Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fun Begins- Loving it!!

The fun begins – Loving it!!
This week was really good. We had an awesome p-day last week and we went and took pictures around our area. It was a lot of fun. The pictures were beautiful! 

This week we prepared R for his baptism!! It was great. He is so amazing. He was so excited about it. He was a little nervous. But it was really good. On Tuesday, we had zone conference. We were all so excited that it wasn't the last zone conference of our mission. So we didn't have to give our departing testimony!! :) yeah!! But it was an amazing conference. President talked about 5 steps of increasing our desire.
1. Effective Study
2. Understanding the Atonement
3. Love for God and those we teach
4. Gratitude
5. Apply and Understand Our purpose
Those will definitely increase our desire. I have seen mine this week as I have applied it. You should try it! :) In one conference sister Turnbow had a part in it. Where we had to teach other missionaries! :) Scary!! But it was good. Not as intimidating as I thought. After our mtg we had 
exchanges. We had it was Rhiwbina and Cardiff. I had 2 exchanges I didn't see my companion for 3 days almost. It was sad. I missed her but I really enjoyed the exchanges. I learned a lot from them and they just picked my brain and asked lots of question about training and finding. I am grateful for the chance I got to train and whitewash. It helped me a lot in my missionary effort! :) I know trials are hard in the moment, but they will bless us later!

R’s baptism was great. He really enjoyed it. He was nervous, but he knew everything. He was so excited for each day. He was baptized on Friday so he had to wait till Sunday to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was just glowing. All day! He has such a strong testimony. He wanted bare his testimony after his baptism. When we saw him this week, he asked me to write it down so he had a copy to take up with him to the front. He told me what to write. When the day came, he was great, they invited him to come up and he didn't take the paper. He did such a great job. He told us he wasn't nervous he wanted to get up and say how he felt and how much he loves God and Jesus Christ.  He said he wouldn't mind doing it again, next Sunday! :) He is awesome!!

B is doing ok. His health is not the best but he has so much faith! He came to church he was a little apprehensive because of the lost of hair with the chemo. But he is doing ok. Please keep him in your prayers! He is an amazing man!

I love you all, I am so grateful to be missionary. It is the best decision I could have made. It has blessed my life more than I know. As I bore my testimony on Sunday, saying I was in this area almost a year ago. My testimony has grown, I have grown, and I wouldn't have done if it wasn't for my Savior and everything He does for me :) I am so grateful for my Savior and the example He is in my life. He showed us the way to live, to serve, to resist temptation, to endure trial, and to LOVE our God.
Love you all!

Rylee and her companion enjoying the sites and being cool!

Rylee out having fun

Taking a peek

Enjoying a special day

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wales Again - YaY!

Family, it was so great to hear from all of you and all of my friends.  Yes transfers happened this week. I am back in Wales. I am actually serving in the same area I was almost a year ago. I feel so blessed. I was so sad leaving here. I felt kind of cheated because I was here only 6 wks, I felt like I still had things I was supposed to do here. I prayed so hard if it was thy will I would come back. Because I felt like I wasn't done here. So when I got the Dodge call on Monday night, I felt like Heavenly Father heard my prayers and there are people in Heads of the Valley I am supposed to touch and help. I am so excited to be here. I am with Sister Turnbow. It was great! I was so excited!! We both said bye to you at the airport and now we are serving together. She is a great missionary. We have a lot to do! We have 10 exchanges to do in 6 wks. So 2 each week, with keeping up with a vibrant area.... it will be a good challenge I am excited!!

We had a great time, I was so sad to leave Gloucester!!! But because of the exchanges I can go back at least one more time. Things are really moving along there when I left. A is so excited for her baptism. All she kept saying was "I am so excited to come out of the waters and be clean and pure!! :)" She is so excited!! The date is the 7th of June. I am so excited!! I will be able to go there for it! Also, F and M are doing well!! :) They are working toward their papers!!  We had a lesson with H the day before I left. She is doing so well. She is also going to be baptized soon as well. It was the first time she has heard of the Plan of Salvation. She loved it. She felt the spirit so strong. She knows Heavenly Father DOES love her!!

As for this area!! It is a great area. The sisters that have been here have been working very hard. There is a man named R who is getting baptized on Friday. He is lovely!! I am so excited for him!! He is so ready. We are teaching S again. He has the strongest testimony of the restored gospel and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but he has some fears we will try to help him work through. B who got baptized right after I left, he remembered me and he was so excited that I was back.

