Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Weeks Left!!

6 Weeks left - Super busy
This week has been pretty good. We had 2 exchanges. We worked with New Castle and Gloucester! I loved it!! I miss sister Koons so much. It was like we never were separated.  She is hilarious. She has grown since I left as well. Her companion is Sister Hikki. She is so cute! We had a really good time. It was nice to see my investigators in Gloucester. A, passed her interview and is getting baptized next Saturday!! :)  She is so excited! We met some cool people on the exchange as well. I loved being in Gloucester again. It was different driving the roads instead of biking on the bike paths.

In my current area G, is doing so well. She read the whole Book of Mormon in 4 days and loves it. She reads the Gospel Principle’s all the time. She had her baptismal interview and passed. She is so amazing. R, is doing well and is working on getting the priesthood.

We did some service this week as well. It was a good week, but a very busy week. For some reason I don't really know what all to say. It was good. Nothing new....

Sorry for the short email. This next transfer is going to go really fast. President said he doesn't have enough sisters to call any more. So we already do 2 exchanges a week and that is a lot. It is as much as the AP's and now this upcoming transfer we will have to do 3!!! So we will be super busy!! I will probably look like death when I come home but that's cool :) ha

Love you and miss you! 
Rylee and her companion - what a great team of Sister Leaders!

Rylee's District

At an exchange - so much fun!

Sister Nelson - getting her study on

Loving her investigator!

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