Monday, May 20, 2013

Wales Again - YaY!

Family, it was so great to hear from all of you and all of my friends.  Yes transfers happened this week. I am back in Wales. I am actually serving in the same area I was almost a year ago. I feel so blessed. I was so sad leaving here. I felt kind of cheated because I was here only 6 wks, I felt like I still had things I was supposed to do here. I prayed so hard if it was thy will I would come back. Because I felt like I wasn't done here. So when I got the Dodge call on Monday night, I felt like Heavenly Father heard my prayers and there are people in Heads of the Valley I am supposed to touch and help. I am so excited to be here. I am with Sister Turnbow. It was great! I was so excited!! We both said bye to you at the airport and now we are serving together. She is a great missionary. We have a lot to do! We have 10 exchanges to do in 6 wks. So 2 each week, with keeping up with a vibrant area.... it will be a good challenge I am excited!!

We had a great time, I was so sad to leave Gloucester!!! But because of the exchanges I can go back at least one more time. Things are really moving along there when I left. A is so excited for her baptism. All she kept saying was "I am so excited to come out of the waters and be clean and pure!! :)" She is so excited!! The date is the 7th of June. I am so excited!! I will be able to go there for it! Also, F and M are doing well!! :) They are working toward their papers!!  We had a lesson with H the day before I left. She is doing so well. She is also going to be baptized soon as well. It was the first time she has heard of the Plan of Salvation. She loved it. She felt the spirit so strong. She knows Heavenly Father DOES love her!!

As for this area!! It is a great area. The sisters that have been here have been working very hard. There is a man named R who is getting baptized on Friday. He is lovely!! I am so excited for him!! He is so ready. We are teaching S again. He has the strongest testimony of the restored gospel and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but he has some fears we will try to help him work through. B who got baptized right after I left, he remembered me and he was so excited that I was back.

We had a really cool miracle last night. We were knocking doors. This lady opened her door and invited us in. This was great because we found out later she had a stroke 5 weeks ago and she was really stressed. After we spoke with her for a little bit, she said" you were an answer to my prayers.” When she said the closing prayer she was crying. She really needed us, and we followed the spirit. It was great. She is so sweet!!

This week has been great, busy but good!! I love you all.

Rylee and an investigator in Gloucester 

Rylee and an investigator in Gloucester

Rylee, Sister Koons and an investigator 

Rylee and Sister Turnbow in Wales

Sheep outside Rylee's flat - Feeding the sheep

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