We had a really cool miracle last night. We were knocking doors. This lady opened her door and invited us in. This was great because we found out later she had a stroke 5 weeks ago and she was really stressed. After we spoke with her for a little bit, she said" you were an answer to my prayers.” When she said the closing prayer she was crying. She really needed us, and we followed the spirit. It was great. She is so sweet!!

This week has been great, busy but good!! I love you all.

Rylee and an investigator in Gloucester 

Rylee and an investigator in Gloucester

Rylee, Sister Koons and an investigator 

Rylee and Sister Turnbow in Wales

Sheep outside Rylee's flat - Feeding the sheep

Monday, May 13, 2013

Transfers are coming??!!

Transfers are coming
This week was really good. We had exchanges and worked hard. We had some good lessons with investigators. I had Zone Council this week. It was fun. I really enjoyed it. President is amazing. He really talked about everything, the spirit was so strong. He really wants to help the mission in any way he can. He really got me thinking a lot and I really want to push myself so hard before I go home. I want to try harder than I am doing right now. I want to make sure I am doing all that I can, to be the kind of person that God needs me to be.

We had a really cool thing where we went to the Forest of Dean to help with their Young Women’s. They were having a missionary night. The girls got a call to an area and they had transfers. So they had returned missionaries of all ages; and Missionaries serving. It was really good. I enjoyed it, the girls did too. I loved it. Then at the end, they showed the clip of President Monson changing the age limit. Inviting all girls if they have the desire to go, to go. It was a really good idea. You guys should do something like this. I would be more than happy to help if you guys wait till I get home.

We had an amazing day on Saturday. F is doing so well. We taught him and he told us that he already read the chapter we were going to do for the gospel principles lesson. He read it before us. He was so excited. He says he wants to be prepared so he can answer questions. He is so cute. I love F and M. Then later we went and saw A. She is doing amazing as well. After our lesson I asked if she would be able to make it to church. She said I will call my boss while you’re here. It will make me do it. I am nervous...She did and her boss said that would be great. She doesn't mind. :) :) yeah that is so awesome!! I was so excited!! I know that God will give no commandment He won’t prepare a way for you to accomplish it! :)

Sunday was amazing. H came to church with her son. F and M came and A, this = all at CHURCH!!!  It was the best Sunday EVER!!! :)  I love all the people we are working with. We are teaching them more about Gods word, but in return they teach me so much. It is amazing to see. I love it. I hope I don’t leave Gloucester, but I probably will. I love it here. Everyone is amazing, the ward, my companion etc. How could it be any better?. I am excited for my new calling and for the new things I will be learning to do. I hope everything will go well. I will probably let you know next week what happened. Cause we haven't gotten a call yet.

Love you all! It was great to see you!!! :) Miss you love you
Gloucester District


Young Women's activity - so much fun

Working at the Young Women's activity

Rylee, Sister Koon's and their investigators 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Drivers Test - Ahhh!!!

Drivers Test - Ahhh
Hey family I don’t have time to email much but I love the emails mom and dad. They are the best. I am really excited to Skype, on Mother’s Day. I don’t know the time or the place yet, sorry.  I have to study for my driver’s license test. I need to get my license soon!! I have to get it really soon.  Ahhh! Keep me in your prayers.

This week was amazing. We went to Cardiff, Wales and I got a welsh spoon. I loved it. It was so much fun we had exchange with Sister Davis from our stake. Rachel Davis do you guys remember my friend from high school. It was so surreal that we are both in England on our missions. It is so fun! We did really well together. It was so much fun. 

We had some awesome lessons with A and F. A is going to ask her boss to see if she can get work off or change her schedule so she can come to all of church. She is nervous but I know she will be blessed because God won’t give us a commandment that he won’t prepare a way for us to prepare a way to accomplish. 

We taught F & M the law of chastity. It went really well. We were able to set a good goal. M is going to Portugal in June 17th to go finish her papers. So then they will be able to get married soon and F will get baptized! 

Sorry for the short email. I love you guys so much. You are all amazing I am excited for our Skype, it will be the best. 
Love ya.
Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales

Rylee meeting up with Sister Davis from Salt Lake City - No Way!

Splits in Wales