Monday, March 4, 2013

**Training & New Area**


Hello family this week has been super crazy! I loved it.

We had a really good lesson with R.  We went on splits with a member, it was a good lesson. It showed me I can teach and training won’t be as scary as I thought it would be. The Lesson with R went so well. We taught about prophets. He can see why they are important. We watched President Monson's last Conference talk about prayers. R really enjoyed it. R said as he was watching and when we spoke about him; he could feel President Monson is a good man. He is so excited about conference coming up.

My companion had an ear-ache so we had to go to the hospital. As we were waiting, we met this really cool guy. He came up and talked to us. He noticed I was reading the Book of Mormon and started to ask questions. It was really cool. He isn't interested, but it allowed him to think about it. :) It is always amazing, how the Lord puts us at the right place at the right time. (Found out later we were waiting in the wrong room for an hour. So we were defiantly supposed to meet him).
Saturday was transfers. I am with Sister Koons. She is so sweet. I love her. She is already an amazing missionary. She has no fear... We are settling in well. We are so blessed!!!! The elders live like 3 minute walk from our flat. So it has been a blessing because we had no food, toilet roll, blankets etc. haha I love mission life. So it has been amazing. They really are taking care of us. I love it.

We are in Gloucester:
Love you so much. Now we need to find so many investigators! They only have like 1-2.....yay!! It’s fun to find. Especially from 6-9 :) hahah love you

Nottingham District

The baptism day!!

Rylee' saying good-bye to friends

Rylee and her new companion in Gloucester

First Sunday together in Gloucester, Loving it!!

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