th. Can I get baptized then?!! :) Of course you can :) we were so excited!! She came to church as well. And we watched the Restoration DVD. The short 20 minute film. It was so good. She came out of the class and was like “I understood it. We talked about it on Thursday! :) She was so excited!! :)"

New Years is so funny! It is super big here. A lot of people were drinking and doing other stuff. We were supposed to go in early because it wasn't safe for us. So we came in. Sister Lewis heard the fireworks for 30 minutes. This morning....it has been like a ghost town. NO ONE IS OUT!! No one is out on the streets it is so weird!!  :)

This week should be really good we are going to find new investigators hopefully and make Chinese food with E and have a great week. I hope you guys do as well! :) love you!! :)
Enjoying the holiday's

Rylee and Sister Lewis

Singing with the missionaries

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