Monday, March 25, 2013

Sisters Love POST

Easter Week
Hi everyone,
I want to share something my companion shared with me. Her notes from when Elder Holland came and spoke to them in the Mission Training Center. It was a good analogy. Elder Holland was talking about missionaries going home and becoming less active. How he can’t handle that. He goes on to say "you want your investigators to read their scriptures, God wants you to read your scriptures!!! You want them to pray daily, God wants you to pray daily!! How much you care about your investigators is how much he cares about you. You are Gods investigators. He cares about you and wants you to be blessed just like we want the investigators to be blessed!!!"  I never thought about it until my companion shared this. WE ARE GODS INVESTIGATORS!! He wants what is best for us.

Any way this week has been pretty good. We had a good week this week. We have this great investigator, we met with her. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson was so good. The Spirit was so strong. She really wants to set a good example to her son who is 9 months. Her ex-partner wants him to be christened but she wants him to make the choice for himself. She really likes baptism. She wants to be baptized. "When I get baptized it will be like starting over, starting fresh!! " It was so amazing! We invited her to be baptized on the 27th of April. She accepted!!! I was so excited!!!

We have a less active lady, who is so sweet. She is from Portugal. She is so funny! Landon when I think of people you taught I just think of her. She is the sweetest lady and she just tells how it is! :) I love it!!!  Her partner is awesome. I don’t know why he is not a member. He is so cool. We were able to talk with him and he really wants to learn more about Christ and how his gospel was restored back to the earth.

We have this new investigator. She is super sweet. Her dad used to come to our church. He died about 40 years ago. But she is a daddy's girl and she wants to learn why her dad liked the church. She is Greek as well. So grandma I think you would like her. I think she will like your story. I will let you know when we see her again and I share your story!! I share it all the time! :) It is great!!

We are doing really well. Having a lot of success. I love it here. The Elders in the area are AWESOME!!! The ward is awesome!! The investigators are doing really well and we are doing a lot of finding!! I love it so much! I love you all!!!! 
Rylee in Gloucester

Gloucester, England

Sister missionaries love getting POST!

Beautiful Gloucester, England

Monday, March 18, 2013

Harry Potter

Harry Potter – On my Mission

Oh my gosh I loved the emails thanks for writing me!!
We have had a great week. Last Monday the Elders took us to the Cathedral where Harry Potter was filmed at!!  Oh my gosh!!!! It was the coolest thing in the world. It was so beautiful. The Elder’s took pictures of me and my companion. We were able to get some really good pictures of us at the cathedral.

We are doing a lot of finding and it has been really good. We are finding so many new investigators. We actually had a really cool miracle. We were trying find a former investigator but the address we had was wrong.  So we thought we would tract some doors. The next door we picked this girl opened it up and she was super receptive and said she had a book. Later we found out that that was the girl we were trying to find. They got the address wrong. But we followed the spirit and my companion picked the doors we should knock and was a miracle. We also found another lady on the same road. She doesn't believe in God. But after we talked to her for a bit she took a Book of Mormon and she wants to find out for herself. How amazing is that.

We had a cool thing happen with one of our investigators. We were supposed to see her. But her son was really sick. We felt impressed to ask if she wanted a priesthood blessing. We taught her about it. She wanted him to have one but he didn't feel comfortable to have one, because he hasn't met us yet. But his mom fully showed her faith. She has grown so much already from when we first started to talk to her. She is amazing!! :) We are going to see her this week and she told us she will for sure come to church next week.

One more miracle.  So this Less active came to church and said we answered her prayer. She is so sweet. Her husband is not a member but he came to church as well. It was so sweet. She said she was missing the sister missionaries and was reading the Book of Mormon when I called. She was so happy  I LOVE THEM!!

We are doing so well here. We are getting new things up and going. We are working through everything. My companion and I are staying strong. The Lord is in the work. We see miracles daily!!

R from Nottingham who I found with E. He just got baptized!!!! :) I am so happy for him. He is doing so well. He is also going to bare his testimony on the Easter program....ohhhhhh how sweet is that!! :)

I am so grateful for this gospel and the Love of the Savior. "He provided for you and for me the greatest gift we shall ever receive-the Atonement and all it conveys. He willingly died that we might forever live." I know this to be true. I am so grateful for my savior and the love that He has for each of us. I can’t even comprehend the amount of love he has for you and me!!
 I love you!

