Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister Trainer Leader - WHAT!!

Wow!!! Can I just say this week has been pretty stressful..? Thank you for the emails I really loved them. So last week on P-day I received a phone call from President. He asked me to be a sister training leader. Since the news came out there would be more sisters coming, they have made a leadership for sisters. We go to the Council (used to be called Zone Leader council) once a month. I have to get my license!!! I have my provisional=which is like a learners permit. But wow!!! Can you believe it? So there are 4 Sister Training leaders. It’s me, Turnbow, Lewis and Laborero!!! :) So next transfer we will be paired up and go and visit all the sisters in the area. Do exchanges and so on. It is kind of like a sister ZL. We can council the Sisters where the Elders can't. So it is going to be good. So I am excited for the challenge in helping them.

We had Zone mtg. It was really good. We talked about helping investigators with their concerns. Helping us get to the inner circle. We did some really fun role plays that helped us later in the day with some of the investigators we are having a hard time helping them. It was also amazing to see the Elders (who came in my MTC group) they are all in leadership positions now and they have grown up to be men. Their testimonies have grown so much as well. It was great to see how much they have grown. Later we had dinner at Bishop Masons house. It was great. He is an amazing bishop. BIG NEWS: on Sunday he got released. He was bishop for 6-7 years. He was going strong. He was released and Bishop Chambers was called. Bishop Chambers will do amazing.

We had a miracle. One of the less actives in our ward invited us over for dinner. We went and she had some friends there. One of them is from Zulu, South Africa. She has been searching for something. Some missionaries in Kent found her a few years ago and took her contact information and never contacted her again. So, she was really excited to see us. We were able to teach her. She took a Book of Mormon right away. She loves how this religion just makes sense. She says everyone should at least try and learn about it before they reject it completely! I totally agree :) It was a great dinner appointment. Because earlier this week my companion and I had been praying that we would find someone who has been praying and wanting to change...and then we found her!!! :) I am so excited to teach her! She is amazing!!!! :)

The lady from Malaysia is doing well. She came to church. She loves learning about God. We were able to teach her about 2 Nephi 31. She got out her book of Mormon and started marking it! Her prayers are so sweet. She is so funny!! I have lots of stories to tell you about her. :)

F is AMAZING!!! :) I love Him so much! We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week. We were a little nervous because he smokes and drinks coffee. But he believes God loves us so much and He wants us to take care of our bodies. He accepted it after we invited him. He is doing so well. All we have to do now is waiting for their papers so they can go and get married. After we had a lesson with A. Wow!! Amazing as well. I love all my investigators so much. I have learned on my mission to love everyone and see them as God sees us. It is amazing. She is doing so well. And is working toward her baptism on the 17th of May.

We had exchanges in Cheltenham this weekend. It was really good. We found a lot. I am an experienced sister this transfer so I have to go to all of the Area's that I am assigned to. And do an exchange. It was good. It’s amazing to see how much I have grown in my mission, in talking to people. I love it!! :) It’s not scary anymore. I get a little nervous...but you just "open your mouth" :) "Do your best and God covers the rest"

Love you all!
Rylee on splits in Cheltenham

Out teaching

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