Monday, June 10, 2013



This week has been really good. First off I want to say that I passed my theory. I was so excited. I did really well. Now I am all signed up for my driving test on Thursday at 3 o’clock our time. So please keep me in your prayers! :) I really would appreciate it. I think I will do okay. :) I am so blessed. Things defiantly happen for a reason. With Sister Laborero is here, I can drive with her in the car. Which is really good because then I can practice for my driving test. :)

This week has been good. Very busy, but I love it. We had zone council on Tuesday which is where we swapped companions. The mtg was really good. I love it. We talked about loving others, loving other missionaries. Helping missionaries, not only in there missionary work but help them, talk with them, and care about them. It was a really good mtg. We changed companions and we had exchanges right after that. It was crazy. We went to Coventry. It was really good the missionaries there are awesome. We found some brilliant people. I love working with others. They have so much desire, and excitement for the work. This makes me even more pumped :)  I love it.

My new companion and I had a really cool experience. We kept thinking we are together for a reason. So we were thinking about the potentials we stopped by when we were here last year; and we should go and stop by them again. Maybe they are ready, a year later. Why not try? So we went and stopped by this girl. I drove there all by memory. I guess my memory is good for some things. It was a miracle. We talked with her on the door and she let us in after 5 minutes talking with her. We went in and she was telling us she had been praying a lot lately. She has been doing better. She wants some kind of guidance in her life. I know that Heavenly Father helped us find her again. She had been on my mind all week. Since I moved here to HOV. So I am so glad we followed the prompting to go stop by her. I love her so much all ready.

We also had a really good lesson with S, we taught him last year. He has been meeting with missionaries for 13 months. He really wants to be baptized, but....he says it’s like the second coming. I know it will happen everyone does but we just don't know when.  :) he is funny. I really think my companion and I are together for a reason maybe it is because we are the only ones that can help him; and he knows that. He told me that I am here for a reason. Heavenly father has sent us back to help him. So we will keep you up dated on that :)

We met some really cool people this week :) Some awesome potentials. Heavenly Father is blessing us so much. Even though we are never in our area. (We were there like 3 days, and 2 of those we were together, my companion and I) we have found potentials and we had 3 investigators at church.

Church was great. S came to church, and he loved it. Also 2 others came. :) yeah!!!!! :) It was a great sacrament meeting. I spoke again. Do you know what is funny? The topic for this month is Matt 11:28-30 and that is the same scripture that Sis Laborero and I spoke on a year ago in this ward. I think my talk was a little better than it was a year ago at least I hope it was :) I got a sweet note saying they loved my talk and they felt the spirit :) it was sweet!!

We have yet another busy week this week but I wouldn't change it :) 
Love you all!

Beautiful country side

Rylee taking a lift ride!!

Having fun!

Fun group of people - just love them

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