Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh my Gosh... Almost one Year!!

Oh my Gosh…. Almost a YEAR!!

We have had a really good week. We have a new investigator and our other investigators are coming along well.  We taught S the Plan of Salvation. She knows why it is important to act. God isn't going to give us an answer until he trusts us and knows we will act on the answer. She wants to know if God is there. Her family is making fun of her for trying to find out so this is what has been holding her back. So hopefully she will keep the commitments we left with her :)

New investigator is J. She is really sweet!! We had a really spiritual lesson with her.

R is doing well. We have taught him the Restoration. He believes it could be true. But he wants an answer from God. He is a very factual person. But he is doing well. He knows God has given us so much. We watched the new Mormon message with them. "Earthy Father, Heavenly Father" he really enjoyed it. God does give us everything. Even the small nap time :)

J’s lesson was funny. We also taught him the Restoration. He believes the Book of Mormon is true. J is a character. He came to church on Sunday and he liked it. It was hard for him to understand but he said he likes the standards of the church and that people have them!!
I love you all. I hope you have a great week. Thank you all for writing me! :) I can’t believe that isn't almost been a year. I miss you guys but it will go by so fast. It already is.

We are going to start going to prayer services on Sunday nights. This is the Beeston Church by our house. They have graves around English churches. It’s really cool. Then we went the bishop’s family last night.

Rylee and her companion

Rylee practicing knocking on doors, :)

Rylee  by the graves in front of the church

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