Visiting Harry Potter

The Cathedral where Harry Potter was filmed

Rylee and her companion

Having Fun

Doing a back bend
Beautiful Cathedral

Monday, March 11, 2013

English Mother's Day


Wow this mission is just flying by. I don’t think I like it. It is kind of freaking me out. I am 5 months away from coming home. I don’t know if I am ready to do it yet. I love this too much. It does have those hard days, but it is the best Job in the world to do. I love it. You never have a dull moment.  Especially with my new companion, we have so much fun together.

This week has been pretty good. It was kind of hard considering we are opening a new area and no progress records to help us. But we finally got them at the end of the week. It was great. We have done a lot of finding. I have grown to love it. It used to scare me, talking to people; but now it doesn't. It just is the best feeling to talk to people about what we have to share with them.

We have had some miracles this week. We met this guy, he is awesome. He just opened up to us and told us how he is having such a hard time. We gave him a pamphlet and hopefully we can find out where he lives. The next day we went to the road we found him on. I told my companion I really wanted to find a family before I leave. We started tracting this road. No one was answering and so we said one more door. That last door we knocked on there was this lovely lady. She is so sweet. She told us she wants to find out more about God. She has no belief in God. We were able to set up a return appointment with her. :) :) :) Miracle!! We went and saw her the next day. She was just asking about life, why are we here. How do you know God is real? Her son has been asking about God. She doesn't know how to answer. This is one of the reasons why she wants to meet with us. During the lesson she said she wants to stop drinking and smoking. :) wow!! Then she said she is going to be getting married to her partner soon. She ASKED if she could come to church, and she wants to bring her family. :) :) Oh my gosh! It was amazing!! I really love missionary work.

The rest of the week we were finding people, we had a lot of miracles. While we were out we found a group, they were super sweet. They said that they might come to game night next week. It was great. In this ward we have game night every Thursday night. So you can bring friends and ward members and play some football (soccer) and other games. It is fun. But I am terrible at football!!

This week was English Mothers Day. It is weird going through the same holiday's here again. I remember my first Mothers Day here. Weird!!! It was with sis. Rose. I took notes; it was my first Sunday after stake conference.

Our area is doing well, still trying to get a hold of stuff. It is kind of stressful. But all I know is that I am trying my best. I know that the Lords hand is in the work. I have seen it throughout my whole mission. I know that he is leading us and guiding us to the people He is preparing to receive the restored gospel. I know the people we talked to are being prepared by the Lord. We are just the messengers!

Love you!!! I hope you all have a great week.

-Love Sister Nelson

Rylee out teaching
Parking in Gloucester

Sister missionaries enjoying  Gloucester

Monday, March 4, 2013

**Training & New Area**


Hello family this week has been super crazy! I loved it.

We had a really good lesson with R.  We went on splits with a member, it was a good lesson. It showed me I can teach and training won’t be as scary as I thought it would be. The Lesson with R went so well. We taught about prophets. He can see why they are important. We watched President Monson's last Conference talk about prayers. R really enjoyed it. R said as he was watching and when we spoke about him; he could feel President Monson is a good man. He is so excited about conference coming up.

My companion had an ear-ache so we had to go to the hospital. As we were waiting, we met this really cool guy. He came up and talked to us. He noticed I was reading the Book of Mormon and started to ask questions. It was really cool. He isn't interested, but it allowed him to think about it. :) It is always amazing, how the Lord puts us at the right place at the right time. (Found out later we were waiting in the wrong room for an hour. So we were defiantly supposed to meet him).
Saturday was transfers. I am with Sister Koons. She is so sweet. I love her. She is already an amazing missionary. She has no fear... We are settling in well. We are so blessed!!!! The elders live like 3 minute walk from our flat. So it has been a blessing because we had no food, toilet roll, blankets etc. haha I love mission life. So it has been amazing. They really are taking care of us. I love it.

We are in Gloucester:
Love you so much. Now we need to find so many investigators! They only have like 1-2.....yay!! It’s fun to find. Especially from 6-9 :) hahah love you

Nottingham District

The baptism day!!

Rylee' saying good-bye to friends

Rylee and her new companion in Gloucester

First Sunday together in Gloucester, Loving it!!