Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fun Begins- Loving it!!

The fun begins – Loving it!!
This week was really good. We had an awesome p-day last week and we went and took pictures around our area. It was a lot of fun. The pictures were beautiful! 

This week we prepared R for his baptism!! It was great. He is so amazing. He was so excited about it. He was a little nervous. But it was really good. On Tuesday, we had zone conference. We were all so excited that it wasn't the last zone conference of our mission. So we didn't have to give our departing testimony!! :) yeah!! But it was an amazing conference. President talked about 5 steps of increasing our desire.
1. Effective Study
2. Understanding the Atonement
3. Love for God and those we teach
4. Gratitude
5. Apply and Understand Our purpose
Those will definitely increase our desire. I have seen mine this week as I have applied it. You should try it! :) In one conference sister Turnbow had a part in it. Where we had to teach other missionaries! :) Scary!! But it was good. Not as intimidating as I thought. After our mtg we had 
exchanges. We had it was Rhiwbina and Cardiff. I had 2 exchanges I didn't see my companion for 3 days almost. It was sad. I missed her but I really enjoyed the exchanges. I learned a lot from them and they just picked my brain and asked lots of question about training and finding. I am grateful for the chance I got to train and whitewash. It helped me a lot in my missionary effort! :) I know trials are hard in the moment, but they will bless us later!

R’s baptism was great. He really enjoyed it. He was nervous, but he knew everything. He was so excited for each day. He was baptized on Friday so he had to wait till Sunday to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was just glowing. All day! He has such a strong testimony. He wanted bare his testimony after his baptism. When we saw him this week, he asked me to write it down so he had a copy to take up with him to the front. He told me what to write. When the day came, he was great, they invited him to come up and he didn't take the paper. He did such a great job. He told us he wasn't nervous he wanted to get up and say how he felt and how much he loves God and Jesus Christ.  He said he wouldn't mind doing it again, next Sunday! :) He is awesome!!

B is doing ok. His health is not the best but he has so much faith! He came to church he was a little apprehensive because of the lost of hair with the chemo. But he is doing ok. Please keep him in your prayers! He is an amazing man!

I love you all, I am so grateful to be missionary. It is the best decision I could have made. It has blessed my life more than I know. As I bore my testimony on Sunday, saying I was in this area almost a year ago. My testimony has grown, I have grown, and I wouldn't have done if it wasn't for my Savior and everything He does for me :) I am so grateful for my Savior and the example He is in my life. He showed us the way to live, to serve, to resist temptation, to endure trial, and to LOVE our God.
Love you all!

Rylee and her companion enjoying the sites and being cool!

Rylee out having fun

Taking a peek

Enjoying a special day

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