Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Weeks Left!!

6 Weeks left - Super busy
This week has been pretty good. We had 2 exchanges. We worked with New Castle and Gloucester! I loved it!! I miss sister Koons so much. It was like we never were separated.  She is hilarious. She has grown since I left as well. Her companion is Sister Hikki. She is so cute! We had a really good time. It was nice to see my investigators in Gloucester. A, passed her interview and is getting baptized next Saturday!! :)  She is so excited! We met some cool people on the exchange as well. I loved being in Gloucester again. It was different driving the roads instead of biking on the bike paths.

In my current area G, is doing so well. She read the whole Book of Mormon in 4 days and loves it. She reads the Gospel Principle’s all the time. She had her baptismal interview and passed. She is so amazing. R, is doing well and is working on getting the priesthood.

We did some service this week as well. It was a good week, but a very busy week. For some reason I don't really know what all to say. It was good. Nothing new....

Sorry for the short email. This next transfer is going to go really fast. President said he doesn't have enough sisters to call any more. So we already do 2 exchanges a week and that is a lot. It is as much as the AP's and now this upcoming transfer we will have to do 3!!! So we will be super busy!! I will probably look like death when I come home but that's cool :) ha

Love you and miss you! 
Rylee and her companion - what a great team of Sister Leaders!

Rylee's District

At an exchange - so much fun!

Sister Nelson - getting her study on

Loving her investigator!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Licensed to DRIVE!!

I am a licensed Sister, Wahoo!
I PASSED!!! I GOT MY LICENCE!! THANK YOU Young Women FOR THE PRAYERS AND EVERYONE ELSE. I really appreciate it. It has been a very busy week with my license test, mini-missionary, 2 exchanges. It has been amazing though! :)

Okay so this week has been awesome. So let me just start out with G. She is amazing. She is an investigator  I remembered going to last year. I remembered where she lived and her name. I know it wasn't a coincidence I remembered. I know the Lord was doing his work. She is so solid. We went over to have a lesson with her. We had Natalie who is a Recent Convert of a year come on a mini-mission. (Where they come and live with the missionaries for a few days, and live life as a missionary) Natalie was perfect for her. They have a lot of similarities with how they found the church and how they feel about God. G, loved the lesson about the Restoration. We set a baptismal date with her, for the 29th of June and she said yes!! She has some mental health problems/schizophrenia so we were shocked with her answer. How fast she said yes. She said later on that she is afraid of water but that won’t stop her :)  ...the next time that we saw her we gave her and websites to look at. She told us she looked at the whole website and read every page. She has started to write happier poems. She used to write depressing sad poems but now she feels happy, so she wants to write happier as well :) We watched the Restoration DVD 20min, she loved it! She couldn't stop watching, which is rare for her with some of her health problems. We started to schedule a baptismal calendar where we can write what lessons we will be teaching so she can study before hand. We gave her a child picture book of the Book of Mormon because we didn't have a BIG print Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read it and watch the movie again. We received at text an hour later saying she has read the whole book. Front to back, she couldn't put it down. She was so happy.

G was able to make it to church on Sunday. She absolutely loved it! She told her family that she was going to get baptized in the church. Her mother said she was going to disown her, but she doesn't care. She wants to do what's best for her. What will make her happy? Learning about the Gospel is what is making her happy! She said after we left her house she looked up all of the lessons  we were going to teach her in the next 2 weeks and she studied. She had a question about coffee and tea but we told her why and she said. "Oh that makes sense" We had to change her date to a day earlier but she is legend!!  In Relief Society the lesson was on tithing. She leaned over to me and asked what 10% of £200 is? I told her and she was like. I will pay my tithing. It is important!! :)  ...Later on that evening we called her, and she answered!! (She usually doesn't answer phone calls because she gets nervous but she is feeling brave.) She is doing so well. She told us after church she received the Gospel principles manual and she read the WHOLE book and now is on page 15 of the Book of Mormon. She changed her music to happy, uplifting music. She called her family to tell them about her experience at church!! She is solid! We are so lucky to have her. I am so grateful that I followed the prompting to go see her, to remember where she lives. She was searching, she was praying, she needed help to feel loved. God loves her so much, and just wants her to be happy and she feels that. She is writing a poem about us this week and I am so excited to hear it. I love her and I know we are so lucky to have her as an investigator. But I am just so excited about the change going on with her. She is so happy and is changing for the better. To be able to see the change that has happened in a week is incredible! :)

This week we had Natalie, the mini-missionary. She is amazing. We had a really good time with her. She is amazing and has an amazing testimony. She wants to serve a mission and will do great. She was with us for 3 days.

This next week will be good as well. Another busy week with exchanges, but it is fun. And I get to see my girl sister Koons I am so excited to see her I miss her so much!!

Just a reminder!!! I haven't received any post since March so I feel like everyone is waiting until I get home...but I still am out. Don't forget about me!! :) thanks.

I love you all thank you for all that you do! I am so grateful to have you as my family!
Watch out England Rylee is licensed to drive!!

Stuffing their faces

Exchanges - love them

Natalie - helping out for 3 days

Teaching an investigator 

Monday, June 10, 2013



This week has been really good. First off I want to say that I passed my theory. I was so excited. I did really well. Now I am all signed up for my driving test on Thursday at 3 o’clock our time. So please keep me in your prayers! :) I really would appreciate it. I think I will do okay. :) I am so blessed. Things defiantly happen for a reason. With Sister Laborero is here, I can drive with her in the car. Which is really good because then I can practice for my driving test. :)

This week has been good. Very busy, but I love it. We had zone council on Tuesday which is where we swapped companions. The mtg was really good. I love it. We talked about loving others, loving other missionaries. Helping missionaries, not only in there missionary work but help them, talk with them, and care about them. It was a really good mtg. We changed companions and we had exchanges right after that. It was crazy. We went to Coventry. It was really good the missionaries there are awesome. We found some brilliant people. I love working with others. They have so much desire, and excitement for the work. This makes me even more pumped :)  I love it.

My new companion and I had a really cool experience. We kept thinking we are together for a reason. So we were thinking about the potentials we stopped by when we were here last year; and we should go and stop by them again. Maybe they are ready, a year later. Why not try? So we went and stopped by this girl. I drove there all by memory. I guess my memory is good for some things. It was a miracle. We talked with her on the door and she let us in after 5 minutes talking with her. We went in and she was telling us she had been praying a lot lately. She has been doing better. She wants some kind of guidance in her life. I know that Heavenly Father helped us find her again. She had been on my mind all week. Since I moved here to HOV. So I am so glad we followed the prompting to go stop by her. I love her so much all ready.

We also had a really good lesson with S, we taught him last year. He has been meeting with missionaries for 13 months. He really wants to be baptized, but....he says it’s like the second coming. I know it will happen everyone does but we just don't know when.  :) he is funny. I really think my companion and I are together for a reason maybe it is because we are the only ones that can help him; and he knows that. He told me that I am here for a reason. Heavenly father has sent us back to help him. So we will keep you up dated on that :)

We met some really cool people this week :) Some awesome potentials. Heavenly Father is blessing us so much. Even though we are never in our area. (We were there like 3 days, and 2 of those we were together, my companion and I) we have found potentials and we had 3 investigators at church.

Church was great. S came to church, and he loved it. Also 2 others came. :) yeah!!!!! :) It was a great sacrament meeting. I spoke again. Do you know what is funny? The topic for this month is Matt 11:28-30 and that is the same scripture that Sis Laborero and I spoke on a year ago in this ward. I think my talk was a little better than it was a year ago at least I hope it was :) I got a sweet note saying they loved my talk and they felt the spirit :) it was sweet!!

We have yet another busy week this week but I wouldn't change it :) 
Love you all!

Beautiful country side

Rylee taking a lift ride!!

Having fun!

Fun group of people - just love them

Monday, June 3, 2013

Come Unto Christ Choir Concert

Another Week yet again… fast!!!
Hello family this week! Wow!! A+ yet again. You all sent pictures it was so good. I really appreciate it! :) So it made my day a lot better because this morning we got new from President...It made me sad.

So, I'll just tell you about the phone call from President. He called this morning. He told me he has been praying. There are going to be 16 new missionaries and he needs trainers. So he has to move some things around. At the beginning of the phone call he said I would be going to Birmingham on Tuesday and I would be there to finish my mission. I was super sad because I felt like Heavenly Father answered my prayer in having me come back to HOV but then I was being sent away again. Somehow President as he was explaining why he made the decision noticed Sis. Lewis didn't have her license yet. So President called back a little later and said Sis. Turnbow would be leaving and going to Harbour (Birmingham) where she started her mission. It has been a rollercoaster this morning. A lot has happened. But at the same time we have been able to talk about how we are so blessed. We were hoping on the plan ride over to our mission we would serve together. We did for 2 weeks. And it has been an awesome 2 weeks. We have seen Richard enter the waters of baptism; we have done exchanges, worked together and shared what we have learned on our missions. It has been a great 2 weeks. I am sad we will be split up. But it was good while it lasted. So I will stay here, with Sister Laborero. Then Sister Lewis and Turnbow will be in Birmingham together.

This week has been pretty good. We had zone meeting. And because we are the sister leaders we had part in the teaching. It went really well. The sprit was so strong. We talked about confidence, unity, and obedience. It was really good.  It was fun, I was nervous while we were getting it ready. Because I don't feel like I am that experienced. But as the meeting started and we went up, things just came into my mind and it was great. I truly can see the Lord fills your mouth. I love it! :)

We had 2 exchanges, one with Sister Giles and Sister Gilmour, It was so fun. I was able to share how being on a mission you do have to have patience with yourself and you will grow. Maybe not in the time limit you give yourself. But as long as you are always pushing yourself and trying hard. Don't stay in your comfort zone, and then you will continue to change and become the missionary that the Lord needs you to be.  It was great. We also had an exchange with Sister Obias Sanchez and Sister Wengert . We had a really good exchange. They are both so amazing. They really are doing their best and they want to be the best missionaries they can be.

We had COME UNTO CHRIST CHOIR CONCERT in Cheltenham, which is right next to Gloucester. It was so nice to go back to Gloucester. I was able to see some of the ward. A is doing really well. She is working toward her baptism on the 14th :) So excited!! It was fun to see all of the missionaries again as well. I loved it.

At church yesterday we had a miracle. One R got up again and he bore his testimony. We gave him a journal to write down how he felt after his baptism. So he wrote it down and read it for his testimony. He was nervous but he did a good job. Then...we had 2 walk in’s come to church. A young man who just got back from his mission 2 weeks ago invited them to an open house. Sister Turnbow and another sister while I was on exchange taught them. They loved church. They are so sweet. They are coming next week as well. I am so excited!! 

Things are going really well. I love mission life. Today it took a turn. I am VERY grateful I am staying!! I really am so excited!! But I am sad that Sister Turnbow is leaving. I have loved working with her. She is such a hard working missionary and has pushed me to be better and to be excited!! I will miss her a lot but I am so grateful for the time we had to serve together. I loved it!

I love you all. Yesterday someone told me at church we have like 9 weeks left...WHAT!!! ahhhhhhhhh.....I didn't like it, it is so weird. It is going so fast. I love you all. I am so grateful you are all my family. I love you so much and I am so grateful for how close we are. I love you and I can’t wait to hear from you next week.

On the road doing an exchange - Love missionary work!

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Zone Conference - doing a demonstration