Monday, April 15, 2013

The Lords hand is in the Work

Great week
SO...this week has been amazing!! As you can tell, I am still with Sister Koons in Gloucester. We just had transfers. So President is changing the rules. So now we will always have p-days on Mondays and if you are transferred you just go to the mission home and change.  It works a lot better now.
We had an awesome experience with F. We asked a Recent Convert of 1 month (got baptized the day we got to Gloucester) She came with us to see F. On our way to meet her she asked if her sister "A" could come. We said sure. Found out she had just got home from school, and heard where we were going and really wanted to come. We taught F the Plan of Salvation. It was really good. He really enjoyed it. We got out of the lesson and A was like. WOW!! I loved that. This is the first time I have ever heard of the plan of salvation. It totally makes sense; God has a plan for us. We aren't here to fend for ourselves. People talked to her about reincarnation and things like that. But it never made sense to her before. She really liked it. Later we talked about her sister’s baptism. And A said she wants to get baptized sometime... :) oh my gosh!!!! So excited!!!!

Then we had a day were we got stood up all day and so we decided to go tracting down this secret passage way we found. We found out there were some elect people down there that needed us to come. We found 6 potentials. The most we have ever found in an hour. It was awesome. We talked to a lot of people who have lost someone. Which I think it is amazing to see. Because with the passing of my companions Granddad. She has had so many opportunities to share her testimony about the Plan of Salvation. Her testimony is so strong. We had a good day! My companion is awesome. I love her!!! I couldn't ask for a better companion for me! :) I love it!

Saturday, we went by one of the potentials that we found the week prier. But the dad wasn't there. We talked to his son on the doorstep for like 30 minutes. It was really good. He really enjoyed it. He really wants to hear more about how there is a living prophet on the Earth today. Then we saw A again with a member. The lesson with her went so good. Her prayer was so sweet. I loved it. She has so much desire to learn and to find out for herself. She is awesome. We talked about The Book of Mormon. We had a ward quiz that night which was fun!

SUNDAY!!! Was awesome!! M and F came for all of church. They loved it. A came too.. We all bore our testimonies. We went to a members home for dinner. I was with their son in the MTC. So it was really fun!!! They live in the country side, it is gorgeous! Then later that night we got a call from a member. He gave us a referral at the beginning of the transfer. It is pretty far away. Like a 30 minute bus ride. We have tried by it a few times but never have caught the lady in. So at church he was asking about her. I asked if he could get the number of her that would be great. He called last night and gave us the number. I called her she answered so cheerfully. She said I have been expecting you and waiting for your phone call. When can you come see me!! :) :) :) It was amazing. She is so sweet! I am so excited to meet her. Then later that night I called M. She loved church. She said that today she felt something different. The spirit was so strong in the meeting. "The more I get involved in church the more I feel!" :) She is so great. I love her! Landon I can tell that you loved your mission if they are all like her.

This week has been great I have definitely seen the Lords hand in the work. I love missionary work. It is the best Job in the world. It might be hard someday but it is defiantly worth it.
I love you all!
President with our District
Walking the streets

Rylee with the Elders

Rylee having fun

Rylee and her companion having fun

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  1. Love all the letters!!! You are an amazing missionary! Just wanted to tell you I litterally laughed out loud at the gouda picture :) thank you for being such a wonderful example!!!! Love you