Monday, April 22, 2013

Great Times

Great Times
Hi family!  Oh my gosh, you ALL get an A+ on your emails :) It was great!!!
We had a pretty crazy week. Last Monday we went out with a member and took some really good pictures!!! It was so much fun! It was just what I wanted. I love it!!! I am so grateful for her in taking us.

On Tuesday we went to district mtg. It was really good. Then we had some appointments. We weren't able to go home to empty our bags. So all day long we had all of our supplies you take to district mtg. (scriptures, PMG, Journal, and supplies to hand out, props to teach with....Full bag) it was good though. We are tough girls so, it just makes even stronger. We had a member with us. She wants to go on a mission as well. She is so sweet. We stopped by a potential we got last week. Then we went and saw J as our backup. (The Greek lady) We taught the Restoration. It was really good. She said that it makes sense that there should only be one church. She is really coming along well. :) I love her. She is so funny. Then we went and saw A. She is 17, she is AMAZING!! She has such a strong testimony. She teaches us most of the time. The spirit was so strong in her lesson. She has a baptismal date for the 17th of May. She is really excited!!! And nervous at the same time. She is so cute. 

Wednesday we were in Swindon. It was really good. We just helped the sisters find some new people. They are white-washing, it is really hard but they are doing amazing job. We found some cool people for them. Then we came back it was a good long day. We slept on the floor and had no blankets or pillows and it was freezing.  I really am getting the whole mission life. I was grateful when we were home and I had my bed to sleep in that night.

Thursday we helped L (from Malaysia) clean her house. She is so funny.  She read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. She read a marked chapter...which is still good. Moroni 10. But we left her 2 Nephi 31. She had a hard time with understanding it. But she came to church. She really enjoyed it. It was a lot different from hers. But she is the sweetest lady in the world.

Friday!! Wow!!! Awesome day! We saw F and M. The lesson was so good. The spirit was there the whole time. They are the best members I have ever met. Even though F isn't a member yet. M told me that she doesn't read the news paper or watch TV because it is a waste of time. She reads her Bible and Book of Mormon and does service. Because "when I die nothing will come with me my TV, house...only me and my relationship with God!" She is the sweetest lady in the world. I can just hear her saying it now. At the end of the lesson, the spirit was really strong. F set a goal to be baptized in 22 June. They have to get married first. He wishes he could be baptized in 3-4 weeks but they have to get some papers done first. I am so excited for them!!!!!! :) They are my favorite people ever!! Then we went to a referral later with a member. She is Swedish. She used to be with members before and took the lessons; we are going to see her again next week. She is lovely!!

Saturday was really good as well. We found 3 new people and taught them all lessons!! :) They were all amazing!  Then the elders had a baptism later that night.

Church was great. As a missionary, church is always stressful. You are always trying to find people rides, wait for people that you hope are coming. Trying to make it the best for the investigators...It is stressful but it is still the best day out of the week. I am studying a lot on the Atonement. It is amazing to feel the love of our savior. I don’t think I could ever imagine all the love that He has for us. This is one of my favorite quotes that I found from a talk I read yesterday

"Through His Atonement He has opened FOREVER the opportunity to overcome such mistakes to repent of improper choices and to conquer the negative effects of a life contrary to His teachings".  -Richard G. Scott

I know that this is true. He will always be there to help us in any situation that we are in. He loves us so much. All he asks is for us to be obedient and Keep His commandments.

Love you all
Beautiful town near Gloucester, England

Beautiful scenery in England

Rylee and her companion Sister Koons

Rylee having fun